Chapter 331: We're on the Same Side

Little White wanted to approach Xiang Shaoyun, but the defensive barrier around Ye Chaomu was stopping him from advancing.

"What the hell is this? Get out of my face!" Little White had a bad temper, and with a shout, he punched the barrier.


His punch was powerful, but it failed to create even a ripple on the barrier.

"Let me in!" Little White demanded furiously.

At this time, Jin Wo, Little White's follower arrived and said, "Prince, allow me to help you." He then attacked the barrier with his full power as well. But the barrier still stood tall and was completely unharmed. Within the barrier, Ye Chaomu was completely ignoring them. Her gaze was still focused on Xiang Shaoyun, as if nothing else could catch her attention before Xiang Shaoyun woke up. At this time, a few of the Thirteen Eagles arrived and gathered around Ye Chaomu.

First Eagle was in a much better condition than the others. He shouted loudly at Little White and Jin Wo, "Don't act rashly! My young lady is the little sister of the young master! She won't harm him!"

First Eagle had seen himself how strong that old demon was. Thus, he did not wish to provoke them. He did not know if his young lady's barrier could last against the old demon's attack.

"She is my boss's sister?" Little White clarified.

First Eagle nodded. "Yes, can't you see that she's trying to help the young master?"

"Fine, I'll wait here for my boss to wake up," said the relieved Little White.

At this time, a stuffy sound of an explosion suddenly rang out.


A massive chunk of ice exploded, and a figure flew out of it.

"That is so damn cold!" Duo Ji's grumbling voice rang out.

He had been careless and fell for Winter Frost's trick, causing him to be trapped in the chunk of ice until now. Fortunately, the old demon had appeared. Otherwise, things would not have ended up well for him.

Although he had been trapped in the chunk of ice, he could still sense everything that had happened earlier. He had never imagined that Xiang Shaoyun would still have such a terrifying reinforcement.

That old demon was even stronger than Duo Ji during his peak! Duo Ji flew toward Ye Chaomu, and when he saw that both her and Xiang Shaoyun were fine, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Inwardly, he wondered, Is this a trump card Lord Wu Xie had given the young lady to protect herself? It is indeed something extraordinary. I don't think I can break it easily at all.

"Are you that...that old drunkard that once saved my boss in the past?" asked Little White in astonishment when he saw Duo Ji.

"You are?" Duo Ji asked in confusion.

He could see that Little White was a Demon King tiger and that he was most probably of the legendary breed, a white tiger. That realization astonished him as a demonic beast of such pedigree couldn't be tamed easily. How was this beast related to Xiang Shaoyun?

"Have you forgotten me? I'm Little White! We met when you saved my boss in the past!" said Little White.

The scene of what happened at Wu Town surfaced in Duo Ji's head, followed by the image of a little tiger. He cried out in astonishment, "You were that little tiger by my young master's side back then?"

Little White nodded. "Yes, that was me."

"Wow, you sure are growing fast. Back then you were just a tiny tiger. Look at you now, a Demon King already. Seems like your bloodline is awakening?" Duo Ji praised.

"Yeah. That's all thanks to my boss!" said Little White with a foolish smile on his face.

"Prince, time's up. We have to go back now," said the old demon.

"No! I'm not leaving! I'm waiting until my boss wakes up!" said Little White stubbornly.

"But the patriarch...," the old demon hesitated.

"Don't worry. I will go with you immediately after my boss wakes up," promised Little White.

Looking at how firm Little White was, the old demon gave up on persuading him.

As for Duo Ji, he thanked the old demon gratefully, "Thank you, Demon Sovereign, for the help."

The old demon only nodded as a response and remained silent. Duo Ji was aware of how lofty some demonic beasts could be. Many of them loathed associating with humans. Thus, he did not say anything else and started checking up on the other members of the Thirteen Eagles with First Eagle.

The Thirteen Eagles were strong enough. None of them were dead, but many of them had been gravely injured and were having a hard time recovering. With Duo Ji's help, their conditions had improved speedily.

At this time, Duo Ji found that there was a response from Linggu Haonan's corpse. He flew over and found that there were some soul undulations in his head. Slowly, vitality seemed to be returning to the body as well.

"Bastard, you're actually feigning death? Let me destroy you with your body!" said Duo Ji before sending a palm attack over.

If the attack struck, nothing would be left of Linggu Haonan.

"Little bastard, don't mess around. I have just consumed his soul and am going to be reborn in this body," Devouring Ghost's voice rang out.

"There is such a sinister being here? More of a reason to destroy you, then!" said Duo Ji as his expression shifted.

"Don't mess around. We're on the same side. I'm the young master's follower," said Devouring Ghost. Although Duo Ji was nothing in his eyes, in his current condition, he was completely helpless and was forced to further explain himself.

"Don't even dream of tricking me!" Duo Ji refused to believe him.

At this time, First Eagle arrived and said, "Guardian Duo Ji, the young master had requested to preserve his corpse."

"Do you know there is another soul in this body?" Duo Ji questioned.

In his astonishment, First Eagle extended his senses over to Linggu Haonan. Immediately, his gaze turned sharp, and he said, "Is he coming back to life?"

"You two dumb late-stage and early-stage Soul Foundation cultivators, listen to me. Even after I undergo rebirth, I will still be at the Dragon Ascension Realm. I won't be able to create much trouble for you. Why don't you just wait for the young master to wake up. He will decide what to do with me," said Devouring Ghost, who was getting anxious.

He was terrified that these two would destroy this body, wasting all his effort of blending into it. He had already devoured Linggu Haonan's soul, but he would still require some time to complete the fusion between him and the body.

Duo Ji sank into a short silence before saying, "Fine, I'll believe you for now. But I have to bind this body. I won't give you any chances to play any tricks."

"Sure, sure, just don't ruin this body," said Devouring Ghost.

Thus, Duo Ji created an energy chain and shackled Linggu Haonan's body. Meanwhile, after consuming the ten millennia stoneclock milk, Xiang Shaoyun's vitality was recovering unceasingly. However, there were no signs that he was regaining his consciousness, causing Ye Chaomu to grow even more anxious.

"Big brother, why are you not waking up yet?" Ye Chaomu called out.

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