Chapter 1202: Revisiting the Devil Domain

Xiang Shaoyun tied up all loose ends in the sect and repeatedly reminded Devouring Ghost to watch over the sect. He also told them to get Tian Ji to ask for the Holy Hall's help the moment something bad happened. He also called over Gong Qinyin.

She had been traveling through the territories under the Ziling Sect's administration to cultivate her heart and zither, which had greatly benefited her. She had also consistently reported her latest whereabouts to the sect so that Xiang Shaoyun wouldn't be worried about her.

Thus, Xiang Shaoyun could easily locate her and call her back. He did not call her back so she could help look after the sect. Rather, he was prepared to bring her along to the Devil Domain.

Gong Qinyin was already in the Dragon Ascension Realm, but her combat experience was still lacking, especially the ones where her life was hanging by a thread. She had to experience and temper herself with cruel hardships if she wanted to really grow.

She might already be his woman, but he didn't want to keep her sheltered like a flower in a greenhouse. If he did, she wouldn't be able to protect herself, and he couldn't always take care of his women. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun would only be at ease if they could grow strong as well.

He also took a trip back to the Holy Hall to visit Tuoba Wan'er and his son. He told her about his upcoming venture to the Devil Domain so that she wouldn't be worried if he went missing for a while.

Tuoba Wan'er also wanted to accompany him to the Devil Domain, but Tuoba Lingfeng was too young and still needed his mother. Helpless, she could only repeatedly remind Xiang Shaoyun to take care and return as soon as possible.

Xiang Shaoyun promised her he would and then returned to the Ziling City. There, he set off for Bloodsin City with the Overlord Legion and Gong Qinyin. Gong Qinyin looked different than before. She now possessed an ethereal aura, like a fairy from the high heavens. Any man would feel a sense of inferiority before her.

She was now a fourth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator. Of course, her strength was nothing compared to the Overlord Legion geniuses, but she had relied on herself to reach this point, which was an incredibly impressive feat.

Xiang Shaoyun gave some flux goldthorn energy to Lady Shura. It was a weakened version that Xiang Shaoyun had diluted, making it easier for her to absorb. In less than half a month, she reached eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm, astonishing everyone from the Overlord Legion.

Only Tang Longfei was sure that she had received Xiang Shaoyun's support. It wasn't that Xiang Shaoyun didn't want to also help Tang Longfei, but he had limited time. He might give Tang Longfei some help as well in the near future.

Xiang Shaoyun was never stingy with his own people. 

The group eventually reached Bloodsin City. The city of blood and sin was still filled with an atmosphere of chaotic bloodlust. Thick devil energy was concentrated above the city, forming devilish clouds that stayed in the sky all year long. The clouds resembled the faces of devils and disturbed anyone who looked at them.

When the group entered the city, they first went to visit the city hall. They still had some people in the city's Skeleton Gang, but Xiang Shaoyun no longer cared much about this branch.

Upon arrival at the city hall, Xiang Shaoyun naturally requested to meet his Uncle Tang. Unfortunately, Tang Zhan was not around. He was at the fort above the Devil Domain to take charge of the matters there. The group then went straight to the Devil Domain. The Devil Hunting Expedition was starting soon, so they couldn't afford to waste any time.

When they arrived, they found that the devil and blood aura had strengthened considerably. Anyone at the fort would inevitably have their emotions negatively affected. One could easily lose control and do something crazy. Xiang Shaoyun acutely sensed that the devilish energy had thickened considerably compared to his last time at the fort.

The floating fort was as impressive as always, looking like a divine tool whose sole function was to suppress this place. Furthermore, it suppressed a boundless amount of the Devil Domain's devilish energy beneath it. Without the fort, the devils would have long broken out of the Devil Domain.

From his past life's memories, Xiang Shaoyun was certain that the human race's strongest experts had built the floating fort. Even at his peak, he hadn't been able to see through the fort.

It was also quite apparent that he was still quite far from the very peak of cultivation in his previous life. It was truly laughable that he was arrogant enough to try dominating the world with that level of strength.

"What are you thinking about, Overlord? Let's get over there," urged Tang Longfei.

Xiang Shaoyun woke up from his thoughts and sped off toward the fort with his people.

He transmitted to Gong Qinyin, "Qinyin, you need to stay clear-headed here. Frequently chant the heart calming mantra, and do not let the devilish energy here disturb your mind. Otherwise, bad things can happen very easily."

Gong Qinyin smiled and replied, "Don't worry. I didn't spend several years tempering my heart for nothing. The devilish energy here might be scary, but it's not enough to shake my will."

"Um. That's good to hear," said Xiang Shaoyun with a nod.

The fort was massive and was basically a large city. Its busiest place was still the place with the Contribution Stele.

All newcomers had to go there to receive their contribution jade plates, which would record their contribution points from killing devils in the Devil Domain. Those who had just exited the Devil Domain also needed to approach the stele and go to the Contribution Hall to exchange their points for the items they required.

Many from the Overlord Legion were here for the very first time, so their first order of business was to get everyone a jade plate. The Overlord Legion geniuses appeared rather excited. Each of them expressed a desire to slaughter a large number of devils and leave their names on the Contribution Stele. 

When they arrived at the place to receive their jade plates, they found a long line. Many people were trying to get a jade plate. Those who already had their jade plates were strolling around the trading area and buying some essential items for exploring the Devil Domain.

There, Xiang Shaoyun's group encountered the people from the Dragon Phoenix Academy and the other academies. The Overlord Legion was no stranger to the Dragon Phoenix Academy. Neither was Xiang Shaoyun. A rather big commotion erupted when the people saw him.

"Th-that seems to be Xiang Shaoyun. H-he's with the Overlord Legion again. Is he returning to the academy?"

"It's really him! It has only been a few years, but he seems more spirited than before. It's a pity he was expelled and can no longer return."

"How good would it be if he was still a fellow disciple like us? He is a freak capable of thwarting the Primal Chaos Physique and Yin Yang Physique. I wonder if he has succeeded cultivating his nine powers."

"Regardless, he is someone worthy of respect. Looks like this Devil Hunting Expedition will be interesting."


Most of the people from the Dragon Phoenix Academy did not have much hostility toward Xiang Shaoyun, and many of them were regretful that he had left. Of course, there were still some who found him an eyesore.

"Xiang Shaoyun, I challenge you," a provocative domineering voice rang out.

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