Chapter 341: Young Master Xiang, Just Call Me Qing!

"Big Sister Hua Cheng!" Xiang Shaoyun called with a big smile on his face.

Hua Cheng landed beside Xiang Shaoyun and looked at the almost dead Young Lightning King before asking, "You did this?"

"Yes. Some fools wanted to harm my brothers, so I had to teach them a lesson," Xiang Shaoyun admitted.

Hua Cheng was about to say something else when Yue Yuze came over with a gloomy expression and said, "You are Xiang Shaoyun? Did you kill all these people?"

"Well, my mount was the one who had killed them all, but I guess you can consider me the killer," said Xiang Shaoyun with a shrug.

"How impudent! You dare commit murder in the Cloud Margin Pavilion? Do you think you can disregard our rules?" berated Yue Yuze as his emperor aura roiled out and pressed down on Xiang Shaoyun.

But before the aura could even reach Xiang Shaoyun, Jin Wo stood before Xiang Shaoyun and said, "You have to get past me if you want to harm his highness!"

Before Little White left, he had commanded Jin Wo to treat Xiang Shaoyun how he treated him. Thus, Jin Wo had been addressing Xiang Shaoyun as his highness.

"A mere Demon Emperor dares to create trouble in our Cloud Margin Pavilion?" Yue Yuze rebuked Jin Wo and prepared to attack.

Murong Qing suddenly shouted, "Yuze, stop this!"

"Old pavilion master, if I don't punish them, will anyone else still obey the rules of our Cloud Margin Pavilion?" Yue Yuze asked.

Rules are useful for others, but what in the f*ck do they mean for Young Master Xiang? Murong Qing couldn't help but to curse.

He then quickly stepped forward and smiled amicably before saying, "Young Master Xiang, why didn't you inform me that you were visiting? I should have been here to welcome your arrival!"

That stunned Yue Yuze. He couldn't understand what was going on.

"You know me?" Xiang Shaoyun asked in confusion.

"Hehe, of course I do. Back then when Young Master Xiang had unleashed your might at the Land of Soul Springs’ entrance, Xuanhao, Brother Chen, and I were lucky to be there to witness your brilliance! Oh, right, I am Murong Qing, the previous generation pavilion master of Cloud Margin Pavilion. Young Master Xiang, just call me Qing!" flattered Murong Qing. 

Even Hua Cheng was dumbfounded now. Was this still the same venerable previous generation pavilion master? Was this still the supreme Emperor of the Cloud Margin City? He was behaving like a deferential old servant!

When Young Lightning King, lying half dead on the ground, saw that, he gave up his struggle and directly fainted.

There was no justice!

Of the people present, only Du Xuanhao the Saber Emperor was aware of the reason for Murong Qing's attitude. He sighed inwardly, One has no choice but to bow before power.

"So it's the old pavilion master, pleased to meet you," Xiang Shaoyun greeted politely before explaining himself, "I am not here to offend the Cloud Margin Pavilion, but these people were pushing it. They were trying to slaughter my brothers! I was forced to fight back!"

"That is not your fault, Young Master Xiang. If anything, I am the one at fault for failing to discipline them. From today onward, they are all expelled from the pavilion!" Murong Qing quickly made his stand.

"I don’t really care about that. I'm here today because I need your help with something," said Xiang Shaoyun, who did not wish to waste more time.

"What do you need, Young Master Xiang? We will do our best to help!" declared Murong Qing with a slap to his chest.

"I need the king medicine clearmoon vine," said Xiang Shaoyun seriously.

"King medicine clearmoon vine?" Murong Qing was stunned. He replied, "I don't have one on me, but I will ask around if anyone in the pavilion has one."

"There's no need for that, the clearmoon vine is with me," said Yue Yuze.

Murong Qing was overjoyed and said, "Great! Quickly take it out and give it to Young Master Xiang!"

"Old pavilion master, the clearmoon vine is a top-tier king medicine. I had exhausted great efforts to get it. How can we give it out just like this?" complained Yue Yuze.

"Stop talking nonsense. Just do as I say. Have you lost all respect for me?" demanded Murong Qing furiously.

"Old pavilion master, why are you being so kind to him? He is the culprit behind the Cloud Margin Pavilion's current state! Have you forgotten?" Yue Yuze countered indignantly.

At this time, Xiang Shaoyun interrupted, "Yes, that was my bad. But all that has already happened, and I can't change the past. The only thing I can do is give enough compensation for your trouble. Consider that my way of making up for your loss. As for the clearmoon vine, I need to have it. Please name your price." 

Yue Yuze was about to speak when Murong Qing's face fell and shouted, "Yuze, come with me!"

He then dragged Yue Yuze away.

Away from the others, he talked through voice transmission, "Do you want the entire Cloud Margin Pavilion to perish with you?"

"Old pavilion master, why are you so afraid of him? He is the culprit for our decline!" questioned Yue Yuze.

"Are you dumb? Yes, those people had come for him, and that was the cause of our recent decline. But think about it. Who is he? Why were there so many experts here for him? Let me tell you something. All of the people who had created trouble here have all been killed by Xiang Shaoyun's subordinates. Do you want the entire Cloud Margin Pavilion to be destroyed as well?" rebuked Murong Qing with a look of disappointment on his face.

Yue Yuze paled. "Are you telling the truth?"

"Why should I even lie to you? I thought he would leave after recuperating at the Chen Clan. But since he needs something from us, we have to agree! Perhaps this will be a chance for our Cloud Margin Pavilion as well!" Murong Qing advised earnestly.

"W-why hadn't you told me earlier?" asked Yue Yuze gloomily.

"Can something like this be spoken of so casually? Alright, just hand over your clearmoon vine!" said Murong Qing.

This time Yue Yuze no longer dared to refuse. He followed Murong Qing back to the group and handed over the clearmoon vine. The clearmoon vine was a vine that looked like a crescent moon and had a sparkling and translucent surface. It emanated a thick medicinal fragrance, and the moment it appeared, it gave everyone an urge to directly swallow it.

The main function of the clearmoon vine was to help restore one's meridians. On top of that, it was also helpful in expanding one's meridians. It was a great herb for cultivators.

Xiang Shaoyun accepted the clearmoon vine with no hesitation before saying solemnly, "As my thanks, I will leave a tier-6 cultivation method here. But before you grow strong enough, do not let outsiders know that you have something like this. Otherwise, that will be the end of the Cloud Margin Pavilion."

A tier-6 cultivation method was a high-tier cultivation method that was useful for even Sovereigns. It was extremely valuable, enough to drive countless Emperors mad.

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