Chapter 384: Money Breaking Through

The blaze flower was something Xiang Shaoyun had obtained at the Flame Mountain. It was a flower that had grown under the millenium earthcore fire's nourishment, and it contained dreadful flame energy. One ought to know that this blaze flower was comparable in value to at least a top-tier king medicine, or even comparable to an emperor medicine.

If Xiang Shaoyun consumed this flower himself, he could increase his cultivation level by at least two stages. He had been letting it grow in his astral cosmos sea all this while, and today, he had actually taken it out for Du Xuanhao. This was truly generous of him. As an Emperor, Du Xuanhao had also obtained many treasures over his years of travels. But he had never gotten an emperor medicine with such a pure flame element.

"This is too precious. Keep it, young master. These spirit crystals are enough for me," said Du Xuanhao.

Xiang Shaoyun insisted, "Big Brother Du, take it. I don't hope to see any mishaps during your breakthrough. I need you to grow as quickly as possible. In any case, I have more of this flower."

"What? You have more blaze flowers?" Du Xuanhao cried out in alarm. But when he recalled Xiang Shaoyun's identity, he no longer hesitated. "Ok. I will accept this blaze flower."

He then turned and went into his room. He walked with a resolute pace, his eyes shining brightly as he thought, After I take my revenge, I will use the rest of my life to guard the young master.

One could say that Du Xuanhao the Saber Emperor had been completely conquered by Xiang Shaoyun's generosity. Devouring Ghost was full of praise at what Xiang Shaoyun had just done. This was how generous an overlord should be.

So did Xiang Shaoyun truly have another blaze flower? Yes, he had another blaze flower, one that had grown after he had stored the first blaze flower in his astral cosmos sea. However, even Xiang Shaoyun himself was confused as to how a new blaze flower had grown in his astral cosmos sea.

Currently, at a certain spot within his astral cosmos sea was an area filled with lava. There, a tiny blaze flower could be seen. It was still tiny and barely discernible, but there was no denying that it was there.

Its graceful petals pulsed unceasingly as it absorbed the flame elemental energy in its surroundings. At the same time, it also absorbed the energy from the nine-colored fog drifting about in the astral cosmos sea.

The nine-colored fog had formed during Xiang Shaoyun's breakthrough into the Skysoar Realm, and it was formed through the convergence of the energies from his nine different stars. As for what it actually did, he was completely clueless. The only thing he knew was that a new blaze flower had grown because of this nine-colored fog. Apart from that, a new vicious tiger gold lotus and a ghostbloom had also sprouted in his astral cosmos sea.

Xiang Shaoyun had only noticed this recently, but since he had been busy dealing with the Dong Clan, he hadn't gotten any chance to figure out what was going on. But now he finally had the chance to focus on studying the change in his astral cosmos sea. With his inner gaze, he observed everything in the astral cosmos sea, trying to understand why these spiritual herbs were growing there. Ultimately, he was able to conclude that the nine-colored fog played a great role in it.

"This is the energy that had formed during my breakthrough. Each different color represents a different astral energy. So is the product of their combination considered a sort of origin energy? There are records stating that the so-called origin energy is the most original energy of the universe—the source of life. In that case, does that mean that I can now store living beings in my astral cosmos sea?" Xiang Shaoyun guessed. 

At this thought, he focused on the silver lightning core and said, "Money, come out from the core and try to see if this is an environment you can live in."

Money was the name Xiang Shaoyun had given the horned lightning snake. It was quite an...inelegant name. One would think he was hard-pressed for money to name his snake this. 

The horned lightning snake noiselessly stuck his head out of the silver lightning core, and after sensing the surroundings, he started slowly coming out of the core.

After taking some time to adapt to the new environment, he looked around with his smart eyes, and when he saw the nine-colored fog, his eyes lit up, and he directly dove into it. He opened his mouth and started wantonly swallowing the nine-colored fog.

His speed of absorption was much faster than the herbs', and in just a short while, more than half of the fog was already gone. As the horned lightning snake swallowed the fog, his demonic aura grew unceasingly. His silvery scales started shining brightly, looking extremely vivid and lively.

"Looks like the nine-colored fog is really the key to all the changes," concluded Xiang Shaoyun.

"I'm breaking through, I'm breaking through, let me out!" the horned lightning snake shouted.

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out slightly, then in joy quickly pushed his astral cosmos sea out of his body, letting the horned lightning snake rush into the outside world. The moment the horned lightning snake charged out, he transformed into a slender body and soared straight into the sky, preparing to face the heavenly tribulation.

Xiang Shaoyun suddenly recalled that Du Xuanhao was also attempting a breakthrough and quickly cried out, "No! Wait a bit. I'll find you a suitable location."

The horned lightning snake replied, "Make it quick. I won't be able to suppress my cultivation for long."

Xiang Shaoyun quickly called out to the person standing guard nearby, "Man, please find an empty space for me. A demonic brother of mine is breaking through!"

The person standing guard was a Dong Clan King, and when he heard Xiang Shaoyun's words, he quickly offered, "Savior, you may go to our clan's training field."

"Ok, lead the way!" Xiang Shaoyun said in a rush. He then looked at Devouring Ghost and said, "Devouring Ghost, isolate this place from the outside world. Don't let Money's breakthrough affect Big Brother Du."

"Don't worry, young master," answered Devouring Ghost, whose body was completely concealed.

Then, Xiang Shaoyun followed the Dong Clan King to the training field. The horned lightning snake followed closely behind, as if he was Xiang Shaoyun's shadow. Soon, they arrived at a spacious and empty training field. It was large with quite a number of battle rings. This training field was usually crowded, but lately, it had been deserted due to the disaster the clan had suffered.

"We're here," said the Dong Clan King.

"Money, break through here. Nobody will harm you," said Xiang Shaoyun.

The horned lightning snake did not wait and directly shot into the sky. He released a boundless demonic aura and started his attempt to break through into the Demon King realm. Instantly, dark clouds gathered, darkening the sky as lightning bolts began to dance.

Rumble! Rumble!

The sudden change gave the Dong Clan people, who had just experienced a large battle, a fright, and numerous Emperors rushed over to the training field in an instant.

"Everyone, please don't do anything. This is a demonic brother of mine. He is borrowing your place to attempt a breakthrough," Xiang Shaoyun quickly explained loudly.

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