Chapter 1213: Counter Attacking the Devils

About 1,000 devils were lying in ambush around the second entrance. None of them was weaker than a Devil Sovereign, with a majority of them being Devil Emperors with some Devil Sovereigns in their ranks.

The Overlord Legion had 300 people. Although they had lost some members, their overall combat strength was no weaker than the devils'. They had merely been caught by surprise when they had first stepped through the entrance. That was why they had panicked, lost the initiative, and failed to form an effective counterattack.

Now that they had broken free of the encirclement, they gained the initiative to strike back against the devils. The two parties started fighting for real, and the stronger party would soon be apparent.

Han Chenfei was an ice cultivator and a peak second-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. The third stage was also within her reach. With her ability to fight above her class, regular Devil Sovereigns weren't her match.

The moment the fight started, she picked two Devil Sovereigns and unleashed terrifying frost energy. The two devils were instantly turned into ice sculptures. Her frost energy was unstoppable. When she tried to deliver the final blow to the two Devil Sovereigns, a stronger Devil Sovereign stopped her and dragged her into an intense fight.

Pan Yun was an expert only slightly weaker than Han Chenfei. As someone who had obtained several fortuitous encounters, he showcased a powerful water technique that created a projection of a black turtle around him. It protected him with an unbreakable defense, and no devilish energy could break through, making defeating him impossible.

Defending as a means of offense, he picked three powerful Devil Emperors and engaged them in an intense battle. He might look like a harmless youngster, but he had extremely strong foundations that allowed him to erupt with a terrifying combat strength.

As for the Han sisters, after Han Chenfei had helped them repair their bodies, they had demonstrated excellent cultivation talent. After all these years, they had reached seventh-stage Dragon Ascension Realm and were comparable to many disciples in the academy. Their combined frost attack was astonishingly destructive and could deal with a ninth-stage Devil Emperor.

As for the weakest, Gong Qinyin, she was protected in the center of the group. Everyone knew of her close relationship with Xiang Shaoyun, so they naturally wouldn't allow any mishaps to befall her.

However, she did not want to be a burden. She took out her zither and started playing a devilish tune. This devilish tune was something she had recently comprehended, and she was now putting it to the test.

Numerous odd sound waves rippled through the battleground. The tune was smooth but not exactly pleasant to the ears. It seemed to not be a song made for humans. Sure enough, the moment she played the tune, the weaker devils sank into an odd emotional state. They stopped fighting and even started dancing, looking incredibly joyful. Their actions in the middle of a battle were tantamount to suicide.


The legion took this chance to slaughter all the devils.

When Gong Qinyin found that her tune was effective, her lips curled into a gentle smile, and her dainty fingers sped across the zither strings. Numerous devil sound waves rippled out, entering the ears of the devils without stopping and putting numerous devils into a daze. That, in turn, allowed the Overlord Legion to damage even more devils.

Only then did the Overlord Legion realize Gong Qinyin's capability. They finally approved of her existence as they fought the devils with all their strength. However, the Devil Sovereigns weren't fools. They had great wisdom and were able to detect what Gong Qinyin was doing. One of them charged straight at her.

The attacker was a bone-winged devil. It had a pair of featherless wings that, for some reason, allowed it to fly when it flapped its wings. In the blink of an eye, the devil broke through the humans and stabbed its sharp beak at Gong Qinyin.

This was a Devil Sovereign, not a regular Devil Emperor. Gong Qinyin sensed the incoming danger, but she couldn't avoid the rapid attack. The others couldn't stop the devil either. Just as Gong Qinyin was about to be killed, a fiery palm dropped from the sky and slammed into the bone-winged devil, swatting it into the ground like a fly.

The person who had swatted the Devil Sovereign was none other than Xiang Shaoyun, who was busy battling some other Devil Sovereigns. His attention was split; he was focusing on both his battle and the entire battlefield simultaneously. He paid close attention to everyone's safety, especially those close to him. He would not allow anything to happen to them.

That one distraction from the bone-winged devil didn't even affect his battle against the other devils. He continued attacking boldly, demonstrating a might that no Devil Sovereign could stop. Of the devils, the devil ape was the strongest. Its iron rod was incredibly ferocious as it swung the rod everywhere, unleashing a physical might capable of shaking the world.

This was the first devil Xiang Shaoyun had decided to defeat. He released the pressure of his saint soul and moved like a bolt of lightning. He instantly appeared behind the devil ape, and then a palm shrouded in a golden flame slammed into the ape's back. The combination of flame and gold resulted in an unstoppable destructive might. A bloody hole opened on the ape's back, and the wound expanded incessantly.


The devil ape roared furiously as it constantly erupted with its devilish energy. Alas, it couldn't stop the fusion of the flame and gold energies. Eventually, its massive body collapsed onto the ground. As for the devilfaced lion, it manifested numerous odd devil faces with psychedelic effects. Accompanying the devil faces were ear-piercing sound waves. The diabolic jiao devil showcased impressive physical strength. With its 300-meter-long body, it lashed out against Xiang Shaoyun, determined to defeat him.

Xiang Shaoyun sealed his hearing and repeatedly dodged the joint attack. He then grabbed the devil ape and swung it like a weapon at the devilfaced lion and the diabolic jiao devil. He easily brandished the devil ape, which weighed thousands of catties, like a tiny stick. Combined with his unparalleled speed, he pounded the two Devil Sovereigns to the point they wailed in pain.

A certain barbarian devil decided to launch a sneak attack with its club. First, it spat out a mouthful of disgusting smelly breath and then rained its club down at Xiang Shaoyun. The stink was so bad it made Xiang Shaoyun dizzy. If he hadn't retreated fast enough, the barbarian devil's club would have struck him.

Xiang Shaoyun tossed the badly injured devil ape at the barbarian devil. He then unleashed a sea of lightning and charged toward the barbarian devil. His palm assumed the saber stance as he swung at the barbarian devil. A lightning saber with the might to change the weather flew out and sliced the barbarian devil into a pile of mincemeat.

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