Chapter 387: I Don't Want to Leave You

Dong Ziwan burst out in laughter, but she was also somewhat infuriated by his response. She said, "What is this? You think I'm going to molest you or something? I'm only going to lead the way!"

When she smiled, she was like an incredibly beautiful, alluring, blooming flower. Even Xiang Shaoyun blanked out upon seeing her smiling face. Dong Ziwan was not as stunning as Ye Chaomu, but she wasn't too far off. Like a blooming orchid, she was capable of slowly intoxicating someone with her beauty.

"What are you looking at, idiot?" Dong Ziwan rebuked when she saw Xiang Shaoyun staring at her unblinkingly.

Xiang Shaoyun recovered and rubbed his nose before replying, "I thought you were going to take advantage of me when you offered to go change me. I will have you know that this young master is still a virgin."

"Shameless! Come if you want. I don't care!" Dong Ziwan said furiously before turning and walking away with a red face.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled and followed behind her. He was merely teasing her, as he was in a good mood after obtaining the silver lightning liquid. But from how she was behaving, it was becoming clear that she seemed to have developed feelings for him. 

The hardest debt to repay is the debt of love, Xiang Shaoyun lamented inwardly.


Tai City, Five Denseforest Cities. The defeated Emperors were currently gathered here.

"I thought you said there wouldn't be any reinforcements for the Dong Clan? Who are the two people who had suddenly helped them, then?" roared the ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert from the Illusionary Palm Society.

His name was Xu Duo, a previous generation elder of the Illusionary Palm Society, a person with a high status. The Tai and Xing Clans had colluded with the Illusionary Palm Society to take down the Dong Clan. They were planning to redistribute the resource allocations of the Five Denseforest Cities, their main target being the teleportation formation currently held in the Dong Clan's hands.

A teleportation formation could only be erected through the joint effort of many Emperors utilizing a large number of spatial crystals. Anyone wanting to use the teleportation formation would have to pay a large number of spirit crystals, and this had always been Dong Clan's major source of income.

The two clans had longed to get a share of the profits, and they had ultimately decided to work with the Illusionary Palm Society to achieve their goal. The Illusionary Palm Society originally wanted no part in it, but after the Dong Clan rejected the marriage proposal with them, they had decided to work with the two clans to go against the Dong Clan. Unfortunately for them, Xiang Shaoyun had arrived and ruined their plan.

Tai Dou, an eighth-stage Emperor from the Tai Clan, said apologetically, "We really have no idea who they are. Perhaps they are the friends of the dead old man Dong."

Xing Yihui from the Xing Clan said, "I think so too. The Dong Clan would be a tier-5 organization for nothing if they didn't have a trump card or two."

"I'm not here to listen to your bullshit. We of the Illusionary Palm Society lost two Dragon Ascension Realm experts during the battle. You will have to take responsibility," demanded Xu Duo resentfully.

Tai Dou promised, "We will definitely compensate the Illusionary Palm Society for your losses. But we hope you can invite more experts from your society to help us take the Dong Clan down. We are willing to share half the Dong Clan's wealth with your society once the war is over. I also heard that your young master has taken a liking to a girl from the Dong Clan? We will present that girl to the young master as well."

"Tai Dou you scheming bastard. The Dong Clan's two helpers are capable of punching above their weight. It is obvious they come from a powerful background. If we provide too much help, we might end up drawing out their backer.. At that time, things will be even more troublesome for the Illusionary Palm Society," said Xu Duo. "Forget it. We will no longer take part in this. Just pay us two million mid-grade spirit crystals and five stalks of emperor medicines as compensation, and I will leave."

"What? Lord Xu, how can you act this way?" Xing Yihui cried out in alarm.

"Lord Xu, if you leave just like this, the Dong Clan will most certainly go after your society for revenge in the future once they recover," said Tai Dou with an ashen expression.

If Xu Duo and his men left, they would become even weaker. How were they supposed to continue fighting the Dong Clan? After all, the Dong Clan had two ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm experts and outside assistance.

"Hehe, well, if you are willing to submit to the Illusionary Palm Society, I can beg the society master to send help over and crush the Dong Clan," said Xu Duo, finally revealing his true intention. "Don't worry about whether we would restrict you like the Dong Clan. The Five Denseforest Cities will be under your control, and you only need to pay us 30 percent of what you make each year as tribute."

"This..." Both Tai Dou and Xing Yihui hesitated, not knowing what to do.

"Think it over. We will have to spend some time recuperating anyway. But I advise that you don't drag it on too long. The Dong Clan might come for revenge. At that time, not even I can save you," said Xu Duo.

"Ok. Three days. We will give you an answer in three days," said Tai Dou.


Dong City.

Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Ziwan were taking a stroll. Like old friends who had known each other for many years, they reminisced about their experience back at the Blackhill Town.

"I did not expect to see you again, and you have even saved me and my clan! I don't even know how I can repay you for that," lamented Dong Ziwan.

"If you want to repay me, you can be my bed warming maid," said Xiang Shaoyun teasingly.

"Dream on!" Dong Ziwan glared at Xiang Shaoyun. After a bit, she spoke again, "Although the Tai and Xing Clans have been defeated, they might return. Are you really not leaving for now?"

"You are my friend, and I want you to be safe. So yes, I will be staying for now," promised Xiang Shaoyun.

Dong Ziwan was moved, and she replied, "Thank you, Shaoyun."

"Quit being so polite. I guess we can say that fate has arranged for us to know each other. After our eventual separation, I don't know when we will see each other again. I hope we will at least have a beautiful memory of the time we spent together," said Xiang Shaoyun, a tinge of melancholy in his voice.

His tone also caused Dong Ziwan to suddenly feel melancholic. Whenever she thought of how Xiang Shaoyun would leave eventually, she was filled with sorrow.

She couldn't resist asking, "Where are you from, exactly? Won't we meet again after you leave?" 

"I am not from this province. I come from a place very far away, and I have a mission I need to complete. Although I am confident I will succeed, I don't know how long it will take. But you are a friend I will forever remember," said Xiang Shaoyun solemnly.

Dong Ziwan was unable to restrain her emotions and jumped into his embrace. Sobbing, she said, "I don't want to part with you!"

Xiang Shaoyun was completely at a loss as to what to do. He had only said all that so Dong Ziwan would give up on him, but it seemed he had instead achieved the opposite result.

Instantly, a powerful aura suddenly soared from the Dong Clan estate. A massive amount of spiritual energy and astral energy started converging within, pouring into one particular residence.

Even Xiang Shaoyun, who was currently outside the estate, could sense the surging energy. He exclaimed in excitement, "Big Brother Du is breaking through!"

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