Chapter 344: I Have Wronged the Martial Hall Palace

At Hua Cheng's place, when she saw that Du Xuanhao seemed to be in deep thought, she asked, "Big Brother Du, what are you thinking?"

Du Xuanhao replied absently, "No, nothing."

"You can't lie to me. There must be something on your mind." Hua Cheng stepped closer and asked gently, "Can you tell me?"

Du Xuanhao heaved a long sigh before answering, "I need a better cultivation method. I need to enter the Soul Foundation Realm and become a Sovereign as quickly as possible!"

When speaking those words, his eyes shone with a radiance as sharp as the best of blades and burned hot with desire.

"You still can't forget her, Big Brother Du?" Hua Cheng asked resentfully.

Everyone knew Hua Cheng liked Du Xuanhao, and the two were indeed very close. But nobody knew that they were still not lovers as there was a woman Du Xuanhao had never been able to forget. Unfortunately, that woman was long dead.

"How can I forget about her before avenging her? She died because of me!" said Du Xuanhao with an intense hatred in his voice.

"Big Brother Du, you are hoping to get Shaoyun's help?" asked Hua Cheng in realization.

Du Xuanhao nodded. "Yes. Since he can casually take out a tier-6 cultivation method, it can only mean that he is at least from the main line of a tier-6 organization. If he can help me by giving me a tier-6 cultivation method, I will have a chance to enter the Soul Foundation Realm. I will then have a chance of avenging her!"

Just from the fact that Du Xuanhao needed to first become a Soul Foundation Realm cultivator before he could take revenge, it was obvious how powerful his enemy was.

"I will ask Shaoyun. He will definitely agree out of respect for me," said Hua Cheng after a slight hesitation.

Du Xuanhao shook his head. "No, he has already given you a zither composition. If you still ask for more, it will seem like you are greedy. I will do this myself. No matter what, I need a tier-6 cultivation method."


Xiang Shaoyun stayed at Gong Qinyin's place for half a day. During this time, she brewed tea and played the zither for him, the two interacting like lovers. Just like that, they stayed together in harmony as if they were not going to part soon.

Gong Qinyin had thoroughly readjusted her mental state. Becoming an Empress in 10 years would be a difficult feat, but she had already decided to try her best no matter how hard it was. She did not know that it was merely an excuse Xiang Shaoyun had used to protect her feelings.

His actual plan was to return to his sect and take revenge in 8 years. The 10 years he gave Gong Qinyin was simply for the sake of giving her something to pursue for now. Perhaps she would forget him after a few years.

After half a day, Xiang Shaoyun left. Before leaving, he left some soul spring water and spirit crystals for her to help her in cultivation. As for the Seven Severing Tunes, he was confident Hua Cheng would not keep it from her. There was no need for him to do more than required and give her another copy. After all, the Seven Severing Tunes was not something a Transformation Realm cultivator could practice anyway. She needed to be at least a Queen.

Gong Qinyin sent Xiang Shaoyun off, her eyes filled with a reluctance to part. Inwardly, she vowed, I know I am still not good enough to be with you right now, but in 10 years, I will definitely find you wherever you are. Not only will I become your lover, I will also become your strong ally!

After leaving Gong Qinyin's place, Xiang Shaoyun went looking for Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou. During his trip to the Land of Soul Springs, the two had insisted to stay by his side, which was a gesture that had moved him.

Thus, he had to at least thank them and bid them his farewells. He returned to his previous estate and summoned Long Hui over. Long Hui was one who had the Nether Dragon Soul Curse planted in him by Xiang Shaoyun. Thus, his loyalty was unquestionable. He told him to call Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou over, and he did as told. Unfortunately, Xiang Shaoyun was disappointed as he was told that neither of them were in the pavilion. They had been missing since the trip to the Land of Soul Springs.

It made Xiang Shaoyun anxious. "Had something bad happened to them?"

He remembered that when he battled Linggu Haonan's group, the two had slipped away. They should be safe.

"Oh, right, the Land of Soul Springs is actually quite far away from the pavilion. Without mounts, they are probably still on their way back," said Xiang Shaoyun in realization with a slap to his forehead.

Even on a flying mount, the trip would take half a month to cover. It had only been half a month since the incident with Linggu Haonan. It was understandable that the two had yet to make it back. After all, they did not have Demon Emperors as mounts like him. They wouldn't be able to return as fast as he did. At that thought, Xiang Shaoyun ceased worrying.

"Long Hui, after they return, you will be in charge of their safety. If I find out that you have been disloyal, I will immediately take your life," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Don't worry, young master. Long Hui will do his best to protect them," promised Long Hui.

Xiang Shaoyun then returned to Zi Changhe's place.

After about half a day of recuperation, Zi Changhe had regained his consciousness. However, he still looked somewhat pale.

"Senior brother, you are finally awake!" Xiang Shaoyun said joyfully.

Zi Changhe smiled bitterly. "Yeah, I nearly went to the afterlife. Good thing you came in time."

"I was the one who had brought trouble to you," said Xiang Shaoyun guiltily.

"What bullshit are you talking about? The Young Lightning King's group were the ones creating trouble," said Zi Changhe with a wave of his hand. He paused for a bit before asking, "I heard from Zhenchuan and Liuhui that you are leaving?"

He had long known that Xiang Shaoyun had an extraordinary origin. Thus, he wasn't too surprised, but he did feel some reluctance to part with him.

"Yes. My whereabouts have been exposed, so I can't stay here anymore. It will only bring more trouble to the people here," said Xiang Shaoyun. With a gloomy tone, he continued, "I'm afraid the Martial Hall Palace is no more, and that is because of me."

"What?" Zi Changhe, Wang Zhenchuan, and Xia Liuhui were shocked. They all came from the Martial Hall Palace. Hearing about its destruction brought them sorrow and shock.

Xiang Shaoyun blamed himself. "I have wronged the Martial Hall Palace." 

Xia Liuhui spat furiously, "It was those bastards! They actually vent their anger on innocents! How vile!"

"Martial uncle, who are they exactly? Why are they so ruthless?" asked Wang Zhenchuan.

"Sigh. They are the traitors of my family's sect, and I am the person they greatly wished to kill," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Zi Changhe, Xia Liuhui, and Wang Zhenchuan sank into silence.

They knew Xiang Shaoyun was the reason all that had happened, but he himself was also a victim. With their close relationship, they couldn't bring themselves to blame him, but they did not know who else to lay the blame on.

When Xiang Shaoyun saw them staying silent, he said, "I will be staying at the Chen Clan's place for a few more days. Consider it properly whether you want to leave with me or not. If you want to stay, nobody here will dare to do anything to you." 

He then left. He could understand how they felt about the Martial Hall Palace, and in truth, he felt terrible for what had happened as well.

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