Chapter 1217: Against the Diabolic Dragon

The diabolic dragon was at least a second-stage Devil Saint. With its strength, it could easily erupt with the strength of a fourth-stage Devil Saint or even higher. After all, the Diabolic Dragon Clan was known for its terrifying combat strength surpassing other devils'. With such strength, it wouldn't be hard for this diabolic dragon to eliminate Xiang Shaoyun's group.

Fortunately, it hadn't set its sights on the Overlord Legion and True Martial Academy people right off the bat. Otherwise, the two groups would have suffered grave casualties the moment they stepped into the second layer.

When the people from the Overlord Legion and the True Martial Academy sensed the terrifying pressure emanating from the diabolic dragon, their hearts shivered. When they turned around to look at the diabolic dragon large enough to cover the sky, they cried out in alarm.

"I-is this a dragon? Why is it different from what I've imagined? It feels so sinister and evil."

"Are you dumb? This is a diabolic dragon, a member of the four paramount devil clans. Their race is as powerful as the true dragons found among the demonic beasts. We're in trouble."

"What should we do? Look, it is at least a peak Devil Sovereign. It might even be a Devil Saint. How can we be its match?"

"It's over. We need to split up, or all of us will die."


They all panicked.

The diabolic dragon sneered and said, "You're our rations. Don't even dream of escaping."

It then opened its massive jaws and unleashed a powerful suction force as it started devouring the True Martial Academy disciples at the tail end of their group. Its jaws were akin to a black hole, pulling one True Martial Academy disciple after another into its mouth with a terrifying suction force.

"Damn it! Why am I losing control over my body? I don't want to die!" someone cried out in alarm.

Immediately, the shouting disciple and about 10 others were pulled into the diabolic dragon's mouth, turning into its food.

Furious, Xiang Chenxi roared, "Everyone, don't panic. Work together and fight it with all you have!"

He stopped holding back and took out his saint weapon. He unleashed his strongest lightning energy and launched the strongest attack he could at the diabolic dragon.

The people around him responded to his call. They knew that rather than waiting for death, they might as well put up a struggle, giving them a chance to survive. They were all geniuses from numerous different organizations. They each had their own trump cards. A good deal of them took out saint weapons and demonstrated a combat strength surpassing their usual strength as they rained attacks down on the diabolic dragon.

However, all the attacks were nothing in the diabolic dragon's eyes. With a casual breath from the dragon, all the attacks were erased. The impact of the breath caused numerous True Martial Academy disciples to collapse onto the ground. The weaker ones were instantly killed. The disciples sank into despair. Not far away, the Overlord Legion was fleeing with all they had, not daring to look behind them.

Unfortunately, the diabolic dragon did not intend to spare the Overlord Legion either. It sneered and said, "Fleeing rations, come back."

The dragon opened its jaws again and unleashed a suction force toward the Overlord Legion.

The group did their utmost to flee, but they were still pulled back by the dragon. Some started shouting in fear. They were all geniuses of their generation and did not want to die as this dragon's food.

During the critical moment, Xiang Shaoyun stopped holding back. His saint soul charged out and roared, "Today, I shall slay a dragon!"

The saint soul flew over and unleashed a formidable soul power. His soul then threw a furious punch at the dragon. The punch was powered by light energy and could purify all evil. It stopped the suction force's advance and slashed at the dragon's head with its other hand.

The saint soul had sufficient strength and was backed by a saint weapon. Thus, the dragon was instantly stopped and was forced to raise its head and send out a dragon breath to counter the slash.

"I can smell the Imperial Nether Clan's bloodline. It's you, human. I'm capturing you alive," roared the diabolic dragon as it turned into a black streak and shot toward the saint soul.

With its incredible speed, it instantly reached Xiang Shaoyun and swung its wings at him, trying to seriously injure him. The might of the wings ruptured space itself. No regular Saint could take on an attack like this.

Dazzling Sky Sword Technique, second stance, Shower of Light!

Xiang Shaoyun reacted speedily and created a rain of radiant swords to face the wings. The two attacks collided and created berserk waves of energy that spread in all directions. Everyone else fled as far as they could because it would be bad if they stayed.

As they fled, Xiang Shaoyun roared, "Run as far as you can if you don't want to die!"

He was cautioning not only the Overlord Legion's members but also those from the True Martial Academy. He did not want them to stay since he wasn't fully confident he could slay the diabolic dragon. Staying would be tantamount to suicide for them.

The True Martial Academy people escaped immediately. Xiang Chenxi didn't even need to tell them what to do. After throwing Xiang Shaoyun a complicated glance, Xiang Chenxi stopped wasting time and fled as well.

Take care, little ancestor, he thought to himself.

He wholeheartedly acknowledged Xiang Shaoyun's identity. If Xiang Shaoyun wasn't his ancestor's reincarnation, how would he be strong enough to face a diabolic dragon this powerful?

"Overlord, we'll stay!" shouted Han Chenfei.

"Yes, we'll stay and fight together," shouted the loyal Pan Yun.

Some others also shouted the same sentiments. There were also some who were hesitant, evidently preferring to slip away.

"Leave, all of you. Don't stay and be my burden, or all of us will die. I'll look for you after getting out of this," said Xiang Shaoyun anxiously.

"Let's go," said Gong Qinyin as she turned around and left.

She knew Xiang Shaoyun well. He would be fine. She did not want to see the others stay and drag him down. With her taking the lead, some others—the ones who didn't want to stay behind and throw their lives away—also left.

Han Chenfei reached the same realization and shouted, "Overlord, be sure to return to us!"

She then called out to the others and left with them.

"My rations! You're not allowed to leave!" roared the diabolic dragon unhappily.

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