Chapter 1211: Easily Slaughtering Devils

"Deal with the other weak devils. I'll deal with this Devil Sovereign," said Xiang Shaoyun as he charged toward the back of the lizard group.

The Devil Sovereign was located at the devil's backline. It had an extremely large body, and its scales were filled with devilish runes that emanated a thick devilish aura. The Devil Sovereign stood erect with its sharp claws resting on its chest and kept a composed expression on its face, its eyes emanating thick devilish energy.

Such a lizard devil possessed considerable wisdom and could not be underestimated. Xiang Shaoyun moved rapidly through the devils' ranks, his steps unstoppable. In a flash, he appeared before the Devil Sovereign.

"Bring it on. Don't be shy," said Xiang Shaoyun as he looked at the lizard devil with disdain.

The Devil Sovereign was infuriated because it could sense Xiang Shaoyun's scorn. It decided to teach this human a lesson.

"Human, you'll die a miserable death," said the Devil Sovereign with a hoarse voice. Its tail swept toward Xiang Shaoyun with an overwhelming might.

The tail was akin to a weapon in itself. As it swept forth, dust and pebbles flew everywhere, showcasing its incredible might that could turn even mountains into dust. Alas, such strength was nothing for the current Xiang Shaoyun. Flame and gold energies manifested above his palm as he casually prepared to slap the tail.

Golden Fury!

During this trip, he had constantly studied his dual-elemental abilities, and his control over them had improved by leaps and bounds. He was able to easily combine and erupt the two energies.

As the two energies fused, they unleashed a terrifying power that slammed into the incomparably tough tail, creating hissing sounds. The lizard whined in pain as its tail withdrew as fast as it had come. A large reddish mark was left on its tail, with a portion of the tail having melted off. Even now, the fusion energy was still wreaking havoc in the tail, torturing the devil with intense pain.

"Come on now, little lizard. You seem a tad bit too weak. Again," said Xiang Shaoyun carefreely as he beckoned the devil.

This was only a peak first-stage Devil Sovereign. It really couldn't pressure Xiang Shaoyun. The lizard devil furiously roared as it sent clouds of devilish energy to envelop Xiang Shaoyun. At the same time, it also hid inside the clouds and then bit at Xiang Shaoyun.

The clouds worked to block one's vision, and they were extremely corrosive. A regular person would be forced to erect an energy barrier to protect against these clouds and switch to the defensive. That would grant the devil a chance to go on the offensive and finish the opponent off. This combination would give any other person trouble.

But Xiang Shaoyun himself was a half-devil. He was immune to the devilish energy, and even the energy's corrosive effect was ineffective against him. As for the blocked vision, it wasn't a problem. His senses were incomparably powerful, and he could instantly sense the lizard approaching from the left. It bared its sharp, bloody fangs as it attempted to swallow him whole.

Xiang Shaoyun's lips curved into a smile as he brandished both his arms. A blue and red radiance shone as two dragons swirled around each other. They shot into the lizard's mouth.

Two different energies entered the lizard's mouth and exploded. The combination of water and flame energies resulted in an incredibly destructive attack. The lizard's massive jaws crumbled, and blood splattered everywhere. Just like that, the lizard was killed. Xiang Shaoyun looked at the badly damaged corpse, and it didn't even have a devil core left, so he lost all interest in harvesting its body.

But when he swept his gaze across the battleground, he found a pile of rare materials not far away. The materials were actually scaled stones, which were the lizard devils' favorite food. Each stone looked like it had a layer of scales, but the stones merely had some runes running across their surface, giving off the illusion that they were scales.

The scaled stones weren't of a high grade, but they were useful for forging emperor-grade equipment. One could always trade them for contribution points or sell them to refiners since they were one of their favorite materials to work with.

Xiang Shaoyun left the stones alone. He waited until the others finished killing all the lizards before having them share the stones among themselves. However, no one was willing to accept the stones. They all stared at Xiang Shaoyun, making him feel somewhat awkward.

Xiang Shaoyun said, "Why are you looking at me? Do I have a flower growing on my face?"

"No, but your face looks even more pleasant than a flower right now," said Han Chenfei as she approached him. "You're the Overlord. If you don't take the things here, everyone else will be too embarrassed to take anything either."

Xiang Shaoyun hesitated slightly before he laughed, "Haha. Fine, I'll take one. You guys can split the rest."

He then made a grabbing motion, and one of the stones flew toward him. He then stored the stone. It wasn't that he was looking down on the scaled stones, but he felt that as a good leader, he should allow his brothers and sisters to obtain enough benefits. But he learned that if he didn't take anything, the others would be too embarrassed to take anything.

Fortunately, Han Chenfei had reminded him. He had to show the appropriate bearing of a leader. He should take his share and split the others as appropriate, which was how a proper leader should act.

After he took one stone, the others split the loot. When they were done, Xiang Shaoyun requested to increase their speed. He found that traveling in such a fashion couldn't temper the Overlord Legion members. They had to move faster and face stronger devils. Nobody objected, and they picked up their pace.

As they traveled, they encountered more and more devils. Once, they even encountered a massive devil race with over 10,000 devils, forcing them to take a detour. That devil race, in particular, was residing within some terrifyingly poisonous devilish swamps, and they would be almost impossible to fully eliminate.

During the journey, Xiang Shaoyun demonstrated great leadership skills. His senses were incomparable, allowing him to see far ahead of them to make the most appropriate choices when dealing with obstacles.

The group no longer swarmed the devils they encountered. Rather, they cycled their combatants, ensuring that everyone would be tempered appropriately. Xiang Shaoyun even personally offered them some guidance.

With two lifetimes of experience and as a cultivator of nine powers, his comprehension of many aspects of cultivation was deeper than theirs. He was more than qualified to guide them. Each Overlord Legion member benefited decently from his guidance, causing their gratitude and reverence toward him to deepen.

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