Chapter 322: The Traitors Are Here

Before the people could even talk about what just happened, a group of experts had appeared above them. Each of them was riding a powerful demonic beast; the beast roars reverberated throughout the air like thunderclaps. The aura of the beasts were extremely ferocious, causing the young disciples below them to shiver uncontrollably. Some of the more cowardly ones even knelt down on the spot from fear.

"W-who are they? They feel so strong!"

"Are those mounts all Demon Kings? No, they feel more like Demon Emperors!"

"Are these people from one of those superpowers that are coincidentally passing through here?"

"No, look, they are landing here. I-I can't even breathe anymore! The pressure is overwhelming!"


Xiang Shaoyun raised his head and with one look, his pupils shrank. Inwardly, he sighed, Finally, they're here. For some reason, he did not feel like fleeing anymore when he saw them. It was not because he did not think he could flee. Rather, he felt it was time he faced his past again. Although he was still so puny and weak before them, he no longer feared them. The worst that could happen to him was only death.

When Devouring Ghost sensed Xiang Shaoyun's emotions, he asked, "Young master, are they here for you?"

Xiang Shaoyun replied, "Yes, these traitors are here for me."

"If that is the case, things will get very troublesome," said Devouring Ghost with apprehension.

He had helped Xiang Shaoyun defeat those Skysoar Realm experts with his soul power, but Emperors were much more tricky as opponents, especially late-stage Emperors. After all, he no longer had a body. He could not afford exhausting his soul power indefinitely as that would result in the withering of his soul. If that happened, he might no longer be able to regain a new body in the future.

The newcomers were none other than Linggu Haonan's group.

Linggu Haonan scanned the crowd with a pair of sharp eyes. Instantly, he found Xiang Shaoyun. The gazes of all the people behind him were focused on Xiang Shaoyun as well. Xiang Shaoyun could feel numerous presences crushing down on him from all directions, the pressure suffocating him. His eyes turned red with anger as he clenched his fists so tightly his fingernails dug into his palm, blood dripping out of his fists.

One by one, scenes from his past replayed in his mind.

Three years ago, he was betrayed in the Ziling Sect. Di Batian forced him to hand over the key of the sect's forbidden zone. He refused, resulting in the elders loyal to his father being killed one after another. Not one of his companions who had grown up with him were spared either. One after another, they died before him while he watched on helplessly.

If the guardians his father had left behind had not appeared to help him, he would have been killed then and there. However, the cost of rescuing him was near annihilation of the group of guardians. His heart was filled with guilt toward those who were killed for him. That was when he swore an oath to one day avenge them.

Three years had passed, yet he still seemed so powerless before these traitors. It filled his heart with hatred and indignation. If he hadn't been conned by the two sluts into making a vow to not cultivate for 10 years when he was a child, perhaps none of that would have happened. Unfortunately, he could no longer return to the past. The only thing he could do was stay on living and grow strong.

"You have been very hard to find, dearest young master," said Linggu Haonan. They landed before Xiang Shaoyun, all of them sneering at him.

They all looked at Xiang Shaoyun with toying expressions, their eyes filled with contempt. Once again, the people in the area were shocked. They had never imagined that Xiang Shaoyun had such a background. These people were actually addressing him as their young master? It was no wonder he had such valiant combat prowess. But it was quite confusing as the people did not appear to have much respect for him.

"W-who are you?" asked one of the Cloud Margin Pavilion elders.

He was merely curious, but at times, curiosity kills. Right after he asked the question, Linggu Haonan waved his hand and said, "I am talking to my young master here. Why is a bug interrupting?" 

A flash streaked through the air, and the elder instantly exploded.


He exploded like he was a bomb instead of a human, presenting a sinister scene of flesh and blood flying everywhere. The sight frightened the others, and they turned to flee.

"Nobody moves. Disobey and die," said Yun Feng coldly.

Instantly, the aura of an Emperor spread through the area, causing everyone to stop moving in fear.

"P-please let us off. W-we are not Cloud Margin Pavilion members!"

"Lords, please spare us! This has nothing to do with us!"

Voices of people begging for mercy filled the air. They knew how strong and ruthless they were. Killing all of them wouldn't even be difficult for them. Since none of them wanted to die, the only sensible thing to do was to beg for mercy. Xiang Shaoyun's face grew even more unsightly as he tightened his fists, fury filling his eyes.

"Young master, why are you not saying anything? Have you forgotten your subordinates?" Linggu Haonan asked with a sneer on his face.

Suddenly, Xiang Shaoyun howled with laughter, "Hahaha, I am not the young master of traitors like you."

"No, you are wrong. Although you are trash, so long as you are alive, you will remain our young master," Linggu Haonan said. He looked behind him and asked, "Everyone, is he our young master?"

Yun Feng was the first to roar with laughter before giving a reply, "Of course he is. I still remember how this trashy young master once made me act as his mount, flying everywhere with him on my back."

As he spoke, his face was covered with hatred, looking like he wished to rip Xiang Shaoyun apart.

Xiang Shaoyun looked at Yun Feng and smiled. "Haha, I had almost forgotten about that. Right, there was this certain someone who had willingly pretended to be a flying dog just for the reward of a king medicine. Now I remember, you are that flying dog!"

"Trash! You are courting death!" Yun Feng roared with a twisted expression.

He was about to attack when Linggu Haonan stopped him. "There's no rush. Since this trash is here, we should have some fun. We can't allow him to die just like that. I have already promised the young master to bring him back alive."

"Bring me back alive? Are you even capable of that?" Xiang Shaoyun sneered.

"Look at you, still speaking those boastful words. Do you think you are still the same young master? You are just trash!" said Linggu Haonan. "I will give you a chance to live. There are a lot of people here. If you can kill all of them, I will let you live. How's that?"

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