Chapter 1234: Devil Concubine's Fan Club

Xiang Shaoyun brought them to a silent place to rest. Since it had been a while since they had last met, they needed some time to properly catch up as well. With some liquor and snacks, they chatted while drinking. With beauties by their side, they were in an excellent mood despite being in the cruel Devil Domain.

While they were drinking, a group from the True Martial Academy was heading toward them. They were all elite disciples from the True Martial Academy and were known as the Devil Concubine's Fan Club, which was filled with Devil Concubine's admirers. Each of them dreamed of getting her for himself.

They had voluntarily formed the fan club, agreeing that each member would pursue Devil Concubine with his own ability. Up until now, none of them had succeeded. Thus, they couldn't accept it when they heard that an outsider had succeeded.

Each person in this fan club had extraordinary strength, especially the group's five leaders. The leaders were all in the Soul Foundation Realm, and one of them was Zhou Haoyu, a person Xiang Shaoyun had once defeated.

He was once ranked fifth on the True Martial Academy's ranking. Despite his strength, he was only ranked third in this fan club. There were two stronger individuals than him. The two had not shown themselves during the competition of the four academies. One was a descendant of a True Martial Academy elder, and the other was an up-and-coming prodigy. The former was called Gongsun Tiehu, while the latter was called Su Youzi.

Gongsun Tiehu was about 40 years old. Like Devil Concubine, he was a fourth-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. He was famed for his unrivaled staff technique, and he was an arrogant individual who constantly bragged that he would one day defeat Dugu Qiubai.

He also looked incredibly valiant. His arms seemed to be filled with strength, and the veins running through his muscular arms made him look ferocious. His staff rested on his shoulder, making him look arrogant and carefree.

On the other hand, Su Youzi looked gentle and reserved. His long and narrow eyes occasionally flickered with a chilly radiance, giving one the impression he was a viper. Just by being in his presence, one would feel a chill creep up one's spine. Coiled around his waist was a colorful python as thick as an arm.

These were the two individuals that relegated Zhou Haoyu to third place in the fan club. Apart from these three, the other two Soul Foundation Realm cultivators were also famed individuals in the True Martial Academy. As for the other disciples, they also seemed to be talented cultivators. They might not be Soul Foundation Realm cultivators, but they didn't seem too far off.

Such a group naturally possessed a combat strength that couldn't be underestimated. It was worth noting that most of them were also incredibly good-looking. After hearing about Devil Concubine's whereabouts, they had rushed over at top speed, wanting to see both her and her man.

"Haoyu, is that Xiang Shaoyun really that strong?" asked Gongsun Tiehu, seated atop a tiger.

Zhou Haoyu flung his hair around and said, "Do you think someone who can defeat Dugu Qiubai is weak?"

"Sure, but he cultivates nine powers. He practically has no future. How far do you think he can grow after all these years?" asked Gongsun Tiehu.

"I don't know. But since Devil Concubine selected him, he has probably grown considerably," said Zhou Haoyu with a smile.

"I don't care about his strength. We need to move together. If he wants to snatch our goddess away, he has to show us some strength," said Su Youzi as he stroked his python.

"Devil Concubine will never pick him. It must be an unfounded rumor," said Gongsun Tiehu. "Brothers, pick up the pace. Let's teach that kid a lesson."

They then increased their speed. Because they were already quite close to Xiang Shaoyun's location, they quickly found them after asking around.

Xiang Shaoyun was naturally the first to detect the approaching group. He looked toward them and said, "Someone might be here to create trouble."

"Devils?" Liang Zhuangmin asked.

"No, humans," replied Xiang Shaoyun.

"Which human is gutsy enough to challenge us?" asked Xia Liuhui domineeringly.

At this time, Devil Concubine also sensed the newcomers. She frowned and said, "This might be a problem that has arisen due to me."

"What kind of trouble can you bring, sister?" asked the innocent Min Rourou.

Wu Zhijun said, "Definitely her admirers."

Soon, Gongsun Tiehu, Su Youzi, and the others appeared before them. When the group saw Devil Concubine, a look of infatuation appeared on their faces, especially on Gongsun Tiehu's. From a tough man, Gongsun Tiehu transformed into a soft man, his grim expression blooming into a wide smile.

"Devil Concubine," Gongsun Tiehu called out gently.

However, Devil Concubine completely ignored him.

He wasn't angry. He led the group and surrounded Xiang Shaoyun's group. His gaze swept past the three males in the group before stopping on Xiang Shaoyun. He asked, "You're Xiang Shaoyun?"

Like Devil Concubine, Xiang Shaoyun completely ignored him and continued drinking with Xia Liuhui and Liang Zhuangmin. Gongsun Tiehu was infuriated. It was fine that his beloved ignored him. After all, she had sufficient strength and status. But who was this Xiang Shaoyun? Even someone like him dared to put on airs in front of him?

When Zhou Haoyu saw that Gongsun Tiehu was about to erupt in anger, he patted Gongsun's shoulder and stepped forth. He asked, "Xiang Shaoyun, do you remember me?"

Xiang Shaoyun looked up and said, "No."

That dealt Zhou Haoyu quite a blow.

Before Zhou Haoyu could say anything, Xiang Shaoyun said, "If there is nothing important, you may leave. Don't disturb us. We're trying to drink some liquor and have a chat."

"How arrogant. Do you want to die?" shouted someone from the fan club.

Right after saying that, a silhouette dashed over. Before anyone could react, two crisp sounds rang out: Pa! Pa!

"You dare threaten my man? Watch your mouth!" said Devil Concubine domineeringly.

The silhouette was none other than Devil Concubine. With incredible speed, she had moved toward the man before slapping him several times. 

The man was completely stupefied, and even the other fan club members were stunned. They had initially refused to believe that Devil Concubine would find herself a man. But now, they had no choice but to believe it.

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