Chapter 343: Qinyin, You Like Me, Right?

After talking to Hua Cheng, Xiang Shaoyun entered Zi Changhe's estate to check on his injuries. After consuming the spring water Xiang Shaoyun had given him, Zi Changhe had recovered some of his vitality, but it would still take some time for him to fully recover.

Hua Cheng also offered a stalk of healing king medicine as her way of thanking Xiang Shaoyun. Xiang Shaoyun accepted the king medicine without hesitation and fed it to Zi Changhe as well.

In the eyes of many people, king medicines were extremely precious. That was not the case for Xiang Shaoyun. After consuming the king medicine, Zi Changhe had improved considerably. Before long, he would be able to regain consciousness.

To the side, Xia Liuhui and Wang Zhenchuan were behaving extremely obediently in the presence of two Emperors. They did not even dare to breathe too loudly. They increasingly grew curious about Xiang Shaoyun's identity, and for some reason, they started feeling distanced, feeling like they were from two completely different worlds.

"Ok, the two of you stay here to watch over my senior brother. We can leave after I return," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Xia Liuhui asked blankly, "Boss, are you bringing us away from the Cloud Margin City?"

"That's right. I don't want to see something like this happening ever again," said Xiang Shaoyun firmly. After a short pause, he added, "Think over it. If you don't want to leave, I won't force you either. I will get my big sister, the Zither Empress, to take care of you two instead."

Xia Liuhui and Wang Zhenchuan nodded and sank into thought to contemplate their choice. Xiang Shaoyun then left Zi Changhe's estate and went with Hua Cheng to Gong Qinyin's place.

Du Xuanhao went along with them, and he seemed to have something to say yet was in hesitation. Soon, Xiang Shaoyun was standing before Gong Qinyin's residence. Hua Cheng and Du Xuanhao did not enter, giving some space to Xiang Shaoyun and Gong Qinyin.

A pleasant melody was coming out from the residence, a melody causing one’s heart to be filled with worries. He could also hear the longing in the melody that painted a scene of a woman waiting outside her home for a husband who had been drifting about outside. The intense yearning in the melody was one that could touch anyone's heart.

The sensation seemed to be squeezing Xiang Shaoyun's heart, giving him a suffocating feeling. After the song ended, Xiang Shaoyun stepped inside the courtyard. A frail figure entered his vision. Her concentration, her bearing, and the faint sorrow she was emanating gave one the urge to step forward, take her into one's arm, and offer her comfort.

When Gong Qinyin saw Xiang Shaoyun standing at the entrance, she immediately stood up. A bright smile appeared on her face as she said, "Shaoyun, you're here!"

Her voice was as melodious as a singing bird, a voice filled with grace. Xiang Shaoyun felt a warm current envelop his heart when he heard her voice; his mood instantly lifted.

"I'm back," said Xiang Shaoyun with a faint smile.

Gong Qinyin stared at Xiang Shaoyun in daze while Xiang Shaoyun stood there with a brilliant smile, a smile capable of pulling someone into a trance.

After a long while, a flush crept up on Gong Qinyin's face as she lowered her head and said, "I'll make you a pot of tea."

It was at that moment that Xiang Shaoyun stepped forward and put his hands on her shoulders. His eyes were akin to the brightest of stars, causing Gong Qinyin's heart to flutter and her body to slightly shake.

What is he going to do? Gong Qinyin thought bashfully.

"Qinyin, you like me, right?" Xiang Shaoyun said, his magnetic voice striking straight into Gong Qinyin's heart.

At the question, Gong Qinyin looked up at his face, revealing the entirety of her beautiful face before Xiang Shaoyun. A firm look covered her face as she replied, "Yes. I like you, Xiang Shaoyun. I wish to be with you."

Gong Qinyin had never been one to hide her feelings. Since Xiang Shaoyun had already asked her so straightforwardly, she would not shrink away.

"I knew it. This young master is so handsome, how can you not like me?" remarked Xiang Shaoyun in a narcissistic manner. Slowly, his face approached Gong Qinyin's face.

Gong Qinyin instinctively shut her eyes, the blush on her face growing deeper. Looking at Gong Qinyin who was fully engrossed in the mood, Xiang Shaoyun spoke gently, "Qinyin, today, I am here to bid you goodbye. Forget me, alright?"

Gong Qinyin abruptly opened her eyes and grabbed Xiang Shaoyun's neck. She planted a kiss on his lips. She was a very inexperienced kisser, yet she was extremely bold and wild. She caused Xiang Shaoyun to have difficulty breathing, and her teeth knocked into his mouth so hard it hurt him. Suddenly, her tongue snaked through his lips to ravage his mouth.

Just as he was about to lose control and reciprocate, a sharp pain assailed his tongue, causing him to quickly push her away. He hissed as he rubbed the blood dripping out of his mouth. Staring at her, he said, "Have you gone mad?"

"Yes, I have gone mad! Why are you so cruel? Why do you give me hope only to crush it like this? Don't you know how heartless you are?" said Gong Qinyin with a sorrowful face.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled helplessly and said, "Listen to me. I am not from the Cloud Margin City, and I only came here for reasons out of my control. Now that my whereabouts have been leaked, it will be too dangerous for me to stay. I will cause you boundless trouble. You should know about the previous incident, right? All that was because of me. I am leaving not only to protect myself, but to protect all of you as well."

Looking at the sadness in Xiang Shaoyun's eyes, Gong Qinyin felt her heart aching. She stepped forward and declared, "I don't care what trouble you are in, but I am willing to shoulder it with you. I don't want to lose you. What should I do without you in my life?"

As she spoke, scenes of their first meeting and their previous interactions flashed past her mind. From foes they became friends, and now, she was in love with him. Everything had happened so suddenly, and she found it hard to control herself.

She could no longer imagine a life without him. She jumped into Xiang Shaoyun's arms and hugged him tightly, her tears falling onto his clothes.

Gently, Xiang Shaoyun rubbed her hair and said, "My enemies are very powerful, and I can only run from them for now. Therefore, you can't come with me. I won't be able to focus on cultivation and protect you as well. If you really want to be with me, please cultivate hard. If in 10 years you can enter the Dragon Ascension Realm, you can help me have my revenge. We can then be together."

Gong Qinyin raised her head, a resolute look on her face, and said, "Becoming an Empress in 10 years? I can definitely do it!"

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