Chapter 350: A Tiger Father Does Not Beget a Dog Son

"Sister? Soon, she will be mine!" The bandit leader paid no attention to the threat as he grabbed Xia Yingying.


Xia Yingying screeched in fear. The nearby villagers rushed the bandit leader with their weapons, but they were immediately beaten back by the other bandits.

"Hehe, what a tender girl. I like it," said the bandit leader in excitement.

Instantly, a finger beam streaked through the air and struck the leader on his arm.


A bloody hole appeared in the arm, and the bandit leader wailed in pain. Xia Yingying was freed, and she quickly ran to Xia Datang.

"W-who is the impudent ambusher! Show yourself!" roared the furious bandit leader.

"What an arrogant person. None of you can leave alive today!" a cold voice rang out. The same voice continued, "Liuhui, go take care of your father and sister. Let me deal with these scums."

"No, let me deal with them. Boss, I'll need to trouble you with my father and sister," replied a different voice.

Two young men appeared, both about 17 years old. One of them was heroic and handsome with a steadfast face and toned figure, looking like an extraordinary young man. The two were none other than Xiang Shaoyun and Xia Liuhui, who had arrived from Cloud Margin City.

As for Ye Chaomu, Duo Ji, Devouring Ghost, and the others, they were still standing guard outside the hamlet. Xia Liuhui had not expected that the first thing he would see when he returned after so long was his villagers being slaughtered and his father and sister being bullied. He was raging with fury, and he needed a venue to vent his anger.

"Ok. Be careful," said Xiang Shaoyun before heading toward Xia Datang and Xia Yingying.

As for Xia Liuhui, he drew two swords, wielding one in each hand and roared, "Scums! You dare attack the Xia Hamlet? All of you will die today!"

He was now a second-stage Transformation Realm cultivator, and his combat prowess was no longer the same. He charged into the midst of the bandits and attacked like a wolf that had charged into a flock of sheep. Two sword energies were sent out, one red and one blue, instantly killing three bandits.

Naturally, the bandits would not sit idly, and they fought back. However, Xia Liuhui proved to be a fierce combatant. He had spent quite a lot of time tempering himself in the Cloud Margin Pavilion and had even broken through a few limit rooms. He was one who had found his own path of cultivation and possessed extraordinary combat prowess. Before the bandits could surround him, he dashed about and severed the heads of two other bandits. The villagers all cried out in surprise at what they were seeing.

"Is this young man the son of Xia Datang, Xia Liuhui? He's so strong now!"

"Yes, he's Xia Liuhui. I still remember when he used to pee in my arms. I remember him being an incredibly naughty boy. Three years ago, Xia Datang had brought him to some town to cultivate. So, he has returned after finishing his studies. This is great! There is hope for our hamlet!"

"Good! A tiger son does not beget a dog son! Well done, Xia Liuhui! You did not betray your father's reputation!"

"What are you waiting for? Everyone, let's fight these bandits together!"


With Xia Liuhui joining, the tides of the battle turned in favor of the villagers. The bandits were forced to retreat repeatedly, and only the Transformation Realm bandits could put up a fight against him. There were two bandit leaders here in total. The first bandit leader was the one who had been injured by Xiang Shaoyun earlier, and he was one of the two Transformation Realm bandits.

Both of the Transformation Realm bandits were currently fighting Xia Liuhui together. These bandits were in truth members of the Mad Lion Hunting Group. They were only passing by and committing some banditry while they were on their way, their main goal being getting some pretty village girls to play around with.

Unfortunately for them, they had picked the wrong time as Xia Liuhui had returned just as they had arrived. That bad luck was the start of their doom. At this time, Xiang Shaoyun had arrived beside Xia Datang and Xia Yingying.

"Father, don't die!" Xia Yingying wept sorrowfully.

"You won't be of help crying here. Please move aside. I'll help," Xiang Shaoyun's magnetic voice rang out beside her ears.

She raised her head and saw a handsome young man standing beside her. He looked like he was shining with brilliance, his image instantly putting her heart at ease.

"C-can you really help my father?" Xia Yingying asked.

"Of course. His injuries are very bad. Move aside now, or it will be too late," said Xiang Shaoyun seriously.

"Please save my father. As long as you can save him, I am willing to do anything!" begged Xia Yingying.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "Haha, you are my brother's little sister so you are my little sister as well. I don't need you to do anything."

He took out a drop of spirit spring water and fed it to Xia Datang. He then took out a few stalks of spirit medicines before crushing them. Some of the medicinal liquid was fed to Xia Datang while the rest was used on his wounds. With the help of the high-quality medicinal herb and liquid, Xia Datang's condition quickly stabilized.

"Alright. He will be as good as new soon," said Xiang Shaoyun after he was done bandaging Xia Datang's wounds.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Xia Yingying thanked repeatedly.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand. "You're welcome. Alright, take good care of your father."

Xia Yingying nodded her head heavily and helped Xia Datang leave the battlefield. It was at this time that a random bandit suddenly attacked them.

"Don't even dream of leaving! Die!" shouted the bandit ferociously.

Just as the bandit's saber was about to hit Xia Yingying's head, Xiang Shaoyun appeared before her like a sturdy wall and caught the bandit's wrist.

"Scum," Xiang Shaoyun spat before snapping the bandit's wrist toward the bandit's own neck.


The bandit's saber swiped through his neck and slit his throat, killing him on the spot.

"Liuhui, let me give you a hand," said Xiang Shaoyun as he charged into the crowd of bandits.

He danced about the bandits like a drifting dragon. Everywhere he went, bandits fell. Not one of them could survive his attacks. The extraordinary and valiant performance of Xiang Shaoyun caused Xia Yingying's heart to thump.

Something seemed to bloom in her heart. He's so handsome! she thought to herself.

If Xia Liuhui heard that, he would probably howl in grief, asking her if she still remembered him, her gallant and mighty big brother who was also fighting the bandits.

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