Chapter 379: Prompt Reinforcement

The Demon Emperor heading to the Dong City was none other than the gold serpentine crocodile. Standing on his back were Xiang Shaoyun, Devouring Ghost, Du Xuanhao, and their hostage, Tai Kang. The group had gone straight to Dong City after Devouring Ghost's breakthrough.

When Devouring Ghost sensed what was happening in the city, he told Xiang Shaoyun, "Young master, a group of Emperors are fighting ahead of us. Looks like that girl's clan is not doing very well."

"Are there any Sovereigns participating in the battle?" Xiang Shaoyun asked with a frown.

He had also sensed the fierce battle ahead of them. Although his senses were not as sharp as Devouring Ghost's, he was able to sense enough to see that the Dong City was under siege.

Despite that, he maintained his calm and did not rush over recklessly. If there was a Sovereign there as well, he would not be able to help Dong Ziwan. It was not that he was afraid of death, but charging right toward a Sovereign was simply stupid. Both Devouring Ghost and Du Xuanhao were still not strong enough to fight Sovereigns. Going over if there was a Sovereign would be tantamount to suicide.

That was the reason for Xiang Shaoyun's question. 

Devouring Ghost frowned and focused for a bit. He then smiled and said, "No Sovereigns. In fact, there aren't even any peak Dragon Ascension Realm cultivators. The strongest are only some ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivators, and the rest are Emperors of different stages. I can handle them."

"Good. Let's not delay, then. Go!" Xiang Shaoyun commanded.

"Young Master Xiang, you can't join the battle of Emperors. How about we go into the city and take a look? In any case, we need to figure out which of them are the actual Dong Clan members since we don't know them," suggested Du Xuanhao.

"Oh, that's not a problem. We can just ask him." Xiang Shaoyun gestured at Tai Kang. "Point out the members of the Tai and Xing Clans."

Tai Kang was now under Xiang Shaoyun's full control. Thus, when they approached the battlefield, he started pointing out the members of the Tai and Xing Clans without any hesitation.

"Things are looking bad for the Dong Clan," Du Xuanhao sighed.

"A clan with this strength is merely an early tier-5 organization," said Devouring Ghost with contempt.

"Alright. Devouring Ghost, Big Brother Du, time for you to get some exercise. I only need Jin Wo by my side," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Devouring Ghost had reached the eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm and was confident he could now battle peak Dragon Ascension Realm experts. As for Du Xuanhao, he was a peak seventh-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert. With his saber intent, he could easily kill those of the same stage and put up a fight against those above his stage. As long as there were no Sovereigns present, Xiang Shaoyun believed that they would be able to bring the two enemy clans a nice "surprise".

"Good. Only through battle will I be able to adapt to this body faster," said Devouring Ghost with a smile, his battle intent surging.

He then turned into a specter and rushed into the battlefield. Du Xuanhao's battle intent was also surging. Like a sharp blade that had left its sheath, he stabbed straight into the battlefield. After he had begun cultivating the Scorching Sun Manual and Eighteen Scorching Sun Sabers he had obtained from Xiang Shaoyun, his strength had grown considerably. He was becoming impatient to test his current combat prowess.

Devouring Ghost and Du Xuanhao joining the battlefield changed the tides of battle yet again. Using powers of darkness and light, Devouring Ghost attacked, sending out two different colors that worked together perfectly like the combination of yin and yang to unleash an even more terrifying attack, instantly killing an Emperor the moment he joined the battle.

Additionally, he was also constantly moving around with his wondrous footwork, his body like a specter nobody could catch. After killing the first Emperor, he went on to attack a late-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator from the Xing Clan. The late-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator reacted quickly but was still incapable of stopping Devouring Ghost's onslaught. He was killed before he could put up much resistance.

"Haha, this is refreshing!" Devouring Ghost roared with laughter.

The Dong Clan Emperor he had saved quickly thanked gratefully, "Thank you, lord, for your help!"

He did not know who Devouring Ghost was, but since he was there to help, he was a friend. Devouring Ghost couldn't be bothered to reply, and he moved on to a new target. Meanwhile, Du Xuanhao cut a way into the battlefield with an ordinary-looking saber and directly cleaved a Tai Clan Emperor fighting Dong Wu into two. Blood sprayed everywhere.

When Dong Wu saw who his savior was, he said joyfully, "Y-you are Little Wan's friend! This is great!"

Du Xuanhao ignored him and instead charged an eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert from the Illusionary Palm Society. He displayed a courage worthy of his title as the Saber Emperor, directly picking an opponent with a higher cultivation level than him. Not many people had this kind of courage.

First stance of the Eighteen Scorching Sun Sabers, Rising Scorching Sun!

Du Xuanhao directly utilized the Eighteen Scorching Sun Sabers, a true sovereign technique that was terrifyingly powerful. A fiery saber shot out, emanating a blinding brightness like the sun. The eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert reacted instinctively and dodged to the side with the fastest speed he could muster. Unfortunately, he was too slow, and one of his arms was sent flying.

"AHHH!" The pain of a severed arm caused the eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert to cry out in pain.

"You are not from the Dong Clan! Who are you?" the injured Emperor asked in fear as he retreated.

"A dead man does not need to know my name," Du Xuanhao gave a cold reply before swinging his saber again.

He was one who had comprehended saber intent. Combined with the Eighteen Scorching Sun Sabers, he did not need to fear any eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm experts. The injured Emperor was completely incapable of escaping him and was soon killed off.

It was at this time that the two clans and the Illusionary Palm Society finally realized that help had arrived for the Dong Clan. Their faces sank. Nevertheless, they did not retreat immediately. After all, they had been holding the advantage in the battle, and they did not believe that just these two could reverse the situation.

Meanwhile, the Kings were battling each other in the city. Although the battle was not as shocking as the battle of the Emperors, it was still bitter and desperate. Both parties had suffered large casualties, and the two clans did not hold any advantage. After all, this was the Dong Clan's turf, and the Dong Clan had been able to kill a lot of people from the two clans by relying on their formations.

Dong Ziwan was the daughter of the clan leader and was eligible to enjoy the protection of the formations. However, she had taken the initiative to charge right into the battlefield. She was only a second-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator, but the combat prowess she displayed was rather impressive relative to her actual cultivation level. Unfortunately, that was not enough for this battlefield.


A Tai Clan member struck her with a saber, causing her to collapse on the ground and cough up blood. If it wasn't for her armor, she would have died.

"The Dong Clan's young lady is indeed a great beauty. What a pity that this great beauty is going to fall under the hands of me, Tai Long," said a fourth-stage King from the Tai Clan with a ruthless look on his face.

Dong Ziwan shut her eyes, waiting for her death when suddenly, a shout rang out, "Nobody can kill her!"

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