Chapter 380: That Man Can't Be Offended

The one who had just shouted was none other than Xiang Shaoyun. Riding on Jin Wo's back, he dove down toward Dong Ziwan. Jin Wo's serpentine tongue shot out, directly pulling the fourth-stage King trying to kill Dong Ziwan into his mouth before swallowing him. Xiang Shaoyun then hopped off Jin Wo's body and landed before Dong Ziwan. Dong Ziwan stared at Xiang Shaoyun, who had dropped from the sky, tears trailing down her cheeks.

Previously when they had parted ways, Xiang Shaoyun had not tried persuading her to stay, nor had he tried tailing her. It had made her sad even though she was the one who had insisted to part. Then again, women would rarely say what they had in mind. With Xiang Shaoyun appearing in her moment of crisis, it was impossible for her to not be touched.

"Are your injuries bad?" Xiang Shaoyun, assuming that she was suffering from grave injuries when he saw her crying, anxiously took out some spring water and offered it to her. "Quick, drink this spring water." 

"I-I'm fine." Dong Ziwan shook her head and did not take the offered spring water.

"You're not fine. Look at the blood on you. Take it." Xiang Shaoyun frowned and directly fed the spring water to Dong Ziwan's mouth without giving her a chance to say no.

Dong Ziwan was an easily embarrassed person and the gesture instantly turned her face red. Nevertheless, she stopped resisting and swallowed the spring water.

"What a slut. The clan is in a crisis, yet you still have the time to be all affectionate with some wild man? You are an embarrassment to the clan!" berated Yan Li, who was hiding in their clan's formation when she saw what the two were doing. 

Dong Ziwan glared at Yan Li and replied furiously, "You vixen! If you have the guts, come out from hiding and fight alongside the Dong Clan's sons and daughters! Who are you to criticize me when you are just hiding in the safety of a formation?"

Dong Ziwan had always had a good temper, but she couldn't stand Yan Li anymore.

Yan Li was left speechless for a moment. In her anger, she pointed at Dong Ziwan and said, "Y-you dare scold me? I won't forget this!"

"You think I'm afraid of you? You don't even have the blood of the Dong Clan in your veins. It is not your place to tell me what to do," countered Dong Ziwan unyieldingly, completely unlike her regular self.

Yan Li was about to talk back when Dong Ziming suddenly stopped her. Timidly, he said, "Mother, stop. That man can't be offended."

"Which man?" Yan Li asked in confusion.

"The man beside her. He has powerful Emperor followers. Look at that Demon Emperor; it's his mount. Looks like he is here to help our clan," explained Dong Ziming with a low voice.

His fear of Xiang Shaoyun after being slapped still lingered. Yan Li hesitated for a bit before deciding to remain silent.

Inwardly, however, she was telling herself, So what if he has some Emperors? Just wait until this crisis is over. I will definitely teach that slut a lesson.

Xiang Shaoyun shot Yan Li and Dong Ziming a cold glance and instantly understood that Dong Ziwan did not seem to have it easy in the Dong Clan. But now was not the time to think about that. The battle was still raging.

Jin Wo tried to stand in front of Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Ziwan to protect them, but since there was also a Demon Emperor among their enemies as well, he was forced to deal with the Demon Emperor instead. Because of that, there was now no Emperor guarding Xiang Shaoyun. When the two clans noticed, they took the chance to attack him.

A third-stage King rushed over, mounted on a Demon King panther. He seemed to have become one with his mount, and they attacked together, sending a combined attack toward Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Ziwan. Dragging Dong Ziwan along, Xiang Shaoyun quickly dodged the attack.

"Tai Kang, get into the midst of your Tai Clan and start killing them," Xiang Shaoyun commanded through mental transmission.

Tai Kang was now under Xiang Shaoyun's full control. He did as told and sneaked into the midst of the Tai Clan and started backstabbing them. Even so, Xiang Shaoyun did not put much hope on Tai Kang. Instead, he took Dong Ziwan and moved behind the third-stage King attacking them. He then gathered a clump of dreadful lightning power into his free hand and blasted the King's back with it.

Lightning Bolt Fist!

Xiang Shaoyun had reached a level capable of fully unleashing the power of the Lightning Bolt Fist. A lightning fist shot forth and completely enveloped the King and his mount in lightning.


The destructive lightning power instantly burned the King and his mount to crisp.

"Let go of me. I will fight alongside you!" demanded Dong Ziwan firmly.

Xiang Shaoyun glanced at the solemn look on her face and let her go. He smiled and said, "Remember to not be a burden this time."

Back when they had explored the cave together, Dong Ziwan had a higher cultivation level, yet it had been Xiang Shaoyun who had taken care of her.

Dong Ziwan replied, "Don't worry. I will show you my real strength."

A green energy surged out of her body, quickly healing her wounds. At the same time, her combat prowess increased. This was her true strength. Earlier, she had only been thinking of dying in battle. Now that she wanted to continue living, her heart calmed, and she was finally able to release her true strength.

Xiang Shaoyun's eyes lit up as he said, "Splendid. Let's fight together."

And thus, the two charged into the battlefield and started fighting the two enemy clans' Kings. In the battlefield, late-stage Kings were battling each other while the weaker Kings were also fighting each other. In other words, Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Ziwan were only met with Kings no higher than the fifth stage when they joined the battle.

Xiang Shaoyun had just broken through not long ago, and such opponents were perfect for him. His first opponent was a middle-aged woman. Holding a Windcracker Sword, she sent numerous wind elemental energies slashing toward his vitals. The wind attacks moved at an incredible speed. Each sword energy moved like the wind and was hardly discernible. If it wasn't for Xiang Shaoyun's overbearing combat prowess and fast reactions, he would not have been able to avoid this series of attacks.

"Good. Let me experience how the power of wind tastes like," said Xiang Shaoyun. He had suddenly recalled the wind comprehension he had gotten back at the Martial Hall Palace and suddenly had the urge to learn more about the power of wind.

The power of wind was not only capable of increasing one's movement speed. As demonstrated by this middle-aged woman, it could also quicken one's attacks, letting one unleash attacks that others could not guard against. Xiang Shaoyun's comprehension of wind deepened, slightly increasing his attacking speed.

Gold Helix Fist!

A revolving golden fist shot out like a drill, instantly reaching the woman's stomach. She could not avoid it in time, and just like that, a bloody hole formed in her stomach. She wailed miserably before speedily retreating. Xiang Shaoyun pressed on, but the woman's husband arrived and shouted, "Don't you dare harm my woman! Die!"

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