Chapter 336: Brand New Devouring Ghost

"Senior Chen, there is no need for that. I believe you have seen for yourself the situation we are in. Staying here any longer will only bring you trouble. I won't forget what you have done for us," said Xiang Shaoyun seriously.

The Chen Clan had offered them shelter despite knowing they were being pursued by powerful enemies. Regardless of their motive, this was a promise Xiang Shaoyun felt he needed to give. No matter what, someone willing to provide help when one was down was worth thanking.

When Chen Jiayan saw that Xiang Shaoyun was firm in his decision to leave, he changed the topic and probed, "I heard Young Master Xiang knows Du Xuanhao the Saber Emperor and is friends with Zilong from my clan?"

Xiang Shaoyun nodded. "Yes, I did meet the Saber Emperor once before. As for Chen Zilong, I guess we are considered friends."

"I see. They will definitely be overjoyed to hear that you are fine now," said Chen Jiayan. "Have some lords left earlier?"

In truth, he had sensed Little White and the old demon leaving, which was why he had decided to come over.

Xiang Shaoyun spoke the truth, "Yes, my friend has something he needs to do so he's leaving first. I will need to trouble you to pass on a message to the Saber Emperor. I will pay him a visit after I'm done handling my affairs. Please tell him to wait for me."

"Yes, I'll pass on the message," said Chen Jiayan. After a short chat, he left.

Looking at Chen Jiayan's departing back, Xiang Shaoyun thought to himself, Looks like I need to start taking the initiative and do something.

After this crisis, he had a new recognition of how weak he still was. Moreover, he did not have an army of his own, making it hard to contend against those traitors. Fortunately, he had encountered Devouring Ghost, who was a great addition to his forces, and with his help, he would be able to grow more quickly.

After all, few could compare with Devouring Ghost's experience and knowledge, not even Duo Ji. That was an expert who was one at the very top of existence. Also, Xiang Shaoyun kept having a feeling that there seemed to be some sort of connection between him and Devouring Ghost. It caused him to have absolute trust in Devouring Ghost.

At the thought of Devouring Ghost, he called Duo Ji over and asked, "Old drunkard, where is Linggu Haonan?"

Xiang Shaoyun still remembered that before he had fallen unconscious, Devouring Ghost had charged into Linggu Haonan's head. He was most likely trying to take over Linggu Haonan's body, and Xiang Shaoyun was worried that Linggu Haonan's body had been destroyed by Duo Ji and the others. If that did happen, would Devouring Ghost survive?

"Don't worry, young master. We locked him somewhere and have been keeping him safe," said Duo Ji. "Young master, who is the evil spirit in Linggu Haonan's body?"

Duo Ji was a Soul Foundation Realm expert. Thus, he was clear that to seize the body with one's soul to undergo rebirth, one had to be at least a peak Soul Foundation Realm expert. This was a feat regular Soul Foundation Realm experts wouldn't be able to accomplish.

Because of that, he was curious how Xiang Shaoyun had met an indestructible evil soul like that. He was also worried that Xiang Shaoyun would attract some needless trouble.

Xiang Shaoyun did not answer Duo Ji's curiosity. Rather, he said eagerly, "Bring him over immediately!"

Duo Ji did not do anything and repeated himself, "Young master, that is an old monster capable of taking over one's body. If..."

Duo Ji was afraid that Xiang Shaoyun was acting rashly due to his youthful ignorance and offered more advice.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand. "Don't worry. I know what I’m doing. Just bring him here."

When Duo Ji saw the calm and confidence in Xiang Shaoyun's eyes, he praised inwardly, The young master's temperament is growing to resemble the ever confident sect master.

Duo Ji did not keep Xiang Shaoyun waiting and went to a room not far away before bringing Linggu Haonan over. Only the physical body of the original Linggu Haonan was left. The space within his head had been completely taken over by Devouring Ghost, and his body had completely fused with Devouring Ghost's soul. It would be more apt to call the current him Devouring Ghost instead.

Presently, Devouring Ghost was completely shackled by Duo Ji, but from his expression, he did not seem to care. After all, he was one who had been trapped for over 10,000 years. Just a few days of being shackled was nothing for him. He had taken the opportunity to perfect the fusion between him and the body during recent days and was very satisfied with his current state.

"Young master!" Devouring Ghost called out when he saw Xiang Shaoyun.

"It has been hard on you," said Xiang Shaoyun before telling Duo Ji, "Free him."

"Yes, young master." Duo Ji did not question the decision and did as told.

After he was freed, Devouring Ghost stretched his arms before smiling and saying, "Haha, this is a decent body. Too bad the element he cultivated is incompatible with me. Otherwise, it would have been even better."

"Do you want a different body, then?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

Devouring Ghost shook his head. "No. I only need to gradually replace the astral energy in this body. But that might result in a temporary drop of strength."

"Just do what you think is right," said Xiang Shaoyun with a nod. He then made the introductions, "This is Duo Ji, the guardian elder of my family. Get to know each other."

"Haha, yes, yes, I won't remember how I was shackled by a tiny Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. When I recover my strength in the future, I will take my time getting to know him."

Duo Ji frowned. "Sure, but that will have to wait until you have recovered."

"Hehe, it won't take me that long," said Devouring Ghost.

Duo Ji did not bother to continue bickering with Devouring Ghost. Instead, he looked at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Young master, there is one more person. Come take a look."

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out for a bit before he followed Duo Ji to a room. When he entered the room, he saw Elder Zhen Peng barely breathing on a bed. His face fell as he quickly ran toward Elder Zhen Peng and said, "This is all my fault."

Since even Elder Zhen Peng was in such bad shape, it went without saying that the entire Martial Hall Palace had ceased to exist. Xiang Shaoyun bit his own lips in guilt, causing them to bleed. The thought of implicating all those innocent people flooded him with guilt.

"My condolences, young master," said Duo Ji.

"Is there a way to save him?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

Duo Ji sighed, "I have checked his injuries. He was soul-searched by someone, which was extremely harsh for his body. Furthermore, all his meridians have been severed, and only a tiny bit of his soul was left intact within this body. His current state is worse than death, and saving him is almost impossible."

"Damn it!" Xiang Shaoyun cursed and slammed down his palm in anger, instantly crushing a table not far away.

"These injuries are nothing. Young master, you can save him," Devouring Ghost suddenly said.

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