Chapter 330: Mighty Old Demon

A deafening tiger's roar reverberated throughout the area. Winter Frost and Summer Flame paused what they were doing upon sensing the demonic aura that had appeared seemingly out of nowhere, confusion in their eyes.

They could not understand why such a powerful demonic beast would appear here at such a desolate location. More importantly, they had a feeling that the demonic beast was here for them.

Sure enough, three figures could suddenly be seen streaking through the air toward them. All three of the figures had humanoid forms, but from the unique characteristics on each of their bodies, it was obvious they were demonic beasts that had assumed humanoid forms.

The old man leading the ground looked exactly like an ordinary human. He had a sturdy build, a thick demonic aura emanating from his body at all times, and a pair of bright eyes that was hard for one to look straight at.

Beside him was a delicate and handsome young man. His demonic aura took the form of a white tiger king, his bearing regal. The third person looked like a man about 30 years old. He was dressed in a gold crocodile leather outfit, with scales visible on his arms. It was very obvious he was a demonic beast.

The young man shouted in excitement when his gaze landed on Xiang Shaoyun, "Boss!"

He started diving down from the sky toward Xiang Shaoyun.

"Where is this little beast from? You dare show disrespect before me?" Summer Flame was furious to see that the young man had completely ignored him.

In his fury, he sent a palm attack at the young man. It was a palm attack strong enough to turn Emperors into mincemeat, more than enough to deal with a Demon King.

"Impudent! You dare lay hands on the prince?" the old man roared and stomped his foot down.

The stomp was extremely powerful, giving a feeling like the sky itself was collapsing on the world below, a dreadful stomp capable of instantly turning a massive area into a massive crater.

"Summer Flame, watch out!" Winter Frost called out in warning.

But the warning was unnecessary as Summer Flame himself could sense how dreadful the attack was. He quickly canceled his attack and met the stomp with a flaming fist. The flaming fist was similarly boundlessly powerful, looking like it was going to smash the sky apart.

The fist and the foot collided, creating a massive eruption of energy that rippled in all directions, reaching even 10,000 miles away, presenting a dreadful sight as if the world was ending.

When everything settled down, Summer Flame could be seen dropping from the sky, stomped into the ground by the foot. Evidently, Summer Flame had suffered defeat.

"H-how is that possible? Where did this Demon Sovereign come from?" Winter Frost cried out in alarm before unleashing his own attack on the old demon. Ice covered both his palms as he sent a terrifying wave of frost forward, creating numerous snowflakes and instantly dropping the area's temperature.

World of Ice!

Winter Frost cultivated the power of frost, and he had reached a high enough level in his cultivation to change the weather. The wave of frost surrounded the old demon and started freezing him.

"Hmph. Just this much frost energy and you want to freeze me? Dream on!" said the old demon with a snort. He erupted with a massive demonic aura, which shattered the ice around him before he sent another kick out, this time toward Winter Frost.

This time the attack was visible enough for people to see that it was actually the leg of an elephant that had been greatly enlarged. Winter Frost immediately changed his stance and joined his palms to form a spike of ice before stabbing at the elephant leg with it. The massive ice spike looked extremely sharp, like it would definitely pierce through the elephant leg. But when the spike actually came into contact with the leg, it shattered.

Bang! Bang!


Both of Winter Frost's arms were broken trying to meet the stomp. With blood spouting out of his mouth, he was sent flying several meters away, looking extremely miserable.

"Winter Frost, attack together!" Summer Flame soared to the sky again and roared.

He waved his fire medallion around, summoning a thick tongue of flame to create a sea of flame. Winter Frost quickly regained his footing and took out a silver flag. He gathered all his energy into the flag, causing the flag to enlarge many times over. He then waved it around repeatedly, causing the weather to change, summoning a massive amount of snowflakes. Fire and ice surrounded the old demon with a power strong enough to destroy large swathes of land.

"Interesting, but still not enough," the old demon sneered as he moved, summoning two massive elephant legs. One of the legs stomped at the sea of flame while the other stomped at the snow storm. A massive force surged out of the two legs.

Bang! Bang!

Two deafening explosions sounded as the fire and ice completely dispersed, followed by two old figures dropping from the sky while coughing blood.

"Leave!" Winter Frost cried out anxiously before fleeing in one direction.

Summer Flame was not slow either as he quickly fled in the opposite direction, leaving behind a trail of fire as he flew far away. The old demon did not bother giving chase. If one focused on him, one would be able to see that his legs were still being ravaged by some leftover energies of fire and ice.

"They are quite capable, after all," the old demon sighed before jolting the two energies off his legs.

The old demon held an absolute superiority in the fight, yet his legs had still sustained some injuries. If it wasn't for his powerful innate defense, it would have been enough to cripple his legs.

However, he was aware that the two old men would have a bad time as well. They would need at least half a year or even one whole year to recover to their peak strength. After all, the old demon's stomp attack wasn't a joke either.

"Boss, Little White is here to see you!" The young man once again rushed toward Xiang Shaoyun after the battle was over.

He was none other than Little White who had assumed a humanoid form. Back when Little White and Xiang Shaoyun separated at the Golden River Valley, Little White had left an imprint on Xiang Shaoyun, forming a connection between the two.

When Little White found out that Linggu Haonan's group was going after Xiang Shaoyun at the Hundred Beast Mountain Range, he started begging the patriarch to let him leave and look for Xiang Shaoyun.

Initially, the patriarch had refused. But he could not stand Little White's  endless pestering and thus decided to give Little White a mission instead. If the mission was completed, he would let Little White leave.

And with great difficulty, Little White was able to complete the mission. The patriarch cared greatly for him, and thus, he sent a top Demon Sovereign to serve as his guardian while he looked for Xiang Shaoyun.

Relying on the imprint he had left on Xiang Shaoyun, Little White had finally arrived here. Fortunately, they had arrived in time. It would have been unlikely for Xiang Shaoyun to have survived otherwise.

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