Chapter 1232: Self-Proclaimed Overlord, Xiang Shaoyun

As the True Martial Academy's number two prodigy, her strength was second only to Dugu Qiubai. Her Yin Yang Physique was unrivaled, and she had even touched upon the surface of the dao of time. She unleashed several stunning sword techniques, forcing Lin Fan's group to retreat repeatedly.

Lin Fan had not imagined that a mere fourth-stage lady could actually be their match. He was greatly shocked.

"Hateful woman, do you really think we can't do anything to you? Die!"  Lin Fan wasn't exactly weak. Devil Concubine wouldn't be able to substantially harm him for the time being. When his companions started getting killed, he was forced to use his trump card.

A pearl appeared in his hand, which he threw toward Devil Concubine. A green mist burst out of the pearl, flooding the area with a unique smell. Within the mist, one's vision would grow fuzzy, and the smell could sink one into an illusion. Even a peak Soul Foundation Realm expert wouldn't be able to escape it. 

Devil Concubine was able to react, but she couldn't break free of the green mist either. She could no longer keep attacking and was forced to defend herself as she retreated rapidly. She didn't give anyone the chance to mount a sneak attack on her.

But since this was Lin Fan's trump card, he had naturally prepared a follow-up. A green cloak appeared on his body, helping him to become one with the mist. Like a mobile mist, he charged Devil Concubine.

Xiang Shaoyun had been observing the battle. The moment he saw Lin Fan's actions, he said, "A cheap trick."

Xiang Shaoyun transformed into a fiery streak as he dashed toward the green mist. Just as Lin Fan was about to attack Devil Concubine's vitals, Xiang Shaoyun's fiery attack arrived behind him.

"Trying to harm her? Have you asked for my permission?" Xiang Shaoyun was furious.

He might have been giving Devil Concubine the cold shoulder, but he had still been somewhat touched by her persistence in following him. Furthermore, a certain person had occasionally appeared in his memories. Thus, when he saw her being bullied, he grew furious.

Yun Flame was a power of extreme yang, a perfect nemesis to something like Lin Fan's green mist. When Xiang Shaoyun utilized the profundity of flame, the entire world seemed to burn. He thrust his palm at Lin Fan repeatedly, crushing Lin Fan with an ocean of flame.

The palm attacks were incredibly powerful and left Lin Fan with no room to evade, forcing him to withstand the attack. Lin Fan had not imagined that Xiang Shaoyun would be able to locate him within the mist. His green cloak could merge his body into the mist, and nobody should be able to detect him in this situation.

Lin Fan did not have any time to think about it either. He had to immediately erect his defenses to block the incoming attacks. Their energies collided, creating a blast that cleared the green mist from their surroundings. Devil Concubine was able to safely retreat. She took this chance to attack the others, not giving them the chance to trouble Xia Liuhui and Liang Zhuangmin.

Xiang Shaoyun did not hold back once he decided to attack. Each of his attacks was incredibly ferocious, forcing Lin Fan to retreat repeatedly. Lin Fan had to release his nine-layered soul foundation and put all his might into battling Xiang Shaoyun.

"I don't care who you are. You're dying today!" said Lin Fan as he sent his soul power crashing forward. As a peak Soul Foundation Realm cultivator, his strength was naturally not to be underestimated. 

Since Xiang Shaoyun was only using one star at a time, this wasn't an easy fight for him. Fortunately, his saint soul was strong enough that the nine-layered soul foundation couldn't do anything to him. He could restrain Lin Fan with his flame power, but it was almost impossible for him to defeat Lin Fan with just fire. He needed more power if he wanted to prevail.

Fiery Lightning Storm!

Instantly, Xiang Shaoyun unleashed three different energies. First, lightning and flame erupted. Then, a gale followed. It was as though a natural calamity had arrived, wreaking destruction all around him.

Lin Fan was alarmed. He could sense a great danger approaching him. Retreating was no longer possible, so he was once again forced to withstand the incoming attack with all he had.

However, his wood energy was completely restrained by the flame and lightning energies. With the wind energy increasing their might, Lin Fan was completely helpless. It did not take him long to suffer grave injuries. 

Not far away, Xia Liuhui, Liang Zhuangmin, Wu Zhijun, and Min Rourou were completely dumbstruck as they witnessed the battle.

Xia Liuhui and Liang Zhuangmin knew that Xiang Shaoyun was strong, but they hadn't seen him in a while. Thus, they were dumbstruck after seeing that he had grown stronger yet again.

As for Wu Zhijun and Min Rourou, they were still shocked by Devil Concubine's earlier words. Xiang Shaoyun had seen Xia Liuhui before, but not Min Rourou. However, Min Rourou had heard a lot about him from Xia Liuhui and had wanted to see just what kind of a man he was.

She personally thought that Xia Liuhui was exaggerating when he described Xiang Shaoyun as the perfect man. She had never believed it. But when she finally met him, she found that not only was Xia Liuhui not exaggerating, but he had also undersold Xiang Shaoyun. This here was a flawless man, a man akin to a child of the heavens.

Both Wu Zhijun and Min Rourou knew who Devil Concubine was. Thus, it was inconceivable that a man would actually catch her attention. Not only was Devil Concubine someone with amazing cultivation talent, but she also had a powerful background. Nobody had ever won her favor before. It was incredibly impressive of Xiang Shaoyun to be able to make her admit that he was her man.

Nobody could stop the combination of Xiang Shaoyun and Devil Concubine. Lin Fan and his allies were quickly killed off. Some disciples watching the battle from far away recognized Devil Concubine.

"That's the True Martial Academy's Devil Concubine! She has a man already? This is shocking news!"

"Who's that kid? His strength is terrifying. He even cultivates so many powers. For cultivators of multiple powers, it is impressive for him to reach this far."

"A man picked by Devil Concubine definitely isn't a nobody. I believe someone will know who he is. But from their physical appearances alone, the two are truly meant for each other."

"I know who he is! He's the Dragon Phoenix Academy's abandoned disciple! Back then, he had emerged as the champion of the competition between the four academies. He is the self-proclaimed overlord, Xiang Shaoyun."

"It's him? I heard he had fused nine different powers. Is that true?"

When Xiang Shaoyun's identity was uncovered, his reputation started rising yet again. Naturally, he also attracted some hostility due to his relationship with Devil Concubine.

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