Chapter 329: Old Winter and Old Summer

It was almost impossible to distinguish where the voice had come from. It seemed near yet far, and it was hard to pinpoint its origin. Duo Ji immediately stood before Ye Chaomu, as if a great enemy had arrived. He then shouted at the sky, "Old Winter and Old Summer, get your ass down here. Stop feigning mystery before me."

An energy chain then shot out of his hand toward the clouds above him.


It was an extremely terrifying attack that looked like it was going to destroy the very sky above them. The entire space above them started shaking. Suddenly, two figures appeared from the clouds. After avoiding Duo Ji's attack, they revealed themselves before the people there.

Of the two, one was an old man in a gray robe with snow white hair and a beard, his body emanating strands of frost energy. The other old man was dressed in a red robe. He was quite short, and his face was flushed red as if he was drunk. His hair was also red, and his entire body looked like a bright fireball that was hard for one to look straight at. Neither was weaker than Duo Ji. They were the late-stage Sovereigns that had been chasing after Duo Ji.

"Duo Ji, you are really capable, aren't you? You led us on such a long wild goose chase and were able to even kill two of our brothers. Today is the day you die!" said Old Summer.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter represented the four seasons, also the names of four renowned individuals. The two before them were respectively the Winter Ice and the Summer Flame. The other two were Spring Rain and Autumn Gold, but they had been killed by Duo Ji when they were hunting him.

That was why Duo Ji had looked so terrible when he had showed up at Ye Chaomu's place. If his four pursuers had not separated to search for him, he wouldn't even have had a chance to kill any of them. Of the four, Old Winter and Old Summer were the strongest. With both of them appearing here, Duo Ji was feeling an intense sense of pressure.

"Hmph. Today, you shall go meet your brothers in the afterlife!" Duo Ji snorted coldly and poured a mouthful of liquor into his mouth.

After drinking the mouthful of liquor, a heroic aura spread out of him as he howled with laughter and said, "Dogs of Di Batian, today I shall exterminate you!"

He then shot into the sky and attacked.

"We never feared you even back when you were at your peak strength. Now that you only have one arm left, you are dreaming if you think you can still defeat us," said Old Summer before he turned into a fireball and charged Duo Ji.

Bang! Bang!

Instantly, numerous energy explosions erupted in the sky, as if a natural calamity was happening. Clouds roiled everywhere; the entire sky seemed to be shaking. The gourd Duo Ji used to store the liquor turned into the size of a mountain and slammed at Summer Flame as if it was a weapon. The might contained within the slam was enough to flatten an entire mountain range.

No Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator could survive against such an attack. This was how dreadfully strong a late-stage Soul Foundation Realm expert was. As for Summer Flame, he wielded a fire medallion, and like a god of fire, he commanded a sea of flame, sending it toward Duo Ji. Their attacks clashed repeatedly, presenting a terrifying sight causing the hearts of the people there to thump. That was a battle between apex experts.

"In truth, we don't really care about capturing that child. But since the kid failed his mission, I shall complete the mission instead. That way, I can get rid of a future trouble for the sect master," said Winter Frost before grabbing at Xiang Shaoyun who was in Ye Chaomu's arms.

But before he could reach Xiang Shaoyun, Duo Ji sent another clump of energy blasting toward him, stopping him from touching Xiang Shaoyun.

"You want to get my young master? Over my dead body!" Duo Ji roared.

"Duo Ji, since you want to die so much, I'll send you to the afterlife first," said Winter Frost before slamming both his palms at Duo Ji.

Roiling Snow!

As his palms slammed forward, his surroundings instantly changed. Snow drifted down from the sky and transformed into a snow storm crashing right into Duo Ji. The scorching fire and chilling frost assailing Duo Ji at the same time gave him an extremely hard time.

At his peak, Duo Ji might not fear these two working together against him. But losing an arm had greatly affected his combat strength. Because of that, dealing with both of them at the same time was very difficult for the current him. It was at this moment that the Thirteen Eagles returned with Yuan Ling and the others captured.

"Thirteen Eagles, assist Guardian Duo Ji and kill the two old bastards!" commanded Ye Chaomu after landing on the ground with Xiang Shaoyun.

"Yes, young lady." The Thirteen Eagles obeyed Ye Chaomu's every command. Even though they weren't as strong as the three people in the sky, they still charged in fearlessly.

They weren't exactly charging into the battlefield rashly, however. Rather, they moved in a unique formation, moving like they were a single entity, creating an astonishing aura as 13 sources of energy converged together to become a massive demonic eagle. The eagle soared to the sky straight toward the two old men.

"A tiny firefly dares to contend against the sun and the moon? You are overestimating yourself!" said Summer Flame before aiming his fire medallion at them, sending a clump of flame crashing down at them.

Rumble! Rumble!

The clump of flame smashed into the massive eagle, and a world-shaking explosion ensued. Numerous energy shockwaves spread everywhere, destroying numerous mountains and turning numerous plants into ash.

Chen Jiayan, Du Xuanhao, and the others distanced themselves as far as they could. None of them dared to stay behind for fear of getting killed by a random shockwave from the battle.

As for Ye Chaomu, she stood her ground with Xiang Shaoyun. When the shockwaves reached her, an indescribable energy barrier appeared around her to protect both her and Xiang Shaoyun. On the other hand, the Thirteen Eagles suffered greatly from the attack. They were weaker than Summer Flame, and one attack was all it took to wound them badly.

Of the Thirteen Eagles, only First Eagle, Second Eagle, and Third Eagle had reached the Soul Foundation Realm. However, they were only at the first- and second-stage of the realm. As for the other 10, they were only Dragon Ascension Realm cultivators. Even with all of them working together, they were still no match for Summer Flame.

"Duo Ji, open your eyes wide and watch on as I kill the two children. I will wipe out Xiang Yangzhan's family," said Summer Flame as he withdrew from the battlefield and sent an attack toward Xiang Shaoyun and Ye Chaomu.

Duo Ji was greatly alarmed and tried to stop Summer Flame, but that was in truth merely a distraction. Winter Frost took advantage of the distraction and attacked with full power, instantly encasing Duo Ji in a chunk of ice.

"Haha, we finally got him. Now, it's time to kill the two children," said Summer Flame as he howled with laughter before sending a flaming palm toward Xiang Shaoyun and Ye Chaomu.

Right this moment, a roar suddenly rang in the air.


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