Chapter 388: Congratulations, Big Brother Du for Breaking Through

An imposing aura suddenly surged out of the Dong Clan estate. The aura converged and turned into a massive saber that shot through the ceiling into the sky above. The saber aura was incredibly terrifying, and seven bright flaming stars started shining upon the Dong City below, flooding the city with flame energy. 

Once again, the Dong Clan people were alarmed. They were currently in a state of crisis and thus were constantly nervous.

"Who's breaking through?" Dong Qinggu flew out from a certain direction and exclaimed in shock.

Dong Zhongyuan flew out from a different direction and said, "It’s coming from the guest area. Is it Du Xuanhao the Saber Emperor?"

Just when the Dong Clan people started approaching the place of breakthrough, Devouring Ghost's voice rang out in the air, "Nobody approaches. Any violator will be killed."

The voice wasn't loud, yet it was firm enough. Some of the Dong Clan people did not feel too good hearing it. After all, it was their own place.

"Everyone, retreat immediately," Dong Qinggu quickly commanded.

He knew very well it was a taboo to disturb someone's breakthrough. Thus, he understood where Devouring Ghost was coming from. His current emotions were extremely complicated. He still remembered that just three days ago, a demonic beast had just broken through into the Demon King realm. Now an Emperor was going to break through as well. The back to back breakthroughs had thoroughly shocked him.

Since when was breaking through so easy? They did not even need special guardians or preparations for their breakthroughs. This had gone beyond his common sense. One ought to know that when an Emperor broke through, a large amount of energy would be required. Apart from that, a large number of guardians would be required as well. All that was to ensure the breakthrough proceeded smoothly without disturbances. People would generally only take the risk to attempt breakthroughs so suddenly for special reasons.

I need to figure out their origin, said Dong Qinggu inwardly.

Seven pulsing stars hovered in the sky, proving that Du Xuanhao had a seven-star physique. This would be considered an excellent physique even among large organizations. It was no wonder that Du Xuanhao could rely on himself to reach late-stage Dragon Ascension Realm.

Du Xuanhao was absorbing a massive amount of energy, nearly emptying the spiritual energy in the Dong Clan’s area. As for the seven flaming stars, their flame energy lingered in the city for over four hours before finally dispersing.

"What a terrifying aura. I think he has broken through more than once," Dong Zhongyuan cried out in alarm beside Dong Qinggu.

Dong Qinggu nodded solemnly. "He has actually jumped stages. The young are truly getting more and more talented."

Both of them were old men who had lived over 800 years before reaching ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm. In comparison, Du Xuanhao was much younger yet had already reached a similar height. It was hard for them to not be filled with admiration.

The more admiration they felt, the more confident they were that Xiang Shaoyun's group had definitely come from a large organization. Their thought of forming a relationship with Xiang Shaoyun was further reaffirmed.

By the time Du Xuanhao was done breaking through, the building he was in had been reduced to rubble. A saber energy of about a kilometer long stabbed into the sky, radiating a thick flame energy and displaying its might to all.

Flame energy twirled around Du Xuanhao's body, and his ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm aura filled the Dong Clan while his terrifying saber intent formed numerous sabers that sliced the clouds in the sky into shreds.

"Ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm! I finally did it!" Du Xuanhao muttered to himself. His fists were balled tightly, and tears were dripping down his cheeks.

Back then, he had gone through countless difficulties just to reach the seventh-stage. Now, he had only followed Xiang Shaoyun for less than three months but had already advanced two stages in a row, saving decades he would otherwise take just to reach this level. He finally saw hope in avenging his wife, and his gratefulness toward Xiang Shaoyun grew as a result.

Devouring Ghost was observing him from a corner as he thought to himself, This kid might be a great help to the young master one day in the future. I need to find a chance to get him a fortuitous encounter.

Both Dong Qinggu and Dong Zhongyuan congratulated Du Xuanhao, who was hovering high in the sky. "Congratulations, Brother Du for breaking through into the ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm."

After them, the other Dong Clan Emperors also started offering their congratulations as well. A person with this cultivation level was already at the utmost peak of tier-5 organizations and was definitely worthy of their respect.

Du Xuanhao landed from the sky and replied, "Many thanks, everyone. But I owe my breakthrough to the young master."

"Young master?" The Dong Clan people wore odd expressions. They found it hard to believe Xiang Shaoyun would be of help to Du Xuanhao with his cultivation level.

Perhaps it's the organization behind him, they concluded.

At this time, Xiang Shaoyun arrived at the Dong Clan with Dong Ziwan.

"Congratulations, Big Brother Du for the breakthrough," he said, feeling happy for Du Xuanhao.

Du Xuanhao quickly rushed over and knelt down on one knee. "Many thanks, young master, for allowing me to reach this level."

His action greatly shocked the Dong Clan people. Emperors had their pride and would never lightly kneel to someone, even if that person was the clan leader and possessed the same cultivation level.

A simple example would be that Du Xuanhao would never kneel before Dong Zhuoyue, the clan leader, even if he himself was a Dong Clan member. Only Sovereigns would be able to make him kneel. But now, Du Xuanhao was ignoring his pride as an Emperor and was kneeling down before Xiang Shaoyun. It was inconceivable to them.

They felt like there were only two reasons Du Xuanhao would kneel to Xiang Shaoyun. The first reason was because Xiang Shaoyun was most probably a person of an exalted status, likely a young master of at least a tier-6 organization. The second reason was because he had once shown Du Xuanhao a great favor. The Dong Clan people were of the opinion that the former was more likely to be the case.

Xiang Shaoyun quickly helped Du Xuanhao up and said, "Don't do that, Big Brother Du. In my heart, you are akin to a brother. I can't accept your kneel."

Although he had taken in Du Xuanhao as a follower, he still showed him a great deal of respect. After all, he considered Hua Cheng his big sister, and the person she liked was Du Xuanhao. In any case, Du Xuanhao was a decent person worthy of his respect.

This was one of Xiang Shaoyun's personal charms, a quality any good leader should have—to have respect for the capable.

Du Xuanhao stood up and said solemnly, "Without your blaze flower, it would have been very hard for me to advance two stages in a row."

"Haha, helping you is the same as helping myself," Xiang Shaoyun laughed. He then looked at Dong Qinggu and Dong Zhongyuan before asking, "Seniors, have you never thought of going on the offensive and crushing the traitors?"

Dong Zhongyuan and Dong Qinggu exchanged glances, and finally, Dong Qinggu said, "Young Master Xiang, you are willing to help us?"

"Big Brother Du has just broken through. I think he needs some target practice to stabilize his cultivation base. Am I right, Big Brother Du?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

A raging battle intent surged out as Du Xuanhao said, "Yes, I need to feed my saber."

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