Chapter 382: Harming My Young Master? Are You Tired of Living?

Dong Zhuoyue stopped his attack when he heard Dong Ziwan.

"Speak! What were you trying to do!" Dong Zhuoyue questioned in a displeased manner.

Before Dong Ziwan could answer, Yan Li started weeping beside Dong Zhuoyue, "Big Brother Yue, Little Wan is being too insensible. Our clan is in a crisis, yet she is busy spending her time being all affectionate with this unknown man. She even dares to scold me, calling me a vixen. You need to uphold justice for me! Otherwise, there is no point for me to keep living anymore!" 

Dong Ziwan was so furious her entire body trembled, and she couldn't even find anything to say, as her mind had turned blank from anger.

"Dong Ziwan, did you really call your fifth mother that?" Dong Zhuoyue questioned with the same displeased look on his face.

"That's right. I said that. So what? All of us are putting our lives on the line battling the enemies. What did she do? She hid in the formation and still has the galls to criticize me and my friend, and now, she's even trying to kill me?" Dong Ziwan replied loudly.

"I stayed behind to protect Ming, to preserve the bloodline of the Dong Clan. What about you? Busy having an affair with a random man and even showing me disrespect! Are you going to kill me and Ming, my son, in the future as well? I...I can't live like this anymore!" Yan Li started weeping again. 

One ought to admit that Yan Li was pretty good at spinning the truth. She had successfully fanned Dong Zhuoyue's anger. Dong Zhuoyue yelled furiously, "Apologize to your fifth mother immediately!"

Face paling, Dong Ziwan said, "You would rather believe her over me, your own daughter?"

"I'm telling you to apologize. Refuse, and you can leave the clan!" said Dong Zhuoyue.

He was already in a bad mood due to the bitter battle. This family drama occurring almost immediately after the battle had caused him to lose his temper.

Drip. Drip.

Tears started pouring out of Dong Ziwan's eyes. She felt terrible. She had been loyal to the clan and had even fought for the clan with her life on the line. And here was her father, trusting Yan Li's lies and being heartless. It thoroughly hurt her feelings.

Xiang Shaoyun was watching on as it all happened. He felt sorry for Dong Ziwan, and he took her into his arms. He yelled at Dong Zhuoyue, "Your daughter had fought alongside the Dong Clan and had almost died. As for the woman behind you, all she is good for is spinning lie after lie, yet you still trust her so. Are you blind?"

"Who do you think you are? You dare talk like that to our clan leader?" berated an Emperor standing beside Dong Zhuoyue. He even sent a slap toward Xiang Shaoyun's face.

"Stop!" an anxious voice rang out from above them.

However, the warning came a tad bit too late, as the attacking Emperor could no longer pull back his attack.

"Harming my young master? Are you tired of living?" Devouring Ghost's sinister voice rang out as he appeared before Xiang Shaoyun like a specter. He clawed at the incoming palm, ripping it apart before grabbing the attacker.


The attacker was only a third-stage Emperor. How could he resist Devouring Ghost? Instantly, his chest was ripped apart, a wound appearing deep enough to reveal his bones. Blood poured out of it. Before even knowing what had happened, the Emperor was killed. 

Dong Zhuoyue broke out in cold sweat. If he was the one who had attacked earlier, he would currently be a dead man.

"Friend, why are you killing a member of our clan?" Dong Zhongyuan, who had just returned with the surviving Dong Clan Emperors, asked with a frown.

"You have to ask your people. We fought hard to help you win the battle, yet your man dared to attack my young master? He is courting death!" Devouring Ghost spat, radiating a thick bloodlust.

Du Xuanhao landed beside Xiang Shaoyun and stood guard beside him. Inwardly, he thought, Young Master Xiang is indeed worthy of being a key person of a large organization. Even someone like Devouring Ghost is showing him such devotion. I really need to conduct myself better and act in accordance with my station before him in the future.

Although he had agreed to follow Xiang Shaoyun for the sake of obtaining the Scorching Sun Manual and increasing his combat prowess, he still felt some resistance toward his identity as a follower.

But now, after spending all these days with Xiang Shaoyun, he had personally witnessed Xiang Shaoyun's terrifying potential. That coupled with the absolute devotion of someone like Devouring Ghost had convinced him that Xiang Shaoyun would definitely grow into a person of remarkable accomplishment. He was starting to let go of his pride as the Saber Emperor, slowly attempting to adapt himself to his new status as a follower.

"What happened exactly?" Both Dong Zhongyuan and Dong Qinggu glared at Dong Zhuoyue in anger. Both of them wanted to know why Dong Zhuoyue was suddenly offending their saviors.

The Dong Clan had just experienced a massive battle and had lost more than half of their Emperors. If they angered the people who had helped them at this moment, it would be akin to adding salt to the wound.

With two of his elders glaring at him, Dong Zhuoyue shivered and finally realized that the young man who had scolded him was their clan's savior. He had actually listened to his woman and caused an Emperor of his clan to die. He was filled with regret, and in his anger, he turned and slapped Yan Li on her face.


Yan Li was sent flying, wailing miserably. Her face was nearly deformed from the slap.

"Men, drag her away," commanded Dong Zhuoyue.

At that command, Yan Li was arrested and taken away. While she was being dragged away, she yelled miserably, "I am the clan leader's wife! Let go of me! Let go of me!"

After Yan Li was brought away, Dong Zhuoyue apologized to Xiang Shaoyun, "My apologies, young hero. I should not have trusted that woman's words."

His apology was a rather significant gesture, considering his status as the leader of a large clan. Both Dong Zhongyuan and Dong Qinggu were full of praise at his willingness to swallow his pride. With their clan in such a crisis, they really shouldn't be attracting more trouble.

"It really has nothing much to do with me. It's your clan's internal affair. I am only a good friend of Dong Ziwan," said Xiang Shaoyun nonchalantly.

"Since you are Little Wan's friend, you are also our clan's esteemed guest. We are lucky to be able to obtain your assistance today. I hope you can consider staying a bit to rest up," invited Dong Qinggu, acting like Devouring Ghost had not killed an Emperor of their clan at all.

"It's fine. We will be leaving now," said Xiang Shaoyun with a wave of his hand.

The expressions of the people from the Dong Clan shifted. They knew very well that if Xiang Shaoyun's group left now, those traitors and the Illusionary Palm Society would definitely return, and that would be the end of their clan.

Dong Qinggu looked at Dong Ziwan and said, "Little Wan, we can't let your friend leave just like this after helping us, right?" He was a shrewd old man with a rich experience in life. He knew that only Dong Ziwan could make Xiang Shaoyun stay.

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