Chapter 1205: Overlord Legion's Reunion

The person who had first helped Xiang Shaoyun was none other than Xiao Wei, the same person who once brought him to the Dragon Phoenix Academy from Bloodsin City.

Xiao Wei walked out of the void. He still looked the same. With a complicated expression, he looked at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Your growth is really rapid. If it wasn't for some people and their dirty tricks, you would be the academy's strongest disciple. What a pity."

Xiao Wei had personally witnessed Xiang Shaoyun's growth at the Dragon Phoenix Academy. Xiang Shaoyun had a one-in-ten-thousand physique, and his feat of fusing nine powers was incredibly impressive. There was a real possibility that he could build the strongest physique to have ever existed.

Xiao Wei really hoped that Xiang Shaoyun could have stayed in the academy and become the academy's pride and legend. However, his dream was crushed by a few selfish individuals.

Xiang Shaoyun flashed him a carefree smile and said, "Lord Xiao, there is no need to act like that. Perhaps that is what fate has in store for me. I will never forget your kindness. I hope we can remain friends forever."

It sounded somewhat laughable for a Soul Foundation Realm cultivator like Xiang Shaoyun to say that he wanted to be friends with a Heaven Battling Realm expert. After all, a Heaven Battling Realm Saint had always been high above all others. Those below the realm couldn't even compare to them. The difference in status between the two realms was clear. If this was anyone else, Xiao Wei would snort in disdain. But facing Xiang Shaoyun, he didn't even think that Xiang Shaoyun was fawning on him. Rather, a sense of joy rose within him.

"Ok. From now on, we're friends," said Xiao Wei with a smile.

Others might not know Xiang Shaoyun's identity, but Xiao Wei knew very well. Xiang Shaoyun was the gravekeeper elder's sole disciple. The gravekeeper elder might not seem too important in the academy, but the ones who mattered knew that his status was far beyond even the grand elders.

As the gravekeeper elder's disciple, Xiang Shaoyun would definitely receive the elder's care. If Xiao Wei could befriend Xiang Shaoyun, he would benefit in the academy. When the nearby Dragon Phoenix Academy disciples saw that scene, they felt their minds going blank.

They also wanted to offer to be Xiao Wei's friend, but they did not have the courage to mention it. Why would life be so different between different individuals? 

After a short chat, Xiao Wei left. When he was leaving, he transmitted to Xiang Shaoyun, "Feng Huosuo is not the only one here. Even Shadowflash and Situ Mingyu are here. Something major may happen in the Devil Domain soon, so a large number of Heaven Battling Realm experts will be here. You need to watch out."

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and kept Xiao Wei's words to heart. He thought, It would be for the best if they all came at me at the same time. I can then deal with them in one fell swoop. 

After the incident with Feng Huosuo, news of Xiang Shaoyun's arrival spread. The prodigies of the other academies also found out about his arrival.

In the past, Xiang Shaoyun was the winner of the competition between the four academies. Fortunately, he was no longer a Dragon Phoenix Academy disciple at the time. Otherwise, the three other academies would have been thoroughly embarrassed.

When Ouyang Chuanqi and Han Chenfei heard the news, they hurried over to see Xiang Shaoyun. Han Chenfei, in particular, was in a great rush. It had been a long time since she had last seen him. She could feel her heart flying away just at the thought of him.

As for Han Qianwei and Han Xuewei, who were now her sisters, the two were also incredibly excited, but they were now much calmer and could hide their emotions better than before. They knew that Han Chenfei liked Xiang Shaoyun. With the difference between them and Han Chenfei, they had no confidence to fight over Xiang Shaoyun with her.

Xiang Shaoyun had rejected even someone like Han Chenfei, much less them. When Tang Longfei was setting off to visit Xiang Shaoyun at the Ziling Sect, Han Chenfei was in the midst of a breakthrough. That was why she hadn't been able to follow along. Otherwise, she would never have missed out on a chance to see Xiang Shaoyun. Both she and Ouyang Chuanqi appeared before Xiang Shaoyun with a group of people from the Overlord Legion.

"Overlord!" Ouyang Chuanqi, Han Chenfei, and the other members greeted in excitement.

The Overlord Legion had developed to the point where they had about 3,000 members. For this expedition, a large majority of their members had arrived. When they shouted together, their voices rumbled and shook their surroundings, giving the people near them a fright.

They all guessed that the boss of some powerful organization had arrived. But that was right. Xiang Shaoyun was the spiritual leader of the Overlord Legion. Although he had left the Dragon Phoenix Academy, legends of his feats still spread in the academy. Nobody could stop these members from developing a deep reverence for Xiang Shaoyun. 

As Xiang Shaoyun looked at the people before him, his eyes flickered, covered in a layer of mist.

"Excellent! Hello, everyone! This Overlord is overjoyed to see all of you again! Let's find a place and drink for our reunion!" said Xiang Shaoyun as he looked at all the familiar faces.

"Do you hear that? Today, we will drink the Overlord silly!" said Ouyang Chuanqi.

"Yes! Drink the Overlord silly!" Everyone answered at the same time.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to say something, a dainty figure pounced and wrapped a pair of arms around him before he could react. Tender lips pressed upon his lips, instantly stunning him. The lips were icy cold yet also burning hot, leaving a rich aftertaste in his mouth.

An uproar broke out as everyone looked on with envy in their eyes. The brave woman was none other than Han Chenfei. She might be an ice cultivator, but her character was anything but cold. When she liked a man, she would be willing to do anything to pursue him.

It had been a few years since she last saw Xiang Shaoyun, and she couldn't suppress her excitement. She decided to publicly declare her feelings for him. The expressions of Han Qianwei and Han Xuewei dimmed as they watched on.

One was a man they liked as well, and the other was a big sister who had taken good care of them. One could only imagine how complicated their emotions were right now. On the other hand, Gong Qinyin and Lady Shura were displeased, their eyes gleaming with a cold glint.

Xiang Shaoyun enjoyed the sudden kiss and was fully immersed in the enjoyment when his entire body felt unwell. He hurriedly pushed Han Chenfei away and looked in a certain direction. He glimpsed a red silhouette vanishing amid the crowd.

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