Chapter 325: Slaughter

Xiang Shaoyun’s attack had arrived so fast the sixth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert couldn't retreat in time. His stomach was cut, and blood sprayed out. Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to press on with more attacks, his opponent's spear snaked through the air toward him. At the same time, his opponent's mount opened its jaws and bit at him as well.

Xiang Shaoyun was forced to retreat, but another attack was already coming at him from behind. He swung his saber behind him, parrying the incoming attack, but the impact sent him flying and coughing blood.

Linggu Haonan was relieved to see that Xiang Shaoyun was finally injured as he thought to himself, I thought this kid had really grown to be stronger than us. But looks like everything is still under control.

"Don't get careless. Something is weird about this kid. We need to end combat as soon as possible," said the wizened old man behind Linggu Haonan.

"Yes. If they can't take him down either, I will make a move myself," said Linggu Haonan with a nod.

After Xiang Shaoyun was injured, the other four Dragon Ascension Realm experts increased the intensity of their attacks. One of them was an expert wielding two swords. With a slash, he created a flood dragon several hundred meters long and sent it flying straight at Xiang Shaoyun's waist.

This was a seventh-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert; his combat prowess was no weaker than Du Xuanhao. Surprisingly, Xiang Shaoyun faced the slash head on. He swung his saber, creating a devil face with his saber energy which then clashed with the flood dragon.

Rumble! Rumble!

The collision created an intense shockwave that shook their surroundings. Energy explosions bloomed everywhere, creating numerous craters on the ground below.

Once again, Xiang Shaoyun was beaten back. Again, an attack came from his back. Fortunately, he was able to dodge the attack in time. Otherwise, his head would have been severed from his body.

"Haha, this is delightful! How many years have it been? This is such an exhilarating fight! If my old brothers from the past knew how I was put in such a bad shape by some puny Dragon Ascension Realm cultivators, I would definitely become a laughing stock!" said Xiang Shaoyun who suddenly raised his head and roared with laughter.

Next, he charged at his attackers again. Midcharge, he transformed into eight people, each looking like a real person. The eight people then charged the four attackers around him. All eight of them moved at a speed faster than his previous speed, as if he had not used his full strength at all.

None of the four could figure out which of the eight was the real body. They also suspected that all eight were actual bodies, and they were forced to immediately react to the eight attacking figures. However, of the eight, seven of them were actually illusionary bodies, and the real body was heading toward the dual sword wielder.

Blood Drinking Lonesome Ghost!

A ghost appeared behind Xiang Shaoyun, its sinister and cold aura spreading across the air. With a slash of his saber, the ghost flew forward, baring its vicious fangs. The dual sword wielder felt a chill creep up his spine, and fear surfaced in his heart. However, he was not one who would back out so easily.

"Get out of my face!" With a roar, he slashed both his swords repeatedly, sending numerous flood dragons flying toward the ghost. While he was focusing on the ghost, a claw had suddenly appeared like a specter and grabbed at him.

Specter Assassinating Claw!

The claw was akin to a sinister claw that had appeared from hell, appearing from right below him at a tricky angle that many would have a hard time defending against. The dual sword wielder had not seen the attack coming. The claw gripped him and dragged him down, as if it was going to drag him to hell.

"This is not looking good." Linggu Haonan had been paying attention to the fight. He quickly rushed over with his Silverfox Saber, trying to rescue his companion.

Unfortunately, he was too late. Xiang Shaoyun raised his saber high, preparing to bring it down upon the head of the dual sword wielder.


The head of the dual sword wielder was defenseless, and just like that, the saber strike smashed apart his head. Then, Xiang Shaoyun suddenly opened his mouth, instantly devouring the soul of the newly dead cultivator.

After doing that, Xiang Shaoyun seemed to have been greatly energized. A wide, satisfied smile formed on his face as he said, "The soul of a Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator is decent. It is like a treasured tonic for my current self."

At this time, Linggu Haonan's attack had also arrived behind Xiang Shaoyun. If he was not able to avoid the attack in time, he would be cut into two. Just as the attack was about to land, he once again moved like a specter and avoided the attack before charging toward the Dragon Ascension Realm experts who had attacked him earlier.

He picked the weakest of the five remaining attackers. This person was only a fifth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator, an opponent he could easily deal with. That person sensed the incoming Xiang Shaoyun and quickly retreated. 

As he fled, a thick emperor aura formed on his back and pushed his defense to the peak. At the same time, he swung his weapon repeatedly, not giving Xiang Shaoyun any chance to hit him with an attack.

But Xiang Shaoyun seemed to have been injected with drugs as his strength grew again before he sent his saber flying toward his target. The saber broke through all layers of defense and stabbed right into his target's chest through the emperor armor worn.

With a wail, that person tried to make a final attack on Xiang Shaoyun, hoping to drag him to death even as he himself was about to die. He swung his blade at Xiang Shaoyun's neck, but Xiang Shaoyun reacted nimbly and gripped the handle of his saber, which was still stabbed into his opponent, and tore it across the body, ripping his opponent apart.

Blood sprayed everywhere, dying Xiang Shaoyun's body red, turning him into a terrifying blood-soaked devil. That image coupled with the sight of him opening his mouth to devour the soul of his newly killed opponent caused everyone's hairs to stand on end.

Linggu Haonan did not continue chasing after Xiang Shaoyun. Rather, he said to the two old men who had not moved thus far, "Let's attack together. This kid feels very sinister. I think something evil has taken hold of his body."

The two old men stepped forward and finally released their auras, revealing that they were eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm experts. Their aura swirled about like a storm, twisting the air around them.

One of them was a peak eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert while the other was a late eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert. Both of them were of comparable strength to Chen Jiayan. If Chen Jiayan had decided to fight them, he would be the one to lose.

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