Chapter 1227: Give Up

Xiang Shaoyun felt incredibly wronged. Why was he suddenly a peeping pervert? This was the Devil Domain, a place where one had to be constantly vigilant of devils. He had not imagined that someone would actually take a bath in the lake. It was too much of a coincidence that this person was actually an old acquaintance.

The old acquaintance was none other than Devil Concubine, the True Martial Academy's number two genius disciple who cultivated the powers of yin and yang. She definitely had the Yin Yang Physique, or she wouldn't have picked that path of cultivation.

During the competition of the four academies, she had showcased her incredible combat strength. At the time, Xiang Shaoyun had accidentally stumbled upon her when she was bathing. She had borne a grudge against him since then. If he hadn't just improved his strength when he had met her, he might have been defeated back then.

Now, Devil Concubine was no longer the same person. She had reached peak fourth-stage Soul Foundation Realm and was only a step away from the fifth stage. Her cultivation speed was incredible, and her growth seemed even faster than Xiang Shaoyun's.

However, she only cultivated two powers. Unlike Xiang Shaoyun, she could advance without gathering nine different energies. Thus, it wasn't too surprising that her growth was faster than his.

After Xiang Shaoyun caught her bathing twice, her impression of him had dropped to the bottom. Back then, she couldn't do anything to him. This time, she vowed to herself that she would kill him. She thus drew her Yin Yang Sword and swung it at Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun fled at top speed. For some reason, he felt slightly guilty, so he decided to act like the bigger man and not bicker with her. He thus prioritized fleeing from her. With that, the scene of Devil Concubine chasing after Xiang Shaoyun formed in the Devil Domain.

"Stop! I promise not to kill you!" Devil Concubine shouted as she gave chase.

She was incredibly fast, but she still wasn't as fast as him. She fumed as she thought, Just you wait until I catch you. I'll teach you a good lesson.

Xiang Shaoyun naturally wouldn't allow himself to be caught. A race was the last thing he was afraid of. Then again, cultivating alone had been dull. Having a beauty chase after him was, in itself, a rather refreshing experience. Therefore, he intentionally slowed down, prolonging the chase endlessly.

"I know you wouldn't bear to kill me," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Stop, then. What are you waiting for?" said Devil Concubine furiously.

"I'm afraid that you might fall in love with me. I'm a married man," said Xiang Shaoyun in a righteous manner.

"Bastard! I won't spare you even if you run to the end of the world!"

"Stop! I won't accept your love! Just give up on me already!"


Many nearby devil hunters heard their exchange and were greatly astonished. Their astonishment only deepened when they realized that the woman was the True Martial Academy's Devil Concubine.

She was the famed True Martial Academy's number one beauty with countless pursuers. And yet here she was, chasing after a man who was apparently rejecting her love! The heavens were unfair!

They were unclear of what had happened, but news of this exchange still spread nevertheless. The True Martial Academy male disciples developed an intense hatred for the man she was chasing, hoping to kill him with their own hands.

As the pursuit continued, the two moved faster and faster. They no longer knew where they were going. They only knew that one was fleeing and the other one was chasing with all she had. Occasionally, some sword strikes were launched.

Even the devils in the area detected the commotion caused by the two. When they sensed the two humans, they joined the pursuit. The two completely disregarded the devils behind them and continued running for three days and three nights. Toward the end, a train of countless devils had formed behind them.

"You crazy woman! How much longer are you going to keep chasing me? Don't you dare think that I won't hit a woman!" shouted Xiang Shaoyun, who was finally losing his patience.

He had thought that she would give up after a while. However, she was too persistent, and he was becoming annoyed.

"Stop running and come hit me if you have the guts," Devil Concubine shouted back.

"Don't be too cocky. The devils behind you will rip you apart," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Hmph. Before that happens, I will skin you alive," said Devil Concubine with a cold snort.

"Fine. This overlord is not going to continue playing with you. Bye," said Xiang Shaoyun as he decided to leave first.

Instantly, terrifying devilish energy erupted from both of their sides and crashed down toward them. Xiang Shaoyun reacted speedily and moved away like an eel, emerging completely unharmed.

As for Devil Concubine, she was less lucky. The attack was too concentrated, and she had been wholly focused on Xiang Shaoyun. Furthermore, the devils behind her attacked, and she was forced to block the attacks instead of dodging.

She had the combat strength to match a peak Sovereign. She activated her soul foundation and unleashed her Yin Yang Diagram, instantly diverting a large majority of the attacks from her back. Making use of a weak point, she tried to break free of the encirclement.

However, a centipede devil lying in wait under the ground suddenly burst out and spat a clump of poisonous gas at her. The centipede, a peak Devil Sovereign, was incredibly powerful. It had been hiding under the ground waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack Devil Concubine. She was caught by complete surprise.

Even though she stopped breathing the moment she noticed the poisonous gas, she still accidentally inhaled some. The little poison she inhaled caused her great pain. She did not dare to be careless and utilized a remarkable sword technique and sliced the centipede into two.

But the delay allowed the devils behind her to catch up with her, and a barrage of attacks was unleashed toward her. At first, she could still stand her ground, but the poison within her flared, and she started losing her endurance.

The poison was too powerful. Even after dissolving some antidotes in her body, she couldn't remove the poison. There were also more centipede devils around her, flooding her surroundings with poison and exacerbating her condition. She was unable to escape and sank into a predicament. 

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun had completely broken free of the encirclement. He could easily leave, but when he sensed what was happening behind him, his departing figure stopped.

He spun around and saw the massive amount of poisonous gas and the devils around Devil Concubine. A sense of guilt welled within him as he sighed and muttered, "Fine, I'll be kind this one time."

He then charged into the midst of the battlefield.

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