Chapter 360: When Should I Break Through If Not Now

The purple dragon was a form the innate purple lightning within Xiang Shaoyun's lightning bone had taken. All along, the purple dragon had been staying within the lightning bone, constantly devouring lightning energy to grow the innate purple lightning.

Presently, the entirety of Xiang Shaoyun's spine had cracked. It was an injury serious enough to cripple anyone. If someone could see inside his body, one would be able to see the innate purple lightning surging violently within his broken spine, constantly rejoining the cracks, working like a healing force instead of a destructive lightning energy.

It was extremely astonishing—something nobody would expect. Xiang Shaoyun was not the only person who was undergoing a transformation. The silver lightning stone beside him seemed to be changing as well; it looked like some cracks had appeared on its glossy surface.

Silver lightning bolts rained down without stop. To the side, Du Xuanhao and Jin Wo were getting increasingly worried, but Devouring Ghost still insisted that Xiang Shaoyun would be fine.

If Jin Wo was as loyal to Xiang Shaoyun as he was toward Little White, he would have already charged into the midst of lightning bolts. Finally, after six consecutive bolts, the sky calmed.

The purple dragon had been completely destroyed by the bombardment. No new silver lightning bolts were appearing, but the area 100 meters around Xiang Shaoyun was filled with silver lightning energy, becoming a restricted zone no regular person could approach.

As for Xiang Shaoyun himself, he seemed to be barely alive. A layer of silver lightning energy covered his body, and not a shred of his clothes remained as he lay there naked, his aura feeble, yet it was undeniable that he was still alive.

Devouring Ghost, Du Xuanhao, and Jin Wo were relieved to sense that Xiang Shaoyun was still alive. However, none of them went over to help him. They were all waiting to witness a miracle.

And indeed, a miracle happened before their eyes.

Suddenly, purple energy leaked out of Xiang Shaoyun's body, converging before taking the form of a tiny purple dragon. The purple dragon then started devouring the silver lightning energy around it, slowly growing itself.

At the same time, a different figure seemed to have appeared as well. This figure competed with the purple dragon and also consumed the silver lightning energy in the area. Compared to the purple dragon, this figure seemed extremely lively. But its appearance was unclear as it looked both like a dragon and a serpent at the same time. As it swallowed the silver lightning energy, it even tried to swallow the purple dragon as well.

What a greedy little fellow!

The purple dragon was able to sense an aura similar to its own coming from the unknown figure, provoking it into attacking. Thus, a battle erupted between the two. The battle did not last long as the purple dragon did not stop growing stronger. Slowly, the little fellow was placed in a disadvantageous position. It no longer dared to fight, and it hid into the silver lightning stone to the side.

Now, the purple dragon was the overlord of the area. It opened its mouth wide and continued to devour the silver lightning energy. The silver lightning energy within Xiang Shaoyun grew, and under the continuous nourishment of lightning energy, his broken bones started rejoining. Finally, his entire spine healed, turning into a purple and silver spine.

It was apparent that after destruction and reconstruction, Xiang Shaoyun now possessed a complete lightning bone, and his innate purple lightning was now even more terrifying than it was in the past.

With the restoration of the lightning bone, Xiang Shaoyun's vitality started surging as he slowly regained his consciousness. And when he sensed the boundless silver lightning energy around him, he circulated his Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual again, drawing all the energy into his star.

But the amount of energy around him was too large for his star to digest alone, so he acted like he did in the past and shared some of the energy with the astral cosmos sea and the Overlord Skyslaying Saber.

Once again, the astral cosmos sea expanded. As for the Overlord Skyslaying Saber, it underwent another tempering process, getting ever closer to full restoration. Xiang Shaoyun could sense himself growing in all aspects, feeling like he could no longer absorb any additional energy if he continued compressing and suppressing his foundations.

In this situation, he had two options. The first was to start drawing the remaining energy into his other stars. The second was to break through, expanding his star in the process so he could absorb more energy.

The first option would be useful for any other cultivator but not Xiang Shaoyun. He was going to cultivate nine different powers, and he could not afford having too much lightning energy in his other stars, which would make it impossible for him to store other types of energy in those stars in the future. Even if he could, the energy would be diluted and would no longer be pure.

"When should I break through?" roared Xiang Shaoyun as he stood up and faced the sky. He erupted with all his power, unleashing both his astral energy and soul power, charging toward the stars in the sky above.

The purple dragon formed of his first star and lightning bone took the lead, followed by a white tiger soaring out of his second star and a volcano erupting from his third star. His other six stars shone brightly as well. Although the six stars were not as impressive as the first three stars, they still did their best to assist the first three stars as they charged into the sky above.

At the same time, Xiang Shaoyun adjusted his soul power, which had long surpassed the level of ordinary Kings. The Nether Soul Domain further boosted his soul power surging out of his body as it charged into the sky above alongside the powers of the stars. He could sense his soul soaring in the sky. It was an incomparably wonderful sensation.

"Is this how it feels to be in the Skysoar Realm? Although I have been able to fly long before this, flying as a Skysoar Realm cultivator feels completely different than flying with the white tiger wings," muttered Xiang Shaoyun to himself.

Just as he was about to reach the stars in the sky, a change suddenly occurred. A gust of gray wind rushed him from a certain direction. The wind seemed completely normal, yet it carried with it an astonishing corrosive power.

Xiang Shaoyun instantly felt an intense sense of threat as his soul power started withering, giving him an extremely uncomfortable feeling. This was only the start. If he waited until the entire gust of wind blew past, wouldn't his soul power be completely obliterated by then?

At this thought, he increased his flying speed, trying to pull away from the corrosive wind. However, the wind was like a locust that kept chasing after his soul power, seemingly not going to stop before completely devouring his soul.

"Shit! That's a sinister eroding wind! Young Master Xiang has actually attracted this calamity? Things will get troublesome!" Du Xuanhao cried out in alarm.

Devouring Ghost had an unsightly expression as well. Inwardly, he comforted himself, The young master should be able to survive this!

The sinister eroding wind was an extremely rare variation of wind energy that was extremely harmful to souls. Its attacks could not be taken lightly. One's soul might wither from an attack, and one might even directly die through the complete exhaustion of one's soul.

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