Chapter 1215: Diabolic Dragon

A genius cultivator wouldn't achieve great accomplishments through talent alone. One also needed to work harder than anyone else to surpass everyone, reaching a height nobody could. Xiang Shaoyun was one such talent who not only possessed talent but also worked much harder than everyone else. That was how he had obtained his current strength.

Han Chenfei approached him and said, "Overlord, I'll guard them for you. Continue studying your dao."

Xiang Shaoyun did not argue with her and nodded in agreement. He moved a bit further away and continued to contemplate. He didn't move too far so his saint soul could still sense everything happening to the disciples.

In any case, he was someone capable of perfectly splitting his attention into two. He would be able to react the moment something happened. He started adjusting the three energies without stopping, fusing them in numerous different ways. Soon, a tempo appeared in his mind. He successfully combined the three energies.

This was a move he had derived in accordance with the concepts of Lightning Calamity Fiery Star and Wind and Lightning. He named it Fiery Lightning Storm. This fusion of three energies was a much stronger move and was his first step toward fusing more energies together.

One begets two, two begets three, and three begets all things.

This was a path of dao comprehension. One had to start from the basics to truly touch upon the essence of the dao. Xiang Shaoyun wanted to continue comprehending more fusions, but he found that everyone was waiting for him. He could only stop.

After a while, I need to start moving alone. Things will be much more convenient then, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

At most, he would only help them until they obtain the devilsand. He wouldn't stay with them until the end of the expedition. He needed to face bigger challenges. Only then would he be able to continue growing and obtain more contribution points.

He wasn't being selfish, but he had stronger opponents, and he couldn't afford to spend his time taking care of them. It was also impossible for him to forever protect them since it wouldn't be beneficial for their growth. 

As they continued the journey, they started encountering devils again.

The devils on the second layer were much stronger than those on the first layer. The speed in which they moved slowed down, and the disciples obtained more chances to temper themselves. They had to face stronger devil races, and some even faced the threat of death. They finally realized that the Devil Domain was far more terrifying than they had imagined.

They were basically fighting while cultivating. Some had broken through during battle, some had been poisoned, and some had even suffered grievous injuries. In short, blood and sweat were poured during this trip to the Devil Domain.

Xiang Shaoyun also stopped providing them aid. He wouldn't do anything unless someone was on the verge of death. He constantly tested the many different fusions in combat. As a result, his offensive prowess became stronger and stronger.


Not far away from them was a mountain where many powerful devils were gathered. Each devil was no weaker than a Devil Sovereign, yet even they were prostrating on the ground. It was clear just how powerful the existence in the middle of them all was.

At the very peak of the mountain was a kilometer-long black diabolic dragon. This dragon was from one of the four paramount devil clans, the Diabolic Dragon Clan. Each diabolic dragon had incredibly powerful physical strength and was as strong as a demonic beast true dragon. It was rumored that the two shared the same ancestors and that their ancestors had eventually deviated into two different bloodlines.

Of course, there were still some differences between the two. Diabolic dragons had no claws. Their heads looked much fiercer than the true dragons', and dragon wings were growing on their backs. Long, sharp spikes decorated their backs, making them look incredibly malevolent and dreadful.

The diabolic dragons had not been seen outside of their clan for many years. They generally resided deep in the fifth and lower layers of the Devil Domain. With the appearance of one diabolic dragon here, it was clear they were plotting something major.

"A lot of humans have entered our land. As devil warriors, it is time to demonstrate our courage and strength. Kill every single human. You will be generously rewarded," said the diabolic dragon.

"Kill the humans! Kill the humans!" the devils cried out at the same time.

"Go. The feeble humans will be slaughtered. None of them can stop our march into their lands. We will occupy all their territories and turn them into our slaves and food," said the diabolic dragon.

Then, the devils split into many groups under numerous Devil Sovereigns and scattered in all directions to look for their respective targets. As for the diabolic dragon, it remained in the same spot. A decent number of powerful Devil Sovereigns stood guard around him.

One of them stepped forth and said, "Lord, I heard that a certain human carries the bloodline of one of our paramount races."

"Which bloodline?" asked the diabolic dragon.

"The Undying Devil Clan," answered the devil.

"Oh? That bloodline? Get her here immediately regardless of cost!" commanded the diabolic dragon with a sinister gleam in his eyes.

"Yes, lord," answered the devil before retreating.

A different Devil Sovereign ran over and reported, "Lord, I received a report that yet another human carries the blood of the paramount devil races. It's the Imperial Nether Clan's bloodline."

"Imperial Nether Clan? Have they successfully merged with the humans as well?" muttered the diabolic dragon doubtfully. "This is impossible. That clan has always been arrogant. They look down on all races, so how would they ever merge with the humans? Tell me where that human is. I'll personally capture him."

"This servant is willing to lead the way," answered the devil.

"Let's go. I'll sweep through all the humans to make way for our lords. We will soon conquer the human territories," said the diabolic dragon as he headed in a certain direction with the Devil Sovereign.

The diabolic dragon was unaware that hidden in the void nearby were several humans stronger than him. The Devil Sovereign by his side was under their control.

"Let's see how Xiang Shaoyun is going to survive this," muttered one of them with a sneer.

"Xiang Shaoyun has long exposed his Nether Soul Domain. There is no doubt that he can use the Imperial Nether Clan's abilities. He can only blame himself for offending us. We can't let him continue to live," said a different voice.

"You're truly smart, senior brother. You can control that Devil Sovereign without even the diabolic dragon realizing it. If the diabolic dragon manages to kill Xiang Shaoyun, we can be at ease from now on."

"That kid is no pushover. Hopefully, this diabolic dragon can really kill him."

"Time for us to go to the fourth layer. If we stay any longer, people will start suspecting us."

"Let's go. For discovering that this whole invasion is the handiwork of the diabolic dragons, we have also earned a huge merit."

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