Chapter 328: That is a Ten Millennia Stoneclock Milk

Ye Chaomu's tears dropped onto Xiang Shaoyun's face. Sensing the chilly tears, Xiang Shaoyun opened his eyes slightly.

He could not see clearly who the person before him was, and he only instinctively looked at Linggu Haonan and said weakly, "Be...beat...him..."

"Don't worry, big brother. I will make sure he dies a horrible death," promised Ye Chaomu as she gripped Xiang Shaoyun's hand tightly. She then looked at a certain direction and bellowed, "Where are you, First Eagle? Come and slaughter him for me!"

At those words, a person flew back on an eagle mount. The eagle flapped its wings and with a flash, that person appeared beside Ye Chaomu and answered, "Yes, young lady."

Xiang Shaoyun added weakly, "Pre...preserve his...body."

Then, he fell unconscious.

"Is big brother going to keep him around so he can personally take revenge later?" Ye Chaomu muttered before saying to First Eagle, "Preserve his body. My big brother will decide what to do with him later."

First Eagle acknowledged the command and flew toward Linggu Haonan who was struggling to escape. He had been so slow to escape because his soul was currently in an intense battle with Devouring Ghost.

He was a ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator and already possessed a powerful soul. Thus, not even Devouring Ghost could so easily defeat him. Furthermore, he had the home advantage battling in his body, and Devouring Ghost might be the one getting devoured instead.

"Who are you, you old bastard? Get out of here or I'll destroy you!"

"You are not capable of that. Besides, young master's reinforcements are here. Both of us will die together."

"Hehe, you won't succeed. I will destroy you after leaving this place."

"You won't even be able to leave. To do that, you will have to first deal with me."


When First Eagle arrived, Linggu Haonan's mount, the seven-tailed silver fox, stood guard in front of his master, protecting him.

"You want to harm my master? Over my dead body!" said the seven-tailed silver fox.

"Banji, you'll deal with this fox," said First Eagle as he leaped off his mount's back.

"Sure. It has been a while since I last ate a fox. I guess I get to taste some fox meat today," answered the demonic eagle.

Flying at a fast speed, First Eagle went over the seven-tailed silver fox and sent an eagle claw forward as he roared, "Come back!" 

The eagle claw was extremely large, big enough to lift an entire mountain up.

To deal with Devouring Ghost, Linggu Haonan was forced to split his attention into two. Thus, he could not avoid the claw and was directly caught by it. He tried to struggle to no avail.

"Go down there," First Eagle shouted as he slammed Linggu Haonan to the ground below.


Linggu Haonan was slammed into a hill, causing the hill to immediately crumble apart. First Eagle did not stop at that. With his claws still tightly locked around Linggu Haonan, he continued slamming Linggu Haonan around.

Bang! Bang!

First Eagle threw Linggu Haonan around mercilessly, badly wounding him and nearly killing him. If it wasn't for the command from Ye Chaomu to preserve the person's body, First Eagle would have been able to completely destroy Linggu Haonan with just that attack.

"What a weak ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator. He is completely powerless!" said First Eagle with disdain.

With the bad injuries to his body, Linggu Haonan's soul was adversely affected as well. Devouring Ghost took this chance to launch a series of intense attacks on Linggu Haonan's soul.

Linggu Haonan had been holding the advantage earlier, but now his soul was instantly devoured by Devouring Ghost. First Eagle was naturally unaware of that. He only had an odd sensation, but he did not bother paying much attention to it. If he checked, he would likely be able to see what was going on.

"Young lady, this is not the time to grieve. I have some millennia king spring water here. Feed it to the young master," said Duo Ji.

Ye Chaomu shook her head and took out a bottle with a drop of sparkling and translucent liquid in it. When she opened the bottle, a pleasant fragrance drifted out. A strong vitality was emanating from the drop of liquid, causing everyone there to feel refreshed.

Duo Ji couldn't help but to cry out in shock, "It's a ten millennia stoneclock milk!"

The ten millennia stoneclock milk was a divine natural liquid that took more than 10,000 years to form. Each drop had enough vitality to revive the dead, a true spring of life. The millennia king spring Duo Ji had was already a decent treasure, but it was nothing compared to the ten millennia stoneclock milk.

Chen Jiayan, Du Xuanhao, Murong Qing and the others were brought back by Duo Ji. When they saw the ten millennia stoneclock milk, their eyes nearly popped out in astonishment, and an intense look of longing filled their faces.

For them, a single drop of ten millennia stoneclock milk was akin to having an extra life. But they were all clear that a divine liquid like that would have nothing much to do with them. They became even more curious about Xiang Shaoyun's actual identity.

Who exactly was this young man who had attracted so many experts? Some of these people seem to be Sovereigns! Sovereigns would not exist even in tier-4 or tier-5 organizations. They are most likely members of those powerful tier-6 or tier-7 organizations.

A tier-3 organization required at least an Emperor, a tier-4 organization required at least 10 Emperors, a tier-5 organization required at least 50 Emperors and at least one peak Emperor, a tier-6 organization required at least two Sovereigns and 100 Emperors, a tier-7 organization required at least 10 Sovereigns, and so on. These were the minimum requirements for the respective tier classifications.

Chen Jiayan and the others knew well about all that. Thus, they were all wondering if Xiang Shaoyun was some young master from a tier-6 organization. He must have been a young master from at least a tier-5 organization, and an important young master at that.

They did not even dare to entertain the thought that Xiang Shaoyun was from a tier-7 organization. The world of tier-7 organizations was too far from them. Behind Chen Jiayan, Chen Zilong's gaze was focused on Ye Chaomu. Infatuation filled his eyes as he thought, So beautiful!

She was an astonishingly rare beauty. Li Yaxuan, who was beside him, was also considered a great beauty, but even she felt a sense of inferiority before Ye Chaomu.

She looked at Chen Zilong before she looked at Ye Chaomu and sighed inwardly, How can a woman so beautiful exist in this world? Looks like a powerful love rival has appeared for Qinyin.

Ye Chaomu fed the drop of ten millennia stoneclock milk into Xiang Shaoyun's mouth as she said gently, "Big brother, get better soon! Little Mu Mu is here to see you. I thought you wanted me to hunt demonic beasts for you? After you wake up, I will bring you on a hunting trip. In the past, you have always been the one bringing happiness. I will be doing the same for you from now on. I will give you anything you want, and I will kill anyone who dares to bully you! I will make you the happiest big brother in the world!"    

"That's a good thought, little girl. Too bad you won't have the chance to do all that," a sinister voice suddenly rang in the air.

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