Chapter 1221: Comprehension Training

After an unknown amount of time, Xiang Shaoyun woke up.

He opened his fuzzy eyes. When Money entered his gaze, he called out, "Money!"

"I'm here, boss. Start recuperating. I'll stand guard for you," said Money.

At this time, a silver horn had appeared on Money's forehead. It looked rather conspicuous. In the past, he wouldn't have the horn when he assumed human form. But after refining the celestial horn, the very essence of his being had transformed, and he could no longer keep the horn hidden.

This was understandable as the celestial horn was boundlessly powerful. Its might couldn't be hidden so easily. Xiang Shaoyun regained his clarity of mind and understood what happened to him. He hurriedly started healing himself. His main issue was the exhaustion of his soul power. He would be fine after his soul power recovered.

He gulped down spring water, but he found that his recovery was slow. He then decided to swallow the ghostbloom he was growing in the soul spring in his astral cosmos sea. The Devil Domain was filled with danger. He couldn't afford to slowly recover his soul power. Thus, he had no choice but to consume the valuable ghostbloom.

Fortunately, a new ghostbloom had grown in his astral cosmos sea. After a while, the newly grown ghostbloom would also mature. After Xiang Shaoyun consumed some spring water and the ghostbloom, his soul power recovered rapidly, and soon he felt much better. However, his soul had yet to recover to the Saint Realm. He still needed some time before his soul could reach its peak condition.

When Xiang Shaoyun had healed enough, he opened his eyes and asked, "How many days have I been unconscious?"

"Three days," Money replied.

"Three days?" Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed.

He had only recovered a tiny bit of soul power even after three days. It was obvious how much he had exhausted himself while fighting the diabolic dragon. However, killing a first-stage Saint Realm diabolic dragon was an incredible feat. If news of this spread, it would create an uproar.

Xiang Shaoyun decided to stop staying at the same place and left with Money. Seated atop Money, he continued healing himself and sensed his surroundings as they traveled. He wanted to meet up with the Overlord Legion, but he was in a completely unfamiliar place. It was almost impossible for him to find them.

Forget it. It's about time they test themselves. I should start tempering my own battle techniques, thought Xiang Shaoyun with a sigh as he reached a decision.

He headed toward the third layer with Money. He wanted more than just to enter the third layer. His goal was to continue advancing and challenging more powerful devils. There were countless devils in the Devil Domain. Each devil race had unique abilities, and a moment of carelessness could very well result in grave consequences. With his soul injury, Xiang Shaoyun temporarily couldn't unleash a Saint Realm combat strength. However, his physical strength was still enough for him to dominate many opponents.

In the blink of an eye, two months passed. During these two months, Xiang Shaoyun had killed so many devils that he couldn't keep count anymore. He had harvested numerous devil cores and devil corpses. It reached a point where he no longer felt anything when harvesting devil cores and devil corpses.

His proficiency with the Fiery Lightning Storm technique, a fusion of wind, lightning, and flame powers, had increased massively. He had also comprehended a new technique, Stone to Gold, which was a finger technique.

Stone to Gold was based upon the reinforcing effect earth energy had on gold energy. Making use of the reinforcing effect, Xiang Shaoyun was able to fuse the two completely different energies.

Stone to Gold was an incredibly powerful technique especially effective against devils with powerful defenses. That was why Xiang Shaoyun had decided to fuse the two energies into a finger technique—finger techniques were generally incredibly penetrative.

During the two months, his overall strength had also advanced by leaps and bounds. He had constantly fought devils, always striving to push himself to his limits. There were a few times where he nearly killed himself due to his high-risk training.

In that manner, Xiang Shaoyun had forcefully squeezed out his potential and had only hidden to rest whenever his astral energy was fully exhausted. After each recovery, he could see obvious improvements in his strength. It was almost impossible to absorb natural astral energy in the Devil Domain. Fortunately, he could replenish himself using spirit crystals.

During his first visit to the Devil Domain, he had absorbed devil cores to replenish his energy. However, now that all nine of his stars were cultivating different powers and he had comprehended nine different profundities, all other energy would be rejected by his body. Thus, the only use he had for devilish energy was to strengthen his Nether Soul Domain or his flesh. It was no longer helpful in enhancing his stars. In a sense, he had gained and lost some things after specializing his nine stars into different powers. 

Of course, in the last two months, Xiang Shaoyun had also made a decent harvest of rare devil materials, herbs and ores. These materials were rather valuable and could be exchanged for a considerable sum of contribution points.

He had also encountered many humans during his time in the Devil Domain. Some were reduced into puddles of blood by the devils, while some were successful in their hunt. In short, the humans in the Devil Domain were either killing or being killed.

Xiang Shaoyun had grown numb as he had seen too many deaths. He wouldn't help unless the humans were people he knew. He did not view himself as a kind person. 

One day, he had just finished killing a group of devils when he received a request for help.

He couldn't ignore the request because one of the people in the group requesting help was someone he knew. Not far ahead of him were one Devil Sovereign and more than ten Devil Emperors surrounding several humans.

The humans were not weak, but they had obviously reached the end of the road. They wouldn't be able to last any longer. Among them was Jiang Qi from the Sacred Deer Academy. She was now a third-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator and was still the academy's strongest disciple.

Xiang Shaoyun had a decent impression of her. Thus, he rushed over when he heard her call for help. He descended upon the battlefield like a celestial soldier and blasted the devils to death with his unparalleled combat strength. He displayed an extraordinarily heroic bearing, as though he was a child of heaven.

However, one of the devils was incredibly powerful. It had been idle, but when it saw Xiang Shaoyun's strength, it decided to make a move. This devil was an ivory elephant. It stamped its massive leg down, aiming for Xiang Shaoyun as space itself collapsed from the stomp's might.

When Jiang Qi witnessed the devil's dreadful strength, she exclaimed in alarm, "Xiang Shaoyun, watch out!"

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