Chapter 349: Xia Hamlet

Xia Hamlet was a hamlet within Wu Town's territory. It was a very remote hamlet surrounded by mountains on all sides. In this hamlet, practically everyone had the Xia surname. Most of the inhabitants were hunters, and they lived simple lives.

Xia Datang, a Transformation Realm cultivator, was the head of the hamlet. He enjoyed great prestige, and his words were basically the law. Whatever he said, people followed.

He was a nice person who would be willing to suffer personal losses just so others in the hamlet could have some food on the table. He was strong yet did not bully the weak, and was ever willing to help others. He was a rarely seen genuinely nice person, and it was this very nice person that was currently in a troubled position.

Three days ago when he led a group of hunters from the hamlet out on a hunting trip, they had encountered a Great Demon, and in order to protect the others as they escaped, he had been gravely injured.

Presently, a lot of villagers were gathered in the hamlet head's residence. Everyone had arrived with their prized herbs, hoping to help Xia Datang recover from his injuries. It was evident that Xia Datang enjoyed the love of the people. The moment something happened to him, so many people stepped up to help. It was quite a moving scene.

In the house, a slim young woman was sobbing beside a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was none other than Xia Datang. He had an ordinary look and a robust body. His abdomen was currently bandaged, and there were numerous blood stains on it. It was quite clear that his injuries were not light.

The young woman beside him was about 15 to 16 years old. She had an oval, lively face. Her crude outfit showcased her slim figure and made it seem as if one could easily snap her slim waist. This was Xia Yingying, Xia Datang's daughter. She was currently weeping helplessly, looking incredibly pitiful.

Xia Datang, lying on a bed made of animal hide, opened his eyes and said weakly, "Yingying, what are you crying for? Your father is not as weak as you think. I will be well soon."

"Father, you need to get well soon! I'm very scared!" weeped Xia Yingying as she gripped Xia Datang's hand.

"What are you afraid of? I'm already awake. Everything will be fine," said Xia Datang. He then looked at an old man beside him. "Old Father, tell the villagers to leave. I won't die so easily. Tell them to not worry about me."

This old man wasn't exactly Xia Datang's father, but he was the oldest inhabitant of the Xia Hamlet, and everyone called him Old Father as a sign of respect. Old Father was about 80 years old. He was a hunchback and had a frail figure and looked incredibly weak. His pair of muddy eyes were looking straight at Xia Datang as he replied, "Ok. Since you feel fine, I will tell them to leave. Everyone is worried about you. You're very important to everyone here."

Old Father walked slowly and exited the room. Outside, he told the villagers, "Go back, everyone. The head is awake. He said that he won't die so easily. Don't worry, everyone."

"That's great news! I knew the head would be fine! He is so strong; nothing will happen to him!"

"That's right. The head is a kind person. A kind person usually enjoys a long life. Not even a demonic beast can hope to end his life prematurely! Old Father, I have some healing herbs here. I'll leave them here. Please pass it to the head."

"Old Father, I have a piece of snake meat. Make a soup out of it for the head. It will be good for his body."

"I have half a stalk of a 100-year-old ginseng here. It is very good for healing. Remember to get the head to eat it! He has helped us a lot these few years. We can't let him suffer alone without helping!"


One could say that help arrived from all directions. The Xia Hamlet was displaying an incredible display of selflessness. The villagers left their prized possessions one after another, leaving Old Father in tears.

"Xia Datang is the perfect example of how a head should be," he lamented.

Just as the villagers were about to leave, some noise suddenly rang out from outside the residence.

"Warning! Warning! Bandits are attacking! Everyone, kill the enemies!" shouted a villager.

The villagers all panicked and rushed outside, each carrying a weapon.


Soon, a miserable wail rang out from not far away. A mighty-looking group could be seen slaughtering the villagers without mercy. Not even the old, weak, women, and children were spared. Any woman who looked even slightly attractive was raped.

The villagers were completely helpless in stopping the bandits' advance. By instinct, they retreated back to Xia Datang's place and shouted, "It's bad! The bandits are attacking! They are going to slaughter us all!"

When Xia Datang heard that, he instantly jumped off the bed. The action tore open his wounds again, causing him to groan in pain as he broke out in cold sweat.

"Father, don't move! You are still injured!" said Xia Yingying sorrowfully.

"This is not the time for that. These injuries are nothing. I'm going to kill those bandits!" said Xia Datang with his teeth clenched. After stuffing a random ginseng into his mouth, he lifted the saber resting to his side and charged out of the house.

Xia Yingying chased after him, shouting, "Father!".

When the villagers saw Xia Datang, hope was reignited in their eyes. They all gathered around him and charged toward the bandits.

"Xia Datang is here! Bandits, die!" roared Xia Datang before running at the bandits with his saber with the ferocity of a tiger. He fought well, displaying the might a Transformation Realm cultivator should have. Even with his injuries, he was still a capable fighter as he was able to kill two Astral Realm bandits with only a few slashes.

"Audacious, you dare kill the members of the Mad Lion Hunting Group? Die!" shouted the leader before slamming his massive hammer down at Xia Datang.

The bandit leader was also a Transformation Realm cultivator. His forceful attack sent Xia Datang's saber flying. Even Xia Datang himself collapsed onto the ground.

"Father (head)!" Xia Yingying and the villagers cried out in alarm.

"Look, what a pretty girl. Come over here. You have been selected. From today onward, follow me and you will be able to live a good life," said the bandit leader with a perverted smile.

"D-don't even dream of laying your hands on my daughter!" Xia Datang crawled back up on his feet and threw a punch at the bandit leader.

Unfortunately, his punch was weak due to his injuries, and his fist was immediately caught by his opponent.

"A dying person like you dares run your mouth before me? Are you courting death?" said the bandit leader with disdain before sending Xia Datang flying with a kick.

"Father!" Xia Yingying cried.

"Come with me. I will treat you well," said the bandit leader as he stepped forth and reached for her.

A voice filled with grief and fury instantly rang out, "Lay a hand on my sister and I will rip you apart!"

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