Chapter 1212: Ambush at the Entrance

A month passed. Finally, Xiang Shaoyun's group reached the second layer's entrance. There were seven layers to the Devil Domain, and there were multiple entrances to each layer. Also, the distance between each entrance differed from each other.

They had selected an entrance relatively far from the first entrance and had initially traveled slowly. Thus, they had spent an entire month to reach the second entrance.

During their journey, they had killed numerous devils, so they had each earned many points. They had also obtained some decent training. However, the first layer's devils were still too weak. Even the Devil Emperors weren't too powerful, and the legion could easily defeat them. Thus, the disciples hadn't been tempered greatly, and they were therefore eager to enter the second layer. Only there would they be able to obtain the tempering they desired.

When they were going through the second entrance, Xiang Shaoyun said, "In the past, Devil Emperors would never appear in the first layer. The Devil Domain has really changed. Devil Sovereigns will appear with higher frequency in the second layer, and more powerful devils might even appear. Be careful, everyone. Do not underestimate any devil."

Xiang Shaoyun had to remind them because he was afraid they would take the devils they saw in the first layer as the benchmark for all devils. The truth couldn't be further away. 

Most of the disciples kept his words to heart. They believed that he wouldn't lie to them, but there were still some who didn't really care.

The moment the legion stepped into the second layer, Xiang Shaoyun sensed many powerful devils nearby. He shouted, "Prepare to fight! A lot of powerful devils have gathered here!"

He had barely shouted his warning when devilish energy blasted at them from all directions. The attackers were all Devil Emperors with some Devil Sovereigns mixed in. It was clearly an ambush.

Not even Xiang Shaoyun could predict something like this. After all, the entrance completely isolated the two layers. Not even his saint soul could sense what was at the other side of the entrance.

The members of the Overlord Legion erected their strongest defenses and worked together to block the attacks. A few of them were careless and suffered as a result. Devil energy blasted at them from everywhere, causing even the entrance to rock.

The disciples started working together to break free and didn't let the devils continue to surround them.

This group of devils was composed of more than one devil race. There were about a dozen races, including the devil apes, the devilfaced lions, the flaming rat devils, the diabolic jiao devils, and the barbarian devils.

Some had impressive offensive strength, some had impressive speed, and some had impressive poison. Each race had a unique characteristic, and when they worked together, they were terrifying.

Xiang Shaoyun swept his senses forward before deciding to break free through the flaming rat devils. He shouted, "With me! Charge!"

He held nothing back and attacked with fusion energies.

Wind and Lightning!

Lightning Calamity Fiery Star!

Holding back in such a dangerous moment was tantamount to suicide. Even those around him would be placed in danger. The fusion of different energies erupted with an astonishing might, brutally slaughtering a large number of devils in his attack's way.

Xiang Shaoyun was unleashing the might of someone at the very peak of the Soul Foundation Realm. Unless there was a top-tier Devil Sovereign, no devil would be able to stop him. Storm, lightning, flaming meteors, and so on wreaked destruction and opened a path paved with devil corpses.

The Overlord Legion also attacked, its members demonstrating their strength as genius cultivators as they worked alongside Xiang Shaoyun to break through the siege. Numerous different energies collided with each other, creating endless explosions.

A large number of devils might be present, but most of them were Devil Emperors. Only about seven or eight of them were Devil Sovereigns. Thus, those Devil Sovereigns were the only ones who could stop Xiang Shaoyun.

When they sensed Xiang Shaoyun's strength, they immediately rushed toward him, not giving him any chance to break free. A devil ape brandished its pitch-black rod and swung it at Xiang Shaoyun domineeringly.

The rod left a trail of destruction in its wake as it collided with Xiang Shaoyun's fusion of three energies. A lionfaced devil let loose a fierce roar, assaulting Xiang Shaoyun with a terrifying sound wave.

A diabolic jiao devil swept his tail forth, assaulting Xiang Shaoyun with a powerful devilish whip. The other Devil Sovereigns also attacked with their full strength, focusing on Xiang Shaoyun alone.

However, Xiang Shaoyun disregarded them and easily blocked their attacks. First, he used a powerful storm to tear apart the rod energy. Then, he blasted the sound wave with his rumbling thunder. Lastly, he disintegrated the sweeping tail with his flaming meteors.

The other Devil Sovereigns also stood no chance against him. Their attacks were all shattered by the storm he unleashed on them. Not one of them was a peak Devil Sovereign. The three strongest among them were only late-stage Devil Sovereigns who couldn't pose much threat to Xiang Shaoyun.

More importantly, Xiang Shaoyun had a strong immunity to devilish energy. Their attacks couldn't even reach him before they were all blasted away. If it wasn't for the fact that Xiang Shaoyun still had to protect his people as they escaped, he would have stayed and killed the devils.

He was here to earn contribution points, not mess around. After he opened up a path of blood, the pressure on the others reduced. They could finally readjust their condition and fight properly.

"Overlord, we can stop running. Let's kill them all," said Han Chenfei.

When the others heard, they said, "Yes, Overlord. We're here to train. They are the best grindstone to hone our blades. Let's kill them all to increase our contribution points!"

Upon hearing them, Xiang Shaoyun grew excited as well. He said, "Good. Let's kill them all before leaving. Take care!"

With that, he was finally able to fight freely.

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