Chapter 386: Silver Lightning Liquid

Nine drops of silver liquid were currently hovering around the lightning bone. Each drop was the size of a finger. They were glossy and lustrous, each of them surging with vitality. Xiang Shaoyun could see that they were no regular drops of liquid, and he grew excited. "Are these drops of lightning liquid I’m seeing here? Or silver lightning liquid to be precise, an even higher existence than the regular lightning liquid?"

At that thought, his excitement surged even more. He quickly absorbed and refined one of them, trying to clarify if these were really droplets of silver lightning liquid. In truth, the so-called lightning liquid was actually a rare spring water existing within natural lightning bolts, representing the vitality of the power of lightning.

Most people only knew that the power of lightning represented destruction, but as with anything in existence, when something reached the extremes in one specific direction, it would start moving in the opposite direction. When lightning power reached a certain degree of prowess, the extremely rare lightning liquid would start appearing, bringing with it vitality instead of destruction.

Lightning liquid was so rare that out of millions of lightning bolts, perhaps only one or two bolts would contain lightning liquid. Xiang Shaoyun did not understand how these silver lightning liquids had appeared within him, but he was sure they had not come from the silver lightning bolts. Otherwise, they wouldn't have lingered right outside his lightning bone.

After refining the first drop of lightning liquid, a massive force of vitality coursed through his body and healed his injuries. Soon, the numbing pain vanished. His messy and damaged meridians had also been repaired, and his condition was recovering at a rapid speed.

Meanwhile, the horned lightning snake was also undergoing a transformation. The scales on his body started dropping off, and a new layer was forming around him. He grew in length, his body became more slender, and his single horn started looking more terrifying.

His long serpentine tongue was stuck out of his mouth. It danced about in the air, electrical currents crackling around it. He had now reached a level he could directly spit silver lightning energy out of his mouth. His body had also become sturdier, and his strength as a whole had reached a brand new level.

He had not just undergone a regular tribulation. Instead, he had advanced three stages in a row, repeating Xiang Shaoyun's previous feat of becoming a third-stage King soon after breakthrough. That was why he had attracted so many bolts of lightning during the tribulation.

With the end of the tribulation, the field sank into silence. Money studied his surroundings for a bit before he directly streaked into Xiang Shaoyun's body and vanished. He could not directly enter Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea and was forced to embed himself into Xiang Shaoyun's arm, creating a lifelike snake tattoo using the Camouflage Invisibility ability.

Most of the Dong Clan people could not even see how he had vanished. Only a few Emperors were able to see the snake disappear after it reached Xiang Shaoyun. Most of them were focused on Xiang Shaoyun, praying that nothing bad had happened to him. Otherwise, they would lose the great helper they had just gotten.

Fortunately, a thick vitality started surging from Xiang Shaoyun's body, so thick even the Dong Clan Emperors could sense it. Soon, they found that his aura was recovering at a rapid speed, and his strength was also soaring.

"What a powerful vitality. Is this some wondrous ancient self-healing technique?" Dong Qinggu muttered in shock.

Generally speaking, ancient self-healing techniques were extremely rare and would only exist among ancient super organizations. It was understandable why he was so shocked when he reached that conclusion.

"This kid has an extremely terrifying background. Make sure our clan takes good care of him," said Dong Zhongyuan to Dong Qinggu through voice transmission.

Dong Qinggu nodded in agreement. After about an hour, Xiang Shaoyun was completely healed. He opened his eyes, sat up, and started studying his own body. He found that he was in a great condition, both externally and internally.

Just a single drop of silver lightning liquid is already enough to fully heal me. This is amazing, Xiang Shaoyun thought in excitement.

On the surface of his lightning bone were eight more drops of lightning liquid. Each of them was equivalent to one additional life. Just one drop of them could be sold for an astonishing price. Without any hesitation, he stowed all eight drops into his astral cosmos sea. He was also storing them in jade bottles, not taking any risk that they would waste away.

When he was done, he finally stood up. His clothes had been reduced to strips, and he looked incredibly sorry. Nevertheless, he was in high spirits. Through the tribulation, his lightning bone had absorbed a massive quantity of silver lightning energy. His first star was once again filled to the brim with energy, and his strength had also soared as a result.

Additionally, after using the Six Goldplate Manual to defend himself against the tribulation, his control and grasp over it had improved considerably. He was now able to barely form the second level of the Iron Wall stage, signifying that he was near full mastery of the technique's first stage. With his current defensive strength, he could protect himself from even high-tier king weapons. 

At this time, Dong Ziwan walked over and asked anxiously, "Xiang Shaoyun, are you fine?"

Xiang Shaoyun flashed her a wide smile and patted the dead skin off his body. He said, "I have an undying body. How can I die so easily?"

"What a narcissist!" Dong Ziwan was relieved to see that Xiang Shaoyun was fine.

Dong Zhongyuan, Dong Zhuoyue, and Dong Qinggu walked over as well.

"Young friend, you gave us quite a surprise there. Compared to you, the children of our clan are really too weak," praised Dong Qinggu with a flattering tone.

Xiang Shaoyun replied, "You are too polite, senior. But I am really sorry for disturbing your peace and causing so much damage to your place. I will definitely compensate you for the damages done."

"What are you talking about, young friend? I won't have any of that! You have just rescued our entire clan. This little damage is nothing. We won't accept any compensation. We should be the ones giving you compensation for helping us," said Dong Qinggu. He then said to Dong Ziwan, "Little Wan, you should stay by Shaoyun's side and host him on our behalf. When we are done with the clan affairs, we will return to show him our thanks."

"That's right, Little Wan. Shaoyun is an honored guest. You must treat him well," said Dong Zhongyuan.

They were only trying to create opportunities for Dong Ziwan to capture Xiang Shaoyun's heart.

"Yes, I know," Dong Ziwan agreed bashfully. The people from the Dong Clan then left,, leaving behind Dong Ziwan and Xiang Shaoyun.

"Let's go. We need to get you changed," said Dong Ziwan when she looked at the rags on Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun covered his chest and cried out in alarm, "What? Y-you...changing me?" 

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