Chapter 1228: Saving Devil Concubine

After charging into the devils, Xiang Shaoyun unleashed a slaughter. He released the most domineering of lightning punches and erupted with a terrifying amount of starfall lightning energy. The bombardment of lightning energy completely countered the devilish energy and poison..

Lightning power was the most destructive of powers. He flooded the sky with the profundity of lightning, further increasing the lightning energy's destructiveness as he released one heavy punch after another.

A certain Devil Emperor was struck by one of the lightning punches and was instantly scorched black. A different Devil Sovereign charged forward fearlessly and was pulverized into a pile of mincemeat by a single punch.

Xiang Shaoyun had yet to break through into the higher realms, but he had almost fully integrated his two lifetimes worth of combat experience into his current self. Not only did he have an incredible combat instinct, but he also utilized his fist intent with extreme proficiency. Each punch looked simple yet was boundlessly profound. He had already reached a level where a normal attack would be akin to a battle technique.

This was the essence of what the gravekeeper elder had taught him in the past. After spending several months tempering himself in the Devil Domain and integrating his two lifetimes of combat experience, he finally comprehended what his master had tried to teach him.

When killing enemies, one needed to be fast, precise, and ruthless. One should never hesitate and aim to kill an enemy with one hit. Xiang Shaoyun was fully immersed in that state. He no longer needed any high-level battle techniques. Each random attack of his could unleash his greatest potential, and nobody could stop him.

It was as though Xiang Shaoyun had transformed into a war god. He charged into the midst of the devils and instantly pulverized dozens of devils. Devil Concubine was still surrounded by enemies, and she did not understand why Xiang Shaoyun had returned. Her vision had turned fuzzy, but she gritted her teeth and continued resisting the devils around her.

A certain devil was able to move like a specter. It dealt Devil Concubine a heavy blow, causing her to lose her balance and begin to fall. When Xiang Shaoyun noticed, he pushed his speed to his limits and avoided many devils before reaching her side. He then wrapped his arm around her, stopping her fall.

At the same time, he swept his free arm out in an attack, hurling out a golden rainbow that blasted two nearby devils away. After he rescued Devil Concubine from the critical danger, she smiled and said, "Got you."

She then stabbed her sword at Xiang Shaoyun. Xiang Shaoyun had not expected that she would attack him at a time like this. The sword successfully stabbed into his waist. In his fury, he tossed her aside.

But right after that stab, she fainted in his arm and failed to deal further damage. In fact, her stab was merely an instinctive reaction since she had chased him for so many days.

Xiang Shaoyun's heart softened when he saw the unconscious woman. Thus, he continued breaking free from the devils with her in his arms. Without holding back, he slashed his Overlord Skyslaying Saber around as he slaughtered out a path.

He had been nourishing the saber in his astral cosmos sea with his blood essence. During his time at the Xiang Clan's ancestral pond, he had also taken it out and reforged it. Thus, the saber's condition had been greatly restored. Although it still wasn't a saint weapon, it was not far from being one.

Compared with the few saint weapons he had, this saber felt much better to use as it allowed him to fully demonstrate the Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique's might. 

Using the Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique and Overlord's Nine Nether Steps at the same time, he flooded the sky with destructive lightning energy. Numerous energy sabers tore through the sky, killing dozens of devils at once to create a storm of blood and flesh.

Numerous poisonous devilish bugs swarmed him, but they were all kept at bay by the lightning energy wrapped around his body. With the layer of lightning, no poison could invade his body.

If he didn't have to take care of Devil Concubine, he wouldn't mind staying around to have a great battle with these devils. Naturally, the wound on his waist was painful. However, his body was tough enough to allow him to continue battling despite the injury.

After breaking out of the encirclement, Xiang Shaoyun fled at his top speed. Only when there was no devil in sight did he find a place to hide. There, he laid Devil Concubine on the ground. Her entire face had darkened. It was obvious that the poison had seeped deep into her body.

Without any hesitation, Xiang Shaoyun proceeded to absorb the devilish energy that had invaded her body. He then took out some top-quality lightning liquid and fed it to her. She had a tenacious life force. After receiving Xiang Shaoyun's help, she refined the liquid by pure instinct, and her injuries started healing.

Only then did Xiang Shaoyun have the time to take care of his injuries. The stab wound on his waist had pierced through his intestines. Even now, blood was still flowing. Even someone with a tough body like his couldn't afford to allow the injury to continue to fester. Using the Secret Reversal Technique, he started healing himself.

Xiang Shaoyun's mastery over the profundity of wood had continually increased, and so did his proficiency over the Secret Reversal Technique. His recovery speed was much faster than before. But while he was healing himself, Devil Concubine abruptly opened her eyes and pressed her Yin Yang Sword against his neck. Even someone as careful as Xiang Shaoyun would not be able to predict that Devil Concubine would recover so quickly.

When he sensed her chilly killing intent, he hurriedly said, "Lady, calm the hell down. No matter what, I'm your benefactor."

Devil Concubine looked at him coldly and said, "Tell me, how do you want to die? I will allow you to die with your corpse intact to thank you for saving my life."

"I'm not interested in dying young. Put your sword down. We can talk this out. Why must you resort to violence? We are both civilized individuals here," said Xiang Shaoyun calmly.

With the blade pressed against his neck, his skin split, and he started bleeding. Devil Concubine only needed to slightly draw the sword across his neck, and his head would be severed.

"Keep spouting nonsense, and I'll kill you," Devil Concubine berated. She gritted her teeth and decided to make her move.

Xiang Shaoyun naturally didn't want to die. His saint soul instantly erupted with a boundless might and blasted Devil Concubine away. The instant she was pushed back, she tried slicing her sword through his neck. However, he took the chance to retreat and avoided the slash. While retreating, he kicked her wrist and sent her sword flying. He then bounced off the ground and grabbed the flying sword.

The instant he held the sword in his hand, he sensed the Yin Mother Sword in his astral cosmos sea tremble. It was as though the sword was about to charge out of his body. He exclaimed in astonishment, "Is this the Yang Child Sword?"

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