Chapter 1334: Ever-Victorious White Xue

The Ever-Victorious White Xue, the Ximen Clan's Ximen Xue. He was an absolute prodigy in cultivation. From the moment he showed himself to the world, he was known as Northern Border's number one sword. So long as he did not die young, he would most definitely grow into a Sword God in the future.

His arrival at the Glacier Restaurant signified that his battle with Han Jiang could no longer be avoided. He instantly became the center of attention when he entered the restaurant. Every single person was looking at him, bearing witness to his exceptional bearing.

He looked ordinary, and due to it, nobody would notice him if he stood in a crowd. He wasn't exactly tall either. However, he had a pair of bright eyes akin to two sharp blades that could penetrate everything. He was always clad in a completely white outfit so white that he almost looked dazzling. Hanging on his back was an ordinary-looking white sword. The sword felt like an extension of his body, being completely at home hanging on his back.

Despite his ordinary looks, he had the bearing of an extraordinary swordmaster. His bearing shone through everything ordinary about him, turning him into an existence akin to the brightest star in the starry night. This was Ximen Xue, the unrivaled sword.

"Lord Ximen Xue is here!" Someone suddenly cried out. A commotion erupted in the restaurant.

"Lord Ximen Xue, please take a seat here. Allow me to treat you to a glass of liquor," offered someone.

"Lord Ximen Xue, are you still looking for followers? I wish to be your follower," offered a person kneeling on the ground.

"Lord Ximen Xue, someone spoke rudely about you earlier," said someone while pointing at Xiang Feidian.

Xiang Feidian cursed, "The hell? What a vile person."

Ximen Xue acted like he had heard nothing. He walked toward an empty table and said nonchalantly, "Serve the liquor."

His words sounded as cold as his sword, as though a thick wall was keeping him apart from everyone else in the world. The moment he spoke, the entire restaurant sank into silence. Nobody dared to say anything else.

"Hmph. What's with that arrogance? He's only slightly capable," said someone offended by Ximen Xue's arrogance.


The sound of the air being sliced rang out. Before anyone could react, the person who had spoken had his throat punctured by a chopstick. With his hands pressing against his throat, he collapsed onto the ground, his eyes wide open. When everyone saw this, they felt their bodies turn cold. Those with decent eyes could see clearly that it was Ximen Xue who had sent over the chopstick, but ordinary people couldn't tell because the attack was too fast for them to see anything.

"Looks like that fellow is quite capable," muttered Xiang Feidian.

"There must be some truth to his reputation," said Xiang Keren.

They could see that Ximen Xue was truly someone with incredible strength. Soon, the corpse was carried out of the restaurant. Someone was unhappy that Ximen Xue had committed murder in the restaurant and said, "Ximen Xue, you're being too rude. By killing in the Glacier Restaurant, you're completely disregarding the Glacier Palace."

Ximen Xue did not even spare the speaker any attention. He shut his eyes to rest as he waited for his liquor to be served. A few people in the restaurant had unsightly expressions. They wanted to arrest Ximen Xue, but they also had their misgivings. 

Eventually, the person who had spoken earlier walked up to Ximen Xue and slammed his hand onto the table. "Ximen Xue, you're too arrogant!"

The moment his palm landed on the table, a chopstick flew over and nailed his hand onto the table.


A mournful wail came out of his mouth, and everyone's hair stood on end when they heard his miserable wail. The man's companions prepared to make a move, their eyes flickering. But when Ximen Xue shot them a glance, it was as though all of them had been frozen over. None of them dared to make another move.

"Scram," said Ximen Xue coldly after pulling the chopstick out.

The man, pressing his palm against his injured palm, left gloomily with his companions without daring to make another sound. Before absolute strength, nobody dared to say anything. This restaurant belonged to the Glacier Palace, but Ximen Xue was strong enough to challenge the Glacier Palace's number one Sovereign, Han Jiang. Clearly, Ximen Xue was a peak Sovereign. Unless one was a Saint, one would stand no chance against him.

The restaurant decided to not try anything and to let the waiter serve Ximen Xue what he ordered. Ximen Xue acted like nothing had happened and slowly drank and ate. Even when eating, he displayed a grace that belonged only to the nobility.

Initially, Xiang Shaoyun did not place much thought on Ximen Xue. But when he sensed that Ximen Xue was indeed no ordinary person, he couldn't help but shoot him several glances. He thought, This is simply a different version of Song Tiandao.

At the Dragon Phoenix Academy, he had once witnessed Baili Yixiao's sword of righteousness, which was an extremely powerful sword. He had then witnessed the swords of the Nine Palace Academy's Jiu Tian, the True Martial Academy's Devil Concubine, and Dugu Qiubai. Each of them was a prodigy in cultivation.

During the Devil Hunting Expedition, he encountered Song Tiandao and the other top-10 participants. Now, he saw Ximen Xue. He could clearly see that the world was truly filled with geniuses. 

Meanwhile, Xiang Feidian was becoming restless, seemingly intending to pit himself against Ximen Xue.

"Feidian, calm down," said Xiang Shaoyun.

He knew Xiang Feidian's strength well. Xiang Feidian was still slightly lacking compared to Ximen Xue, and he did not wish to see Xiang Feidian receive a beating. Xiang Shaoyun's command had successfully calmed down Xiang Feidian. 

Xiang Feidian did not dare to view Xiang Shaoyun as a regular peer. Xiang Shaoyun was their little ancestor, someone capable of killing Saints. Even Ximen Xue was incomparable to their little ancestor.

Xiang Shaoyun and company were about to continue eating when someone suddenly said, "Are you the Devil Hunting Expedition champion, Xiang Shaoyun?"

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out slightly before looking toward the person who had spoken. He had never seen them before.

"Yes. Who are you?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Haha, I never expected to meet the number one expert below the Saint Realm here. It is my honor to meet you," they said with a smile. "Young Master Xiang, it's normal that you don't know me. I was also a participant in the Devil Hunting Expedition. At the time, I saw you from far away. You looked familiar, so I tried asking. Turns out it's really you!"

"I see," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Their exchange changed the way the surrounding people looked at Xiang Shaoyun. The four Bloodsin Cities had all held a Devil Hunting Expedition. Each city would have its respective top-100 participants. The top participants would receive rich rewards and a chance to enter the Saint Realm. It was only natural that the people in the restaurant had heard of Xiang Shaoyun's name. Even Ximen Xue, who had been minding his own business, looked at Xiang Shaoyun.

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