Chapter 1219: Dragon Slaying

The diabolic dragon was extremely powerful. However, it was completely helpless against the two nether yin devils as their cultivation levels were too high. The nether yin energy they released contained a thick trace of death. Not even the diabolic dragon could withstand their energy. As the claws raked across the dragon's body, its skin was split, and blood spilled.


The diabolic dragon roared and lashed about, trying to slam the two nether yin devils to death with its massive body. However, it was too slow to touch them. Eventually, it was forced to make use of the diabolic dragons' innate ability.

Diabolic Dragon Ascending the Sky!

Its combat power surged as its body multiplied in size. Its draconic head became incomparably ferocious as it soared into the sky and coiled around the two nether yin devils.

It was finally demonstrating the might of the Diabolic Dragon Clan's bloodline. Its current combat strength was far higher than before, showcasing just how monstrous the diabolic dragons were.

"Trying to kill me? I'll kill all of you first!" roared the dragon as it released one dragon breath after another, bombarding the two nether yin devils and forcing them to retreat repeatedly.

Even Xiang Shaoyun was surprised. However, he did not believe that the two nether yin devils could be defeated so easily. Sure enough, the nether yin devils behaved like unfeeling puppets. Even under such an intense bombardment, they charged forward like they knew no fear.


They roared and punched out, blasting the dragon's breaths apart. An intense battle between them and the dragon ensued. The three devils were incredibly powerful, their battle creating massive destruction all around them.

If this was any other Devil Saint, it would have been killed by the nether yin devils long ago. Only a devil as powerful as a diabolic dragon could last this long. The dragon was displaying a shocking combat strength far beyond what it had shown when fighting Xiang Shaoyun moments ago. This was its real strength.

The two nether yin devils weren't weak either, and they were able to continue contending against the diabolic dragon.

Suddenly, Xiang Shaoyun noticed something. He found that while the two nether yin devils were battling, his rate of exhaustion while keeping the Nether Yin Gate up had increased greatly. The gate would probably disappear soon, along with the two nether yin devils.

I can't let this continue. I must become a dragon slayer today, inwardly vowed Xiang Shaoyun as his soul clone turned invisible.

His main body had long turned invisible. At this moment, he stealthily delivered a weapon to the soul clone and then used his main body's might to support the gate, hoping that it would stay up longer.

With the new weapon in hand, the soul clone charged into the battleground. He had to use this opportunity to deal the diabolic dragon a fatal blow. At this moment, the diabolic dragon had completely lost its reason to bloodlust. It would not stop before killing the two nether yin devils.

Thus, it wasn't able to detect the invisible clone's approach. With the gift of instincts, Xiang Shaoyun observed the battle and searched for an opening. He could no longer keep the Nether Yin Gate up for long as the gate was already starting to shrink. The two nether yin devils also sensed the gate's changes as their strength weakened, giving the diabolic dragon a chance to strike back against them. Flapping its wings, the diabolic dragon tore at the two, not even giving them a chance to escape.

"After harming this lord, you can forget about leaving," said the diabolic dragon. Its body started spinning, twisting the space around it in its attempt to shred the two nether yin devils.

Now! thought Xiang Shaoyun as his eyes lit up. The clone stabbed forth with the power of darkness.

The weapon in his clone's hand was none other than the Yin Mother Sword, and the technique he used was the Yin Sword Technique. The nether yin devils' place of origin had the thickest yin energy of all. Thus, apart from utilizing his own yin energy, he also borrowed a large amount of energy from beyond the gate, greatly enhancing the might of his stab.

The sword pierced through space and left numerous spatial cracks as it lashed out, carrying a boundless yin energy that could decay all living beings. With the might to penetrate everything, the sword instantly reached the dragon's vitals.

At this moment, the dragon was in great excitement over the possibility of killing its opponent. The sudden attack was completely unexpected, and by the time the dragon noticed the attack, it was too late.

Instantly, the sword tore into its weak point, slicing its body into two. Blood splattered everywhere as the dragon roared in pain. That one attack had exhausted more than half of Xiang Shaoyun's energy. He gritted his teeth and launched a second strike.

"Like I said, I'm slaying a dragon today. You won't be allowed to survive," said Xiang Shaoyun as he entered the human sword unity state and slashed at the dragon's head.

The Yin Mother Sword was an incredibly sharp weapon. With Xiang Shaoyun's soul clone wielding it with his full strength, the sword could unleash an incredibly terrifying might. The diabolic dragon sensed the approach of death. It was indignant, but it couldn't escape. It could only put up a final struggle.

Diabolic Dragon's Curse!

Using the essence of its life, the dragon spat out a secret technique from its mouth. Numerous sinister devilish runes flew out and dotted the sky. The moment one touched any of these runes, one would be corroded into nothingness. Their corrosive power far surpassed other corrosive energies. This was the most sinister of curses, one that was almost impossible to purify if one was struck.

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't afford to spare the curse any attention. With the sword in hand, his clone came before the dragon and sliced off its head, creating a fountain of blood from the dragon's neck. The diabolic dragon had been beheaded.

Xiang Shaoyun's clone stood there weakly, allowing the surrounding runes to land on it. The curse was incredibly malicious and couldn't be evaded. His clone instantly suffered great damage and started festering and rotting away.

Xiang Shaoyun hurriedly came up with a solution and chanted the Nether Dragon Soul Curse. Sure enough, a devilish curse was effective against another devilish curse. At the very least, he had successfully stopped the corrosion.

Without any hesitation, the clone turned incorporeal and reentered Xiang Shaoyun's head. The Nether Yin Gate had long disappeared, and the two nether yin devils had long returned beyond the gate.

After withdrawing his soul clone, Xiang Shaoyun first put away the diabolic dragon's corpse and then dragged his weak body away from the battlefield. Just as he was leaving, a Devil Sovereign appeared out of nowhere and charged at him.

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