Chapter 334: Big Brother, Are You Pretending?

Seven days and nights had passed, but Xiang Shaoyun was still not showing any sign of waking up. This had been quite an ordeal for many of them. Ye Chaomu had never left Xiang Shaoyun once; her beautiful face was starting to wane and turn sallow.

"Big brother, how long are you going to continue sleeping? Don't you want to see Little Mu Mu? You promised you wouldn't forget me and would always have me in your mind. Are all those lies? If you still refuse to wake up, I'll get angry! I remember in the past that whenever I got angry, you would clown yourself to make me laugh. Like Father, you treated me extremely well. Having Father and you by my side is the most fortunate thing to have ever happened to me.     

"I have always hoped that we could grow up in a carefree manner with no worries. When master took me away, I felt extremely sad and unhappy. But in order to not disappoint you and Father, I agreed to go with him. Did you know that I hated master back then? I blamed him for separating us. That was when I came to the decision to become stronger than him in the future. That way, I would be able to punish him for what he did. Because of that, I have been working very hard on my cultivation. But I really, really, miss you a lot, big brother. I had been waiting for you to visit me at Wuxie Valley, but I had known it wouldn't be easy for you to come since you were not a cultivator. In any case, I was certain you must have completely forgotten about me and only had that seductress in your mind. I always suspected that she harbored evil designs on you. See, I was right all along!     

"The betrayal must have hurt, but you really don't have to care about them. You still have me. You did mention that I would be prettier than that seductress after I grew up, right? I'm all grown up now. Whenever a man looks at me, it's like his eyes are going to pop out. I know I am no less beautiful than that seductress. Just wait a year or two for me to grow my figure as well. At that time, even that seductress will be ashamed to face me. You have always complained about how I have a small chest, right? Come, have a feel! Are they big enough now?" Ye Chaomu muttered unceasingly as she gazed at Xiang Shaoyun lovingly.

She then lifted Xiang Shaoyun's hand and pressed it against her chest. A blush covered her face as her breathing became slightly hurried. Any man who saw this sight would immediately be driven crazy.

As for the unconscious Xiang Shaoyun, there was actually a reaction! His hand that was pressed against her chest was actually grabbing at it.


Ye Chaomu couldn't help but gasp, making an enrapturing sound.

She looked at Xiang Shaoyun who was lying on the bed with an enchanting smile on her face as she said bashfully, "Bad big brother, are you done touching?"

Xiang Shaoyun gave no reply, as if he was still completely unconscious.

Ye Chaomu planted a kiss on his face and said, "Bad big brother, if you still refuse to wake up, I will get on the bed with you. Even if you are to die, I still need to plant the seed of the Xiang Clan inside me."

The moment she said that, Xiang Shaoyun let go of her chest and sat up on the bed. With a blank expression on his face, he cried out in confusion, "What happened? Where is this?"

One ought to admit that he had excellent acting skills. Those who did not know him well might really fall for it.

However, Ye Chaomu had grown up with him. Thus, she knew clearly just what kind of person he was. She brushed her hair with a charming smile on her face and said, "Big brother, were you pretending to be unconscious? Do you want me to tell Father about this? I'll tell him you were touching my chest again! Let's see how he punishes you this time!" 

"AHHH, Little Mu Mu, no, please don't. You were the one who placed my hand there earlier. It was not my fault. You can't blame me for that!" excuses started flowing out of Xiang Shaoyun's mouth.

"Hehe, so you are not going to continue pretending?" said Ye Chaomu while she cried tears of joy.

Looking at the beauty before him, the sister who was even closer to him than what a biological sister could be, his heart was filled with warmth.

He wiped the tears off her face and said gently, "Why are you crying, stupid girl? Are you not happy to see your big brother?"

"Big brother! Wuuu wuuu..." Ye Chaomu jumped into Xiang Shaoyun's arms and started weeping.

She had missed him for many years and had been worrying over him in recent days. Now, she was venting all those emotions. Xiang Shaoyun wrapped his arms around her with nothing in his mind. Just like that, he hugged and gently patted her back silently. No words were required. Unknowingly, Ye Chaomu fell asleep while crying.

After placing her on the bed, Xiang Shaoyun looked at the face of a woman she now had and sighed, "The little devil has finally grown up. You are really much prettier than that seductress."

He then covered her with a blanket before walking out of the room. It had been about half a month since he had lost consciousness. He felt like he had a long dream where his enemies had killed him, sending him to the path of reincarnation. He then began a new life but was ultimately killed on a battlefield. He went into reincarnation again, this time achieving great accomplishments, but things had still not ended well for him...

In the dream, he went through numerous reincarnations, living many lives, learning many different things from them. In one of those lives, he seemed to have seen Devouring Ghost. Devouring Ghost was his follower together with a few other people. However, he couldn't remember much about them.

In that life, he had also been killed in a massive battle. Both his body and soul were destroyed, dying a terrible death. The experiences of life, death, and reincarnation had kept him lingering in the limbo of life and death, causing him to remain unconscious for a very long time.

If it wasn't for Ye Chaomu who had spoken beside his bed every single day, enveloping him with a familiar sense of warmth, it would have taken him even longer to regain his consciousness. The dream felt so real, yet it felt very unreal at the same time. He could not clearly remember the details of the many lives he had had, and perhaps it was truly just a dream.

He opened the door, immediately attracting the attention of Duo Ji and First Eagle, who were standing guard.

"Young master!" both of them cried out at the same time.

Duo Ji's eyes were filled with joy and surprise. As for First Eagle, astonishment and a slight trace of disdain could be seen in his eyes. The Thirteen Eagles were also members of the Ziling Sect. They were sent by Xiang Yangzhan back then to serve as Ye Chaomu's guardians. They had absolute loyalty toward the Ziling Sect and Xiang Yangzhan.

But why would he feel disdain over Xiang Shaoyun then? Because, as the young master of the sect, Xiang Shaoyun did not cultivate. Rather, he spent his time enjoying worldly pleasures. In the eyes of cultivators, someone like him was no different than trash.

And in a place like the Ziling Sect, someone like that was the lowest of trash, one that would not have anyone's respect. In fact, First Eagle blamed the rebellion in Ziling Sect on Xiang Shaoyun for not being a cultivator.

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