Chapter 333: Warning Chen Zilong

"It is not your place to speak here. Just stay to the side silently," berated First Eagle.

In his eyes, although Chen Jiayan's group were not weak, they were still people of a tiny city and were nothing to him. Chen Jiayan's face flushed red after being berated, but he couldn't find any other words to say.

At this time, Chen Zilong, who was standing behind Chen Jiayan, spoke, "We are friends with Xiang Shaoyun. I believe he will be willing to consider our proposal if he was conscious."

Chen Zilong also greatly wished that these people would go to the Chen Clan. He had been completely smitten with Ye Chaomu.

First Eagle was about to rebuke them again when Ye Chaomu said, "Ok. We'll go to your place."

Chen Zilong had not expected that Ye Chaomu would actually agree. Excitement instantly filled his face. To get close to someone, it would always be beneficial to stay closer physically. This was a concept he knew, but he was unaware that the entirety of Ye Chaomu's heart was already with the person currently in her arms.

"Young lady, will that be proper?" asked Duo Ji, who wasn't convinced that was a good idea.

"There's nothing not proper about it. With my big brother's current condition, it is better to reduce the amount of traveling we do. We will plan our next steps after he wakes up. In any case, we can no longer stay here," said Ye Chaomu.

"Ok. Let's go together," said Little White.

"You are all very much welcomed to my humble abode, lords," said Chen Jiayan in excitement.

These people came from a powerful organization, and if he could form some sort of relationship with them, the Chen Clan would have a chance to soar to an even higher height. Of course, this was also a risky decision, hence the reason for it to be akin to a bet.

Meanwhile, Murong Qing, the previous generation pavilion master of Cloud Margin Pavilion, was greatly conflicted. He wanted to do the same and invite them to the Cloud Margin Pavilion, but he was overly worried that it would invite disaster upon the pavilion.

After hesitating for a bit, he ended up not extending the invitation. Inwardly, he sighed, Forget it. I'll decide what to do in the future when I figure out who they are.

And thus, the group packed up and moved toward the Cloud Margin City. The Chen Clan was located at a luxurious estate at the fringe of the Cloud Margin City. The estate occupied a large area and was filled with numerous ancient buildings, looking extremely imposing. In the courtyard, rivers, pavilions, rock gardens, bonsai trees, and all sorts of flowers could be seen. It was an extremely beautiful place and was definitely one of the most luxurious places in the Cloud Margin City.

Chen Jiayan brought Ye Chaomu, Duo Ji, and the rest to the Chen Clan estate but kept it as secret as possible. Not many people in the Chen Clan knew about them. That was on the request of Duo Ji, as they did not want their whereabouts to be leaked.

Chen Jiayan went about it discreetly. He entered the estate first and cleared everyone from his personal residence before inviting Ye Chaomu's group in. The personal residence of Chen Jiayan was akin to a forbidden zone in the Chen Clan. It was a quiet and peaceful place, and no outsiders would come bother them here. It was a suitable place for Ye Chaomu and the others to recuperate.

When they were done settling down, Ye Chaomu gave First Eagle a command, and next, First Eagle called Chen Jiayan over.

"This is the reward for your help," said First Eagle indifferently while handing over a storage ring to Chen Jiayan.

Chen Jiayan wanted to refuse by instinct, but First Eagle spoke before he could do so, "Do not reject it."

Chen Jiayan was left with no choice but to accept the ring when he heard First Eagle's firm tone.

When he checked the contents in the ring, he found a large pile of high-grade spirit crystals, causing him to exclaim inwardly in astonishment, People from large cities are indeed different. They are casually giving out high-grade spirit crystals like that. I think there are more than 10,000 high-grade spirit crystals here, equivalent to 100,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. What a lavish way of spending.

At this time, Chen Zilong, who was trying to flatter Ye Chaomu, had arrived with some delicacies for her. Unfortunately, the Thirteen Eagles standing guard turned him back. Chen Zilong could only leave gloomily when Chen Jiayan called him over to a study for a talk.

"Zilong, that is not a woman you can hope to lay hands on. Forget her," advised Chen Jiayan earnestly.

"Ancestor, do you think I am not worthy of her?" Chen Zilong asked indignantly.

"That's right. For women from large organizations like her, great importance is placed on strength and status when selecting a partner. You are decently talented, but compared to the disciples of those large organizations, you are still a tad bit off. On top of that, us of the Chen Clan are also incomparable to them in terms of status. These people, the organization they are from is at least a tier-6 organization," said Chen Jiayan seriously.

Chen Zilong clenched his fists and said, "Ancestor, my talent is no weaker than them. You said that I have a seven-star physique, right? That is already a physique comparable to the geniuses from the large organizations. Furthermore, I have my Qilin Arms as well. After fully blending with qilin blood, I will only grow stronger in the future. I can become a King or even an Emperor like you!"

Chen Jiayan shook his head and sighed, "The main issue is that your starting point is too low. If you can cultivate in a tier-6 organization, you will grow much faster with the resources available to such an organization. That young lady is younger than you, yet she is already a late-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator. Her goal is not something like the Emperor Realm. Rather, only the Sovereign Realm is worthy of her ambition. Have you not noticed how even I have to lower myself before them?"

"What? She is already a late-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator?" Chen Zilong exclaimed.

He knew that the young lady was Xiang Shaoyun's little sister, but Xiang Shaoyun was only a ninth-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. Even if she was stronger, he had not expected her to be that much stronger.

He found the truth hard to accept. Late-stage Skysoar Realm was so far away from him. How long would he take to catch up with her?

"But don't be discouraged. She is from a rich and influential family and must have received the support of numerous resources since young. It is only natural that she can grow fast. Aren't you much faster in cultivation than those so-called geniuses of Cloud Margin Pavilion? If you continue working hard, your future accomplishments will be far above mine! As for that young lady, she is not someone the current you can dream of approaching," warned Chen Jiayan. He continued, "The only reason I have invited them here was to find an opportunity to send you to an even larger organization. If you get such a chance, you will have a much brighter future ahead of you." 

Chen Zilong thought about it calmly before saying, "Ok. I'll remember your words, ancestor. I won't disappoint you!"

He then turned and left the room.

Inwardly, he wasn't as calm as he roared in his heart, I, Chen Zilong, am not one to give up so easily. Soon, I will enter the Skysoar Realm. At that time, I will prove to all of you that even without the help of a large organization, I can still stand at the apex of martial cultivation and freely pursue the woman I love. Just wait and see!

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