Chapter 397: City of Chaos

Badar had thus become Xiang Shaoyun's follower. He no longer dared to hide anything, and he revealed everything he knew about the city. Listening to Badar, Xiang Shaoyun gained a brand new understanding of the Bloodsin City.

This particular Bloodsin City was located at the common borders of Soaring Dragon Province, Yu Province, and Darkstone Province. The three provinces shared the responsibility of suppressing the city.

Presently, there were five major organizations in the city. Of them, the strongest was the Yu Clan. They were an ancient clan and one of the most powerful organizations in the Yu Province. They enjoyed great prestige in the entirety of the Western Desert, and by extension, their branch at this Bloodsin City was also the city's strongest organization. 

Second to them was the Thousand Buddha Society, which was also an ancient organization. They were based here not to suppress the devils but to purify this place of sin. The other organizations were the Dragon Society from the Soaring Dragon Province, Dark Devil Sect from the Darkstone Province, and a local faction led by the city's governor.

Apart from these five organizations, there were more than 10 other organizations in the city. All of them had Emperors among their ranks, and some of them even had Sovereign Realm experts. As for the Skeleton Gang, they were merely a tiny organization.

The Skeleton Gang's leader was a peak Dragon Ascension Realm expert with two ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm experts and numerous other Emperors and Kings under his command. His force was comparable to a tier-5 organization.

And yet such an organization was among the weakest in the city, making it obvious how powerful this chaotic city was. Xiang Shaoyun's blood started boiling with excitement. This was the kind of place he needed to rise in power.

Of the ten years he had given himself, three years had passed. In the remaining seven years, he had to grow as fast as he could. On top of that, he needed to gather an army of followers. Only then would he stand a chance in regaining all that was once his.

Places like Wu Town and Cloud Margin City were far from enough to truly pressure him. However, that was not the case here at the Bloodsin City. The organizations gathered here were powerful enough to pressure him into rapidly growing.

Without any delay, Xiang Shaoyun continued heading toward the city, and it eventually became visible in the distance. Surveying it from afar, he could sense an intense bloodlust emanating from the city. A faintly discernible devilish aura was also drifting about in the air, and there was a concentration of incredibly powerful astral energy covering the entirety of the city, giving off an extremely suppressive feeling as if gods had descended.

"What a heavy atmosphere," Xiang Shaoyun gasped in surprise.

"I feel like even breathing has become difficult," Du Xuanhao exclaimed in astonishment.

"Numerous experts and powerful devils have perished here in this city. The accumulation of it all had ultimately created such an atmosphere here," explained Devouring Ghost. "Both of you will get used to this sensation soon. But be very careful to always guard your heart and do not lose yourself here. Otherwise, it will harm your cultivation."

After a while, they finally arrived before the Bloodsin City. Xiang Shaoyun had also realized that the city was much larger than he had imagined. In comparison, Cloud Margin City was merely the size of a tiny corner.

Xiang Shaoyun originated from a tier-7 organization, yet the Ziling City he came from was not even one fifth of Bloodsin City's size. One ought to know that Ziling City was a city under direct rule of a tier-7 organization. It could be considered a well-developed city, yet it was still incomparable to this Bloodsin City. 

They landed on the ground, as they could no longer continue flying. They could sense intense energy eruptions nearby. A battle was probably happening.

"Fight constantly breaks out in the Bloodsin City. You will get used to it soon. But of course, you have to always be careful. Otherwise, we could very well all perish here," Devouring Ghost reminded them.

They took a detour around the area where they sensed a battle was happening and approached the city gate. Standing before the city gate, they could see a towering wall riddled with scars of battle. The wall had bathed in so much blood it now emanated a primordial stench of blood, one that could easily provoke the bloodlust in a person.

Standing on the city wall were mighty guards armed with tough armors and shiny weapons. They were filled with vitality, their presence imposing. They were part of the local faction from the city hall, and the ongoing personal battles did not bother them. They were only standing guard to ensure the actual rules of the city were not violated and to ensure not a single devil could escape to the outside world.

Above the city gate was a dreadful, bloody, and striking word: Bloodsin.

For some reason, the moment Xiang Shaoyun arrived, he could feel his blood boiling and his Nether Soul Domain pulsing unceasingly, as if something was resonating with him, making it increasingly hard for him to stay calm. He forced himself to calm down before following Devouring Ghost into the city.

Before entering, each of them had to pay a fee of 1,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. With such an expensive price tag, it would be extremely hard for a regular cultivator to even gain entry into the city.

After entering, the first thing Xiang Shaoyun saw was numerous people charging everywhere they wished on their mounts, not at all caring for the well-being of the pedestrians. Every now and then, weak cultivators could be seen being either stomped, knocked, or bitten to death. Nobody batted an eye.

Instead, the belongings of the dead were immediately plundered by the others in the area. A fight would even break out over the belongings, causing more blood to flow. Something like this happened almost on a daily basis, so the people were already used to it. 

Several figures suddenly rushed at Xiang Shaoyun's group. From how they were dressed, they were probably Skeleton Gang members as well.

"Lord Badar, you're back. So what kind of fat lamb have you slaughtered this time?" respectfully asked the fourth-stage Emperor leading the group of newcomers.

"Screw you. I met a few old friends of mine. We are going to catch up for a bit. Move on," said Badar unhesitatingly.

"Lord Badar, we did not wish to disturb you either, but the leader has convened everyone to an emergency meeting. I am here to notify you about it," said the fourth-stage Emperor named Jin Ji.

"Why is the leader convening a meeting?" Badar asked.

"No idea, but I think it has something to do with the two beauties of the Han Clan," said Jin Ji.

"Alright. Leave first. I'll be there shortly," said Badar. Jin Ji and the others did not dare to dally, and they quickly left.

"Master, I await your decision," said Badar respectfully.

"Just go back for now," said Xiang Shaoyun. Inwardly, he thought, Perhaps taking over this Skeleton Gang will be advantageous for me to establish a foothold in this city.

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