Chapter 1218: Nether Yin Devil

Even when battling Xiang Shaoyun, the diabolic dragon dared to split its attention and tried to break away from Xiang Shaoyun so it could deal with the people who had escaped. Xiang Shaoyun naturally wouldn't give it such an opportunity.

"You dare to be distracted while fighting me? Courting death," said Xiang Shaoyun. With a roar, his Radiant Saint Sword shone brightly as a powerful sword energy enveloped the dragon.

Sword Light and Blood Shadow!

Zero Light Feather Transformation!

He unleashed two stronger stances of the Radiant Sword Technique, flooding his surroundings with a pure white purifying energy. Numerous sharp energy swords engulfed the diabolic dragon and stabbed toward its vitals. The saint soul had been tempered enough to have an incredible combat strength, and it could contend against this diabolic dragon.

Under the Radiant Saint Sword's threat, the diabolic dragon was unable to do anything toward the escapees. It was forced to sweep its massive tail at Xiang Shaoyun. The tail was akin to a saint weapon, instantly shattering the many energy swords Xiang Shaoyun had manifested.

"You deserve death, kid. I'll rip you apart," roared the furious dragon. Its body flickered, and eight clones instantly appeared before they charged toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Diabolic Dragon Phantoms!

The eight terrifying dragons charged forth from eight different directions, tearing space itself apart. They instantly reached the saint soul and tore at it. With his gift of instincts, Xiang Shaoyun sensed that all eight dragons were terrifying. He couldn't afford to neglect even one of them.

The Radiant Saint Sword in the soul's hand shone brightly as it erupted with numerous energy swords that stabbed out in all directions. A few of the dragons were destroyed, but three broke through and collided against the saint soul.

The dragons erupted in strength, attempting to tear the soul clone apart. During the critical moment, the soul clone utilized the Phantom Shift technique. It moved away and reappeared beside the dragon's real body. Then, the soul lashed out with the Radiant Saint Sword. The diabolic dragon had not expected his attack to miss and was caught by surprise. The attack struck.


The sword hit the dragon's neck, creating a series of sparks. Crisp sounds rang out. The sword actually failed to slice through the neck, greatly surprising Xiang Shaoyun. Just as he was about to release a second attack, the diabolic dragon erupted with terrifyingly tough devilish energy. Xiang Shaoyun couldn't even react, and his clone's chest was pounded and then sent flying away. Great pain assaulted him.

"Hateful kid, you're an annoying opponent. I won't spare you," said the diabolic dragon, thoroughly infuriated. After a roar, it spat out a clump of devilish energy.

It was as though a natural calamity was descending. The clump of energy instantly exploded, rupturing space and sending numerous waves of energy in all directions. The destruction spread across an extremely large area, destroying several mountains.

This was the fury of a diabolic dragon; it could shake the world and frighten the heavens. Not even a fourth-stage Devil Saint would have such strength. This amount of destruction was already nearing what a fifth-stage Devil Saint could do.

Xiang Shaoyun could sense the strength behind the attack. He was given a fright, and he used his innate ability instinctively, releasing the Nether Yin Gate. Instantly, a devilish door akin to a black hole appeared before him. 

The revolving energy surrounding the door contained a powerful suction force as it forcefully redirected the diabolic dragon's attack. In the Devil Domain, the Nether Yin Gate was greatly strengthened. It rapidly redirected the incoming energy, instantly devouring even the diabolic dragon's attack.

It was the diabolic dragon's turn to be given a fright. It said, "Nether Yin Gate, this is truly the ability of the imperial nethers. Since a human like you is using it, has the Imperial Nether Clan really joined the humans?"

While using the Nether Yin Gate, Xiang Shaoyun suddenly sensed an entirely different world on the other side of the gate. Something inside seemed to be awaiting his summon, something that he could call out at will.

Without any hesitation, Xiang Shaoyun willed for that thing to come out. Then, two massive figures walked out of the Nether Yin Gate.

Even Xiang Shaoyun himself was shocked, and he cried out, "Nether yin devil!"

These two nether yin devils were unlike the nether prison devils he had met before. The nether prison devils only had a trace of the Imperial Nether Clan's bloodline, whereas the nether yin devils were a different race from the Nether Realm. They were completely different from the nether prison devils. 

They were tall and bold, akin to giants covered in black fur. Their green eyes and sharp fangs looked incredibly sinister, and a thick aura of death swirled around their bodies. Wherever they stepped, not even a blade of grass could grow.

Not only could the Nether Yin Gate devour and redirect energy, but it could also summon the nether yin devils residing in the Nether Realm. Memories regarding these devils awakened from Xiang Shaoyun's bloodline.

He was clear that only imperial nethers with incomparably pure bloodlines could summon nether yin devils from the gate. Furthermore, one had to be at the Devil Saint or above. Generally, just summoning one would be an amazing feat. And now, he had actually summoned two. Even he himself found it hard to believe.

The diabolic dragon screeched in disbelief, "Two nether yin devils? H-how is this possible?"

As a member of one of the four paramount devil clans, the diabolic dragon naturally knew a lot about the Imperial Nether Clan. Generally, only an imperial nether at the Devil God Realm could summon two nether yin devils. How had this human accomplished that?

The two nether yin devils stepped out of the Nether Yin Gate and charged the diabolic dragon. They could sense that Xiang Shaoyun's opponent was the dragon. Thus, their mission was to eliminate the dragon.

The diabolic dragon recovered from its shock and started breathing out repeatedly, unleashing terrifying attacks as it attempted to kill the two nether yin devils. However, the two nether yin devils were too powerful. They attacked together, sending out ripples of nether yin energy that instantly neutralized the dragon's energy.

Then, they raked at the dragon with their terrifying claws. The dragon resisted with all its strength, spreading destruction in all directions. However, the dragon couldn't escape the fact of being clawed by the nether yin devils.

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