Chapter 332: Transformation

The ten millennia stoneclock milk would work greatly even on Soul Foundation Realm experts. So long as one was not fully dead, one would be able to recover. However, Xiang Shaoyun was showing no sign that he was waking up even after consuming the ten millennia stoneclock milk. It was very worrying.

As for why he was still unconscious, it had something to do with Devouring Ghost. Previously, in order to battle Linggu Haonan and the others, he had allowed Devouring Ghost to control his body. With the strength of his body, Devouring Ghost's control was unbearable. Even so, he still did that because the alternative was death.

Because of that, Devouring Ghost had occupied his body and unleashed the power of a Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator, which had seriously exhausted the potential hidden in his body. Subsequently, he was seriously injured by the two Dragon Ascension Realm experts, with nearly all his bones broken and nearly half his blood drained from his body. It was a miracle he was still alive.

If Ye Chaomu had not arrived in time to feed him a drop of ten millennia stoneclock milk, he would have died. Therefore, he wouldn't be able to fully recover anytime soon. Nourished by the ten millennia stoneclock milk, his damaged foundations were being repaired, and his injuries were being healed. However, the exhaustion to his body and mind made it hard for him to regain consciousness.

His body was undergoing some sort of transformation, one that was squeezing the potential out of his body. During his childhood, he had soaked in numerous medicinal liquids thanks to his father. The medicinal power had all seeped deeply into his body. During the past two years of cultivation, he had excavated a large portion of the hidden medicinal power within him.

Toward the end, it was getting harder and harder to force more of the medicinal power out. Devouring Ghost had used his body to battle Emperors, damaging his foundations and pushing his body over the limits. A regular person would be long dead from that, but he had survived thanks to the hidden medicinal power within his body.

Over nine years of soaking in medicinal liquids during his childhood had allowed the medicinal power to seep into his internal organs and the marrow of his bones. It had been forced out and was now working with the boundless vitality of the ten millennia stoneclock milk, turning into a massive healing power that was working on every inch of Xiang Shaoyun's body.

As that happened, Xiang Shaoyun's lightning bone was greedily absorbing the power, extending the patch of purple on his spine. Although the growth wasn't large, it was an obvious growth.

That signified that Xiang Shaoyun's innate purple lightning was becoming stronger. Apart from that, his nine stars and astral cosmos sea were also absorbing the power and growing from it. His meridians and acupoints were enlarging, and his body and limbs were growing tougher.

It was not a transformation that was purely healing him. Rather, his body was being cleansed, becoming even more perfect. This would only be beneficial for him in his future cultivation.

Xiang Shaoyun himself was unaware of all the changes. The only thing he felt was an overwhelming exhaustion, and the only thing he wanted was to have a nice sleep. He no longer cared about revenge, his enemies, and cultivation...

Three days and nights passed, and all the while Ye Chaomu had Xiang Shaoyun in her arms. Her gaze never left his pale face, as if this was a face she wouldn't ever get tired of looking at. Little White and Jin Wo were standing not far away, and Little White was also filled with anxiety. Not a word of complaint was uttered despite having to wait so long.

As for Chen Jiayan, Du Xuanhao, Murong Qing, and the others, they were still here as well. It wasn't that they did not want to leave, but they did not dare to. Three days ago, they had witnessed a terrifying battle with Xiang Shaoyun's side obtaining total victory. They had tried to leave, but Duo Ji had not allowed them to.

If Duo Ji had not suspected that they might know Xiang Shaoyun, he would have killed them all by now. After all, he did not wish for the events here to be spread. It wouldn't do them any good if the Dragon Society heard of this.

Right this moment, Ye Chaomu withdrew the defensive barrier. With a calm tone, she said, "My brother's body has recovered, but he is still unconscious. I am bringing him back to Celestial King Province to recuperate."

She was telling Little White that as she did not want to waste more of Little White's time.

"No, that's not proper," said Duo Ji.

"Guardian Duo Ji, are you worried about those traitors? Do you think they would dare to act insolent before my master?" asked Ye Chaomu.

"No, they wouldn't. But Old Winter and Old Summer had managed to escape. They know you are here, young lady. They would definitely prepare powerful reinforcements to deal with us. I'm afraid we will be intercepted before we can even return to Lord Wu Xie's side," said Duo Ji.

Little White suggested, "You should all come with me to the Hundred Beast Mountain Range. Nobody dares to challenge us there!"

"That is not proper, prince. The patriarch does not allow any humans on our grounds," said the old demon.

"Hmph. I will convince the patriarch. They are people close to my boss, so they are my friends. As a prince, what is wrong with me having a few guests over?" said Little White unhappily.

"Prince! Humans are crafty by nature! We can't risk having any of them on our grounds!" said the old demon.

"I am not asking for your permission," Little White roared.

When the old demon saw that Little White was getting angry, he could only glare at Ye Chaomu, Duo Ji, and the others to show his dissatisfaction.

"The place of a demonic beast clan is too dangerous. I don't feel safe going there," rejected Ye Chaomu.

"With me around, nobody will dare to touch any of you!" Little White declared.

"No, I'm not taking that risk. As a sister, it is naturally my task to protect my big brother. I won't bring trouble to you. I will repay you for the help in the future," said Ye Chaomu.

"If that is the case, we can only look for some hidden area in the mountains and rest there. We will decide what to do when the young master wakes up," said Duo Ji with a sigh.

In truth, he agreed with Little White's suggestion. At the Hundred Beast Mountain Range, they would have the protection of the powerful demonic beasts. Those traitors would not dare to go after them there.

At this time, Chen Jiayan's group approached them.

Chen Jiayan gathered his courage and said, "Everyone, why don't you come rest at my Chen Clan? My place is nearby, and even if those people return for revenge, they wouldn't expect that you will still be in the area."

Chen Jiayan was making a bet with his invitation. If he made the right bet, in the future, the Chen Clan would rise to even greater heights. And if this was the wrong bet, the entire Chen Clan would cease to exist.

One ought to admit that Chen Jiayan possessed a courage not many had.

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