Chapter 1208: Tang Zhan's Reminder

With a saint soul and two lifetimes of memories, Xiang Shaoyun was far more knowledgeable than his peers. Thus, he could sense just how extraordinary this place was. This wasn't a place constructed by a Saint. Rather, it was something left behind by a Rebirth Realm God. At this residence, one would be able to sense the profundity of space. That was greatly beneficial for one's cultivation. If one could comprehend the natural laws of this place, one might even get a chance to enter the Rebirth Realm.

Tang Zhan said, "Yes, we shouldn't compare. But you still need to work hard. Don't bother getting too cocky before reaching the Heaven Battling Realm, or you will die without knowing how it happened."

"When have I ever been cocky? I’ve always stayed low profile," said Tang Longfei.

"Hmph. Don't think that I have no idea what you did in the Dragon Phoenix Academy. If I want, I can know anything. Don't think that you're so amazing after becoming a deputy commander. There are a lot of freaks in this world you have yet to witness," said Tang Zhan with a cold snort. "I did not call you over to talk about this. I want to tell you to not participate in the Devil Hunting Expedition if possible."

"Why?" asked both Xiang Shaoyun and Tang Longfei.

"The Devil Hunting Expedition might sound like an event where we come together and hunt devils, but the members of the various organizations are also competing for contribution points. Toward the end, they will start fighting each other instead of devils. Doing so, they can reduce their competition and snatch more contribution points," warned Tang Zhan solemnly.

"Contribution points can be stolen?" asked Tang Longfei in astonishment.

Generally speaking, whatever was recorded in the jade plate would be all a cultivator has. In the event of a cultivator's death, the contribution points would be noted on the Contribution Stele. Nobody should be able to steal their points.

"The contribution points in the jade plate naturally can't be stolen easily. But the devilish materials and items you obtained when hunting devils can be exchanged for contribution points at the Contribution Hall. Those can be easily stolen," said Tang Zhan.

"Are you saying that the four academies are knowingly sending their disciples to death?" asked Xiang Shaoyun doubtfully.

"The four academies have always operated with the law of the jungle. Only the ultimate survivors would be considered the elites of the elites," said Tang Zhan. "Remember to stick together and not move alone. If you do, I doubt that many people would dare to create trouble for you guys. Also, don't enter the third layer, and don't even dream of entering the fourth layer. Times have changed. Many powerful devils have emerged from the lower layers. You won't be able to deal with them. Remember my words."

"This is not a compulsory mission for us. Most of the participants are the overseers, so it wouldn't matter if we sit out of this," said Tang Longfei.

He then looked at Xiang Shaoyun, awaiting his decision.

Xiang Shaoyun said without the slightest hesitation, "I must participate. Uncle Tang, I heard that those in the top-100 will receive a chance to become a Saint? Is that true?"

"That's right. A certain holy land will open up. Those in the top-100 will be allowed to enter to search for a chance to become a Saint. How would so many top Soul Foundation Realm cultivators be attracted here otherwise? Shaoyun, you have decent strength. If your cultivation level is a couple of stages higher, I'll probably agree to you joining the expedition. seems a tad bit too dangerous for you currently."

"Father, you're looking down on Shaoyun. His ability to punch above his class is unrivaled. Even the top genius of our academy, Zhan Wushuang, is not his match," said Tang Longfei.

"Hehe, I've told you everything, so you're free to make your own choice," said Tang Zhan.

He had already given them a reminder. They were now aware of what they should know. He wouldn't force them to do anything. 

Tang Zhan had the two sit down for tea and gave them each a saint-grade defensive armor, allowing them to better protect themselves.

Xiang Shaoyun wanted to reject the gift, but after some thought, he decided he shouldn't reject this show of goodwill. He kept the gesture deep in his heart. In the future, he would repay them.

Tang Zhan also told them many other things, such as the weaknesses of the numerous devils, the strength of the different devil races, and some unique routes in the Devil Domain. He told them everything a senior should tell his junior. After about two hours, Xiang Shaoyun and Tang Longfei left.

The next day, Tang Zhan announced the start of the Devil Hunting Expedition. Every single participant was given a new jade plate to ensure everyone was starting from scratch and not relying on their past accomplishments. This was to prevent fraud. After the expedition was over, these points would then be combined with their previous points.

After Xiang Shaoyun and Tang Longfei returned to the Overlord Legion, Ouyang Chuanqi divided them into squads. They were going to be separated into 10 squads of 300 members each. This was a decent size as any bigger would attract powerful devils too easily.

Furthermore, grouping too many people together wouldn't be optimal for their training. Thus, the current squad size was the best. A captain was also appointed for each squad, shouldering the responsibility of bringing all members back alive.

Since they were all academy disciples, if they decided to not officially join the expedition, they could always leave after entering and return to the fort to rest. There were no restrictions on their activities.

However, those who had decided to join were required to stay in the Devil Domain for three full years. During those three years, they would have to constantly hunt and kill devils to enter the top-100 list.

Naturally, everything the participants gained during the expedition would be theirs. The members didn't have any objections toward Ouyang Chuanqi's arrangements. The only conflict occurred over which squad should Xiang Shaoyun be in. He was the overlord with an incomparable combat strength. The squad he was in would feel much safer. Additionally, they all longed to fight alongside him.

"Overlord, you should join us," said someone.

"No, the Overlord must be with us. We have admired him for a very long time," said someone else.

Everyone argued with each other. Xiang Shaoyun had no choice but to look at Ouyang Chuanqi, asking for help with his eyes.

Ouyang Chuanqi shrugged and said, "You decide yourself. I can't help you here."

At this time, Han Chenfei stepped forth and hugged Xiang Shaoyun's arm, declaring, "The Overlord is joining my squad. Don't bother fighting with me."

She was a deputy commander who enjoyed a high reputation in the legion. Thus, nobody competed against her.

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