Chapter 324: You Shall Be My Target Practice

With a flap of his White Tiger Wings, Xiang Shaoyun instantly arrived before Yun Feng.

"Trash, you think just because you have a tiny bit of strength, you can stop me? Watch me. I'll snap your wings off first," said Yun Feng as he grabbed at Xiang Shaoyun.

The hand spurred the spiritual energy in the surroundings and sent it toward Xiang Shaoyun, trying to crush his pair of wings.

"Do you think I'm still the same old me? I'll kill you before you can do anything!" Xiang Shaoyun roared. The Overlord Skyslaying Saber appeared in his hand, and he swung it at Yun Feng.

It was a slash surpassing the strength of a War King, even surpassing the might of a true King. It had mustered a prowess comparable to an Emperor's. One slash spurred the spiritual energy in the surroundings, causing them to converge and form a ray of light several hundred meters long that instantly arrived before Yun Feng.

"Yun Feng, watch out!" Linggu Haonan cried out.

But it was too late. Yun Feng was completely looking down on Xiang Shaoyun. In his eyes, the young man was a bug that he could crush as he liked. He had made the mistake of underestimating the enemy. When Xiang Shaoyun erupted with such powerful battle prowess, he was stunned.

"NO!" He roared in fear, but he couldn't avoid the attack in time. He was split into two, his blood splashing everywhere.

Linggu Haonan and his subordinates were stunned. Chen Jiayan, Du Xuanhao, Murong Qing, and the others were similarly stunned. They all knew what Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation level was. Thus, it was inconceivable for them that he could erupt with such combat prowess.

"Impossible! How can you possess such combat prowess? Zhu Jinxi, go and take him down!" said Linggu Haonan.

"Yes, commander. I will definitely take him down," answered Zhu Jinxi before rushing toward Xiang Shaoyun with his weapon raised.

Unlike the careless and arrogant Yun Feng, he utilized his full strength from the get-go and sent a boundless force crushing toward Xiang Shaoyun. Each of his attacks was strong enough to destroy mountains and rivers; no King could survive. Even ordinary Emperors would have a hard time dealing with his attack.

"Hehe, it has been many years since I last fought someone. Today, you shall be my target practice," said Xiang Shaoyun who was suddenly sneering.

Next, his body flickered, and after creating a series of afterimages, he broke through the encirclement of Zhu Jinxi's attacks. He arrived behind Zhu Jinxi and slashed his saber down, sending a majestic saber energy that was no weaker than Zhu Jinxi's attacks.

The nimbleness Xiang Shaoyun displayed was one that few people could defend against. Zhu Jinxi was given a fright. He quickly turned around and slammed his hammer down at Xiang Shaoyun.

Fall of Meteor.

Zhu Jinxi was showing no mercy, sending a dreadful hammer strike that was akin to a falling meteor. However, Xiang Shaoyun's saber energy was extremely odd, moving at an extremely harmonious trajectory that was capable of reducing force, and it reduced the might behind Zhu Jinxi's attack by more than half. It then traveled past the hammer attack and sliced at Zhu Jinxi's arm.

Not even Zhu Jinxi's Emperor-level aura could stop Xiang Shaoyun's attack. Just like that, his arm was sliced off from the wrist by the Overlord Skyslaying Saber, causing blood to splash everywhere.

Zhu Jinxi was forced to retreat while gripping his severed wrist. He had already lost his arm, so he couldn't continue fighting his opponent. Without Linggu Haonan's command, a few other people took the initiative to attack. They did not attack rashly. Rather, they spread around and tried to suppress Xiang Shaoyun with their auras before attacking together.

Their attacks were dreadful, and not even their mounts were idling around as the mounts attacked together with their masters. The attacks filled the sky, laying waste to the entire area. Down on the ground, Liang Zhuangmin took the chance to drag Hua Honglou away.

"What are you doing? Are we not staying with Shaoyun?" asked Hua Honglou in confusion.

"That was my plan. But look at his strength. He is obviously capable of escaping by himself. If we stay, we will only be his burden. Only if we leave will he be able to focus on escaping," Liang Zhuangmin explained.

Although Liang Zhuangmin looked like a simple-minded person, he was in truth extremely astute and could see through their current predicament clearly. Hua Honglou found herself to be in agreement, and thus they started fleeing as quickly as possible.

With their strength, escaping from Linggu Haonan's group was almost impossible. But Xiang Shaoyun's sudden display of strength had completely pulled away their attention. And thus, the two were able to escape unopposed.

"Is this young man Xiang Shaoyun? He's already with the strength of a Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator! How powerful, and what a freak!" Murong Qing cried out in astonishment.

"No, this is not his actual strength. He must have used some forbidden technique or received the help of a super expert," said Chen Jiayan with a frown.

"That's right. He is likely still a peak Transformation Realm cultivator. Looks like this kid has an extraordinary background. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many Dragon Ascension Realm experts hunting him," said Du Xuanhao.

He recalled how Xiang Shaoyun had rejected him without even thinking about it when he had offered to be his master. At that time, he believed that Xiang Shaoyun was simply an arrogant frog in a well, but now, he realized how wrong he was. This young man was no frog in a well. Rather, it was a fact that a mere Emperor was not good enough to become his master.

"Ancestor, if it's possible, please save Xiang Shaoyun," begged Chen Zilong.

"Kid, have you gone mad? Do you not see what kind of person he has offended? There are at least three of them stronger than me. I am not strong enough to save him. If I try anything, the entire Chen Clan will be in jeopardy," said Chen Jiayan sternly.

While he talked, he shrouded their surroundings with his aura, silencing their conversation to others. He was afraid that Linggu Haonan's group would overhear them. He did not think that he would be able to be their contender just because he had successfully forced them to change their mind about killing all the disciples.

He could sense that apart from Linggu Haonan, there were two other cultivators whose strength he couldn't tell at all. How could he offend these experts for the sake of someone unrelated to him? Disappointment covered Chen Zilong's face, and he had nothing else to say.

"It's better if we get far away from them. We don't want to be hit by the shockwave of their fight," suggested Murong Qing.

The others agreed. They thus pulled even farther away from the battlefield. In the sky above the battlefield, Xiang Shaoyun streaked everywhere, moving like a phantom dancing amid their attacks. While he dodged, he countered with fatal attacks. Suddenly, he arrived before a sixth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert and swung his Overlord Skyslaying Saber at the expert's stomach.

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