Chapter 1214: Chance Comprehension

Xiang Shaoyun displayed his ferocity and stopped holding back. He had reached the second stage of footwork intent. His past life's memories had played a great role in that. With his footwork intent and wind energy, not a single Devil Sovereign present could compare with him in terms of speed.

After beheading the barbarian devil, his entire person was brimming with strong battle intent. He shot toward the devilfaced lion and started pounding at it. The devil faces manifested by the lion were completely incorporeal. Unfortunately for the lion, the faces' psychedelic effect was ineffective against Xiang Shaoyun. Not even the sound waves could harm him. This was due to the absolute gap between their strength.

After a series of kicks, the lion was kicked deep into the ground and died with a pulverized face. As for the diabolic jiao devil, it was too terrified to attack. It instead fled without hesitating.

"Human, you will die a miserable death. My race's great army will swallow you whole!" threatened the jiao devil while fleeing.

It was extremely fast. A regular Soul Foundation Realm cultivator would only be able to watch it flee. However, it was facing Xiang Shaoyun, who didn't intend to spare it. With a sneer, he said, "Then, I'll let you enjoy this miserable death you speak of."

He then streaked through the air and instantly arrived behind the jiao devil. He grabbed its tail and pulled it toward the other devils. The jiao devil was greatly frightened. It turned around and tried to bite Xiang Shaoyun, but it was slammed into the other devils before it could bite him.

Xiang Shaoyun used the jiao devil like a whip and swept it through the battlefield, sending numerous Devil Emperors flying. Painful wails filled the battlefield. The intense collisions completely disoriented the jiao devil. It couldn't pose any threat to Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun's ferocious display of might caused the Overlord Legion members to grow even more excited as they fought with all their strength. The devils were helplessly slaughtered, and eventually, the humans emerged victorious.

A majority of the devils died, and a few escaped when things turned for the worse. As for the Overlord Legion, apart from the few initial deaths, the only damage they had suffered was some 20 or 30 injured members. As a whole, this was an overwhelming victory.

Xiang Shaoyun then tore the dead jiao devil into pieces before retrieving its devil core. He shouted, "Well done, everyone. Clean up these corpses and move somewhere else to recuperate. If we stay, more devils might come. Things will get troublesome then."

"Yes, Overlord," answered the Overlord Legion members in excitement. They were completely infected by his high spirits.

They split the spoils. The most valuable loots were the devil cores and the important parts of the devil bodies. Both would amount to a decent sum of wealth.

Xiang Shaoyun came beside Gong Qinyin and gazed at her pale face. He asked, "Are you fine, Qinyin?"

"I'm fine. I'm only slightly exhausted," she replied with a faint smile.

"Good. Adjust your condition. We will look for a place to further recuperate. It will be too dangerous to stay here," said Xiang Shaoyun as he rubbed her face with an aching heart.

"Um. I'm fine. I feel great, in fact," replied Gong Qinyin firmly.

She was speaking the truth. Through the battle, she had found her worth and discovered the might of her zither, which pleased her. Xiang Shaoyun could sense that she really was fine, so he moved on to check up on the others. Han Chenfei and the Han sisters had long seen through the care Xiang Shaoyun had for Gong Qinyin. They were envious, but there was nothing they could do.

After checking everyone, he found three people with particularly serious injuries. He directly absorbed the devilish energy that had stained their bodies to lessen the degree of their injuries, letting them recover more easily.

Bringing everyone with him, Xiang Shaoyun led the way as they searched for a peaceful place to recuperate. About half a day later, he found a bare area with nothing but stones. He had everyone rest.

This place only had a small amount of devilish energy in the air. There also weren't any powerful devils around them. After sending some people to kill the nearby devils, the place became a safe resting spot.

Xiang Shaoyun also set up an illusory formation around them. The formation concealed their aura and would fool the devils, temporarily hiding the humans from all devils. Then, he had everyone rest and contemplate what they had learned in their recent battles.

As for himself, he required no rest because he hadn't exerted himself much. He guarded everyone and took the time to organize his gains from the previous battle. He had learned that wind, lightning, and flame worked well to enhance each other. Perhaps this was an angle he could approach to create a fusion of three energies.

Wind could specialize in assisting, while flame and lightning could specialize in offense. How should he fuse these three powers? He kept manipulating the three energies, constantly trying to fuse the three with his comprehension of their profundities. Alas, he couldn't think of anything.

During the crucial moment of his contemplation, he recalled the Desolation mantra, which contained the truth of the world. It was a mantra that could always give one new enlightenment. Sure enough, after chanting the mantra several times, his heart cleared, and he comprehended something new.

"Flame and lightning are offensive in nature. I can first fuse them before using wind to assist them. Both flame and lightning will be strengthened, further increasing their destructiveness. The two can be fused into a sort of lightning flame, and wind can follow closely behind them. With this, everything will flow smoothly and naturally," muttered Xiang Shaoyun to himself as he released the energies of flame and lightning.

As he controlled the two energies, he did not allow them to erupt and spread. The two energies only swirled between his palms. The moment he pushed the two energies together to stimulate the Lightning Calamity Fiery Star, wind energy surged out and engulfed the flame and lightning with a violent gale. The wind then sent them forward.


The tiny clump of energy crashed into a nearby boulder, creating a terrifying explosion and kicking up a massive cloud of dust. The resting disciples were all alarmed.

"Is there an enemy attack?" someone shouted in alarm.

Everyone stood up and braced themselves for battle.

Xiang Shaoyun hurriedly explained, "My apologies, I comprehended something by chance and accidentally disturbed everyone. Continue what you were doing."

The disciples wore odd expressions. They all thought, The Overlord is really the overlord, constantly comprehending the dao. How are we supposed to catch up to him?

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