Chapter 323: Spare Them

Fear covered everyone's faces when they heard Linggu Haonan's words. They had personally witnessed Xiang Shaoyun slaughter the Devil Blood Society elders. If Xiang Shaoyun wanted to kill them, it would be hard for them to survive. Of course, since they had the numerical advantage, they could still put up a fight against him. However, not everyone thought that way, as some only wanted to flee.

"No, no, no, I'm not having anything to do with this anymore. I'm leaving," said someone before running away at full speed.

With one person doing it, others followed. And when the people who had not moved saw that those fleeing were still fine, chaos erupted.

"Hehe, trying to leave? Have you asked for my permission?" said Yun Feng with a sneer before sending a casual palm attack at those who were running.

The palm did not look impressive, yet the might behind it was extremely dreadful.

Bang! Bang!

Instantly, the over 10 fleeing people were turned into mincemeat. Not one of them survived. The crowd sank into silence. Nobody dared to try anything else. Everyone stood still with sullen expressions, not knowing what to do. In their helplessness, they shifted their anger to Xiang Shaoyun. They all believed that Xiang Shaoyun was the one who had brought them such calamity.

"Come straight at me and let them go!" demanded Xiang Shaoyun furiously.

"Haha, since when has the young master become so benevolent?" Linggu Haonan roared with laughter. He scanned the crowd and said, "My young master can't bear to kill you all. How about this? You people shall kill him instead. The one to kill him will be allowed to leave."

Those words reignited the hope in some of the people there.

"Go, work together to kill him! We will have a chance of surviving!" someone shouted, inciting the people to start attacking.

Sure enough, a few scores of people rushed Xiang Shaoyun, surrounding him with attacks from all directions. The bombardment gave Xiang Shaoyun a jump. He hurriedly flew to the sky with his White Tiger Wings.

"Have you gone crazy? Even after killing me, they won't spare you!" Xiang Shaoyun roared.

"But if you stay alive, we will definitely die. Please, give us a chance to live. I don't want to die!" someone yelled in response.

"That's right. Xiang Shaoyun, you can't ask all of us to die together with you. That is unfair!" yelled another person.

Looking at the despair in their eyes, Xiang Shaoyun was overwhelmed by guilt. They were merely innocent bystanders that had been implicated by him. More importantly, his big brother Liang Zhuangmin, Hua Honglou, and the others were here as well. He couldn't just leave them here to die.

"Tsk tsk, what a surprise. A trash like you has grown to be somewhat capable, huh? Capable of flight at the Transformation Realm? From the looks of things, you are probably a War King as well. What a pity," sighed Linggu Haonan, who was able to see through Xiang Shaoyun's strength.

He was aware that when Xiang Shaoyun was forced to flee the sect, he was only a third-stage Basic Realm cultivator. In a short three years, he had actually become a War King. That was an impressive speed of growth. Fortunately, they had found him. If he was allowed to continue growing, he would pose a great threat to them in the future.

"I'll go with you. Spare them," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Tsk tsk. Young master, someone of your exalted status is begging for leniency on behalf of these trash? Well, that gives me more reason to not spare them. I want to shackle you with a sense of guilt that you can't ever forget," said Linggu Haonan with a toying smile. He then looked at Yun Feng and commanded, "Kill them all."

"Yes, lord commander," answered Yun Feng with a murderous look in his eyes.

"Stop!" Right at this moment, Chen Jiayan's voice rang out in the air.

"It's that old bastard again! He really thinks I don't dare to kill him?" Linggu Haonan spat furiously.

Chen Jiayan, Du Xuanhao, Murong Qing, and a few other Dragon Ascension Realm experts had arrived.

Chen Jiayan looked at Linggu Haonan and said, "They are all the genius disciples of the cities around here. If you really commit massacre here, the Emperors of the various cities will not let this rest. You won't be able to enjoy peace if it comes to that."

"Hmph. You think that can scare us? Here, apart from the Dragon Society, we are not afraid of anyone else!" declared Linggu Haonan coldly.

Chen Jiayan and the others immediately paled. All of them knew just what kind of existence the Dragon Society was. Since they dared to compare themselves with the Dragon Society, it could only mean that they had a massive background as well.

"No matter what, you can't kill them. If you insist, we will oppose you with our lives," said Chen Jiayan with a resolute look.

"That's right. Messengers have been sent to the Emperors of the other cities as well. I believe all of them are here. Not even a dragon can easily repress a snake in the den of snakes. It is better to not burn all bridges and to know when to stop," said Du Xuanhao.

Linggu Haonan was about to say something when an old man behind him suddenly spoke to him with voice transmission, "Forget it. Don't waste any time here. If the Dragon Society found out we are here, things will be very hard for us. Our priority is to bring that trash back and complete our mission."

Linggu Haonan knew how important it was, so he agreed and said, "Fine. Tell them to scram."

"Leave, all of you," said Chen Jiayan after heaving a breath of relief.

They recovered from their panic and started scattering in all directions. In the blink of an eye, the crowd of about 2,000 people was gone. Only a few people remained. Liang Zhuangmin, Hua Honglou, Chen Zilong, and Li Yaxuan were among those who had stayed.

Lin Zihan wanted to stay as well, but he was dragged off by the Thousand Forest Academy elder. As for Chen Zilong and Li Yaxuan, they were still here because the two Chen Clan Emperors had brought them behind Chen Jiayan.

"Big brother, Honglou, leave first," said Xiang Shaoyun through voice transmission.

"I am your big brother. How can I watch as you die? If you have to die, I shall die with you!" said Liang Zhuangmin resolutely.

Hua Honglou said the same, "There is no point in living if you're dead."

Warmth enveloped Xiang Shaoyun's heart when he heard those words. Those who would not abandon him in the face of death were those who truly cared about him.

"Haha, young master, you are quite the charming one. There are actually people willing to die with you? Splendid. I shall grant their wish and send them off first," said Yun Feng.

"You want to kill them? I will kill you first!" said Xiang Shaoyun, his expression suddenly turning sinister.

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