Chapter 393: The Story of Blood Demon and Saber Devil

"Blood demon race's blood egg?" Xiang Shaoyun was shocked to hear that term.

He had read numerous ancient texts in the past, and he knew that the world was not inhabited by only humans and demonic beasts. There were numerous other races as well, such as the ghostrunes, the cannibals, and the blood demons Devouring Ghost had just mentioned.

The blood demons were extremely vicious and grew through blood consumption. Wherever they went, the place would be reduced to a desolate land of death. Because of that, the blood demons had eventually become a public enemy of numerous other races and had since been hunted to extinction. But a blood egg had actually appeared here. It was understandable why even Devouring Ghost was shocked.

"What a surprise. There is actually a blood egg here? Young master, please bestow it to me," begged Devouring Ghost with a longing look.

Xiang Shaoyun looked at him and asked, "What do you need it for? Why don't we destroy it right now. We can't let it have a chance to rise and bring calamity to the world."

Devouring Ghost quickly said, "No, no, the blood demons are not as scary as you think. If we use them properly, they will be of great help to us in the future."

"Oh? Tell me more," Xiang Shaoyun asked curiously.

"The blood demons are extremely bloodthirsty and cruel, and the numerous races have always thought that they had gone extinct. But that is wrong. They are still surviving in a certain land of absolute danger. It is extremely hard to fully eradicate them, but it isn't exactly hard to handle them. They can be easily killed with flame power of extreme yang. Therefore, this race is not really that scary. In fact, only the comparatively weaker organizations and races would fear the blood demons. In truth, not one superpower fears them," explained Devouring Ghost. "This blood egg has yet to transform into a blood demon. I can slowly imbue its soul with my power, slowly eroding its will, before hatching it. I can quickly train it into a powerful blood demon puppet. We can't let this egg go to waste."

"But if we do that, what if we become the public enemy because of this blood demon?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Only the weak will be afraid of public opinion. The strong will not fear the opinion of anyone," declared Devouring Ghost proudly. "In any case, these blood demon puppets also exist in the many superpowers of the world. Who dares to provoke them? It is tantamount to suicide. In any case, I won't easily free the blood demon before I recover my strength. You don't have to worry, young master."

Xiang Shaoyun gave it some thought before saying, "Ok. You can have the egg. Do as you see fit."

Devouring Ghost accepted the blood egg and laughed in a sinister manner, "Good thing the tiny organizations here can't even recognize the blood egg for what it is. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten such a treasure."

Xiang Shaoyun could see how much Devouring Ghost liked the gift. Inwardly, he thought, Hopefully he will use this egg properly.

He then took out a stalk of emperor medicine, the time return grass, and gave it to Devouring Ghost as well. The time return grass was capable of removing a cultivator's original astral energy without doing any lasting harm to the cultivator's body. The cultivator would then be able to cultivate an astral energy of a different element from scratch.

Since Devouring Ghost was currently trying to harmonize Linggu Haonan's astral energy with his own, the time return grass would be perfect for him.

Devouring Ghost accepted the time return grass without any hesitation and said in excitement, "With this thing, I will be able to recover my strength much faster. In less than 100 years, my soul foundation will reform. At that time, I can return to the peak, and I can even borrow the power of yin and yang to surpass my previous self. Hahaha!"

Xiang Shaoyun shifted his attention to Du Xuanhao and said, "Big Brother Du, you have just broken through into the ninth-stage. If you want to enter the Sovereign Realm, you will need to learn more from Devouring Ghost. He was once an existence beyond the Soul Foundation Realm. Learning more about the Soul Foundation Realm will be very helpful for your future breakthrough."

At that, the respect Du Xuanhao had toward Devouring Ghost deepened. He nodded and said, "Thank you for the reminder, young master."

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand. "The stronger you are, the safer I will be, Big Brother Du. With your saber intent, not many people in the same cultivation level can be your match. But you will definitely encounter more strong opponents in the future, and they might be people who have also comprehended an intent. Therefore, you have to keep growing. Only then will you be able to help me when the time comes."

"Don't worry, young master. I will do my best to grow," promised Du Xuanhao.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "I believe in you. If you can hone your saber intent to the limits, very few people will be your match."

"If he really intends to step on the path of saber intent, I have a way to help him," interrupted Devouring Ghost.

"Oh? What do you have in mind?" Xiang Shaoyun asked in astonishment.

Du Xuanhao had a longing look on his face as he said, "Please offer me your guidance, Lord Devouring Ghost."

Although his current cultivation level was higher than Devouring Ghost's, he did not think that he would be able to defeat Devouring Ghost. In any case, he also believed that Devouring Ghost would soon catch up to him in cultivation level. Thus, he was ever careful to remain humble before him.

Devouring Ghost said, "The Nine Gods Dominion is incredibly vast, and countless geniuses have appeared over the years. Almost every 10,000 years, a new batch of super talented experts would appear. Among these geniuses that have once appeared, the strongest saber user ever is the Devil Saber from the ancient times. The Devil Saber was someone who had spent his entire life with the saber and had transformed into a devil through the saber, achieving the peak of strength. It was rumored that he had surpassed the three stages of weapon intent consisting of human weapon unity, steering weapon stage, and weaponless stage. He had reached a brand new height nobody had reached before, but it's a pity as it was rumored that he had sustained grave injuries during his battle with the ancient Sword God and had ultimately passed away in meditation."

Traces of admiration appeared in Devouring Ghost's eyes as he spoke of this Saber Devil. One could see how strong this Saber Devil was. He was absolutely one of the figureheads representing the peak of strength.

"Do you happen to know where the Saber Devil passed away?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

Devouring Ghost said praisingly, "Yes, young master. Although that isn't exactly right, but you almost got it right." He looked at Du Xuanhao and continued, "I know of a secret land where the Saber Devil once trained the saber. Although it is not the place he had passed, it still contains part of his inheritance. If you can obtain it and reach perhaps half or even one third of the Saber Devil's strength, you will be at the peak of the world."

Du Xuanhao's pupils shrank, and his eyes were filled with a burning desire. He bowed down to Devouring Ghost and said, "Please point me to the location, Lord Devouring Ghost."

He was a person infatuated with the saber. He wouldn't have been able to comprehend the saber intent and come to be known as the Saber Emperor otherwise. It was therefore understandable how enticing the inheritance of the Saber Devil was to him. He was certain that so long as he could obtain the inheritance, revenge would no longer be so difficult to obtain.

"Don't worry. As long as you remain loyal to the young master, I will ensure that you get this inheritance," Devouring Ghost said, but he did not reveal everything at once. "We will talk again when we reach the Bloodsin City. That secret land is outside the Western Desert."

The Nine Gods Dominion was separated into nine regions, with the Western Desert being one of them. This signified that to obtain the Saber Devil inheritance, they would have to leave the region.

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