Chapter 1199: Connecting the Teleportation Formations

Xiang Shaoyun spent seven calm days with Tuoba Wan'er and his son. During those seven days, he kept his mind empty and didn't even cultivate, spending all his time enjoying the warmth of his family.

His child seemed incredibly smart as he was seemingly aware that Xiang Shaoyun was his father. Instead of fearing this stranger, he enjoyed spending time with Xiang Shaoyun all the time. Even Tuoba Wan'er was grumbling that the little fellow had forgotten all about his mother.

She had cared for him for months, yet he seemed closer to Xiang Shaoyun, who had only arrived a few days ago. 

On the seventh day, the Holy Hall became filled with an austere atmosphere. People could occasionally be seen moving around in haste.

Xiang Shaoyun could sense that some great changes were happening in the Holy Hall. The hall master was a supreme existence in the Holy Hall. His status was not to be questioned. Thus, the third and fifth elders were unlikely to escape the disaster coming their way. After the seventh day, the hall master finally appeared to visit Tuoba Lingfeng. Xiang Shaoyun witnessed firsthand the difference in attitude the hall master showed him and his son.

This kid has more status than his father, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

After spending some time playing with the baby, the hall master met Xiang Shaoyun alone.

"Was the spatial node outside the desert opened by your people?" asked the hall master.

Xiang Shaoyun's pupils shrank. He nodded and said, "Yes, grandpa. I was hoping to connect the two teleportation formations. That way, travel would be much easier in the future."

"Um. Since you have prepared everything, I don't need to do too much. Come, go open the final node and complete the formation," said the hall master as he brought Xiang Shaoyun to the formation in the sect.

Upon activating the formation, the hall master waved his hand, brought Xiang Shaoyun into the void, and then easily opened the node. Only then did Xiang Shaoyun personally experience how strong the hall master was—he was a true Rebirth Realm expert. If he wasn't, the hall master wouldn't have been able to open a spatial node so easily.

Not even Devouring Ghost, Xiang Chenge, and Li Juetian sensed the hall master's approach. They only noticed the hall master and Xiang Shaoyun when the two appeared before their eyes.

"Young sect master (little ancestor)," the three greeted.

Xiang Shaoyun said, "Don't be nervous. This is my grandpa, the Holy Hall's master. We are going to join up the two formations."

All three of them were people with extraordinary insight. When facing the hall master, they appeared deferential and addressed him as lord. In this world, what mattered most wasn't status or identity. Rather, it was strength. Everyone was expected to show respect when encountering a stronger cultivator.

The hall master only gave them a glance. He showed no friendliness as he opened the final node. With all the nodes connected, the air rippled with waves of incorporeal energy, causing indescribable changes in space, and a spatial tunnel formed between the two formations.

The hall master then dragged Xiang Shaoyun along through the nodes. In the span of several blinks, Xiang Shaoyun was dragged over a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers. By the time he recovered from his shock, he had reached a familiar place.

"We're back this fast?"

"It's not that far since both places are still in the Western Desert. With the spatial tunnel, we can naturally reach the other side quickly. If we couldn't even travel this quickly, what's the point of having the teleportation formations?" replied the hall master. He scanned the Ziling Sect and said, "So this is what your father left behind for you?"

"Yes, grandpa," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"A tiny sect like this is worth your undivided attention?" asked the hall master.

Xiang Shaoyun declared with confidence, "Yes, it's small now. But I'm confident I'll develop it into something as powerful as the Holy Hall within 100 years."

"100 years? I'll give you 500 years. If you can do it, you’ll earn my respect," said the hall master indifferently.

Every single organization had to gather strength for a long time before slowly becoming strong. For example, the Holy Hall had spent many years growing before reaching their current strength. It was easier said than done to build up a similar organization within 100 years.

"Just you watch, Grandpa," said Xiang Shaoyun firmly.

He was filled with confidence for the future. Even if he cultivated nine powers, his path of cultivation would remain unimpeded. The hall master did not say anything. He dragged Xiang Shaoyun back to the Holy Hall.

From now on, the Ziling Sect and the Holy Hall were connected through teleportation formations. With the Holy Hall as its backer, the Ziling Sect could no longer be bullied so easily anymore. As for the Holy Hall, they would now have a much easier time connecting to the outside world and could use the teleportation formations for this purpose.

The hall master had a long discussion with Xiang Shaoyun involving the relationship of their two organization. Both sides needed to ensure their needs were fulfilled.

The Ziling Sect needed someone to act as their representative at the Holy Hall. This person would be given free passage into the hall. Tian Ji was designated as this person. Tian Ji was clever and knew how to handle interpersonal relationships well. Thus, he was more than enough to take on this role.

On the Holy Hall's side, someone was also appointed to be Tian Ji's colleague. The two would be able to work together to fulfill both organizations' needs. 

When Xiang Shaoyun was finished, he spent some time with Tuoba Wan'er and his son before returning to the sect.

As for Tuoba Wan'er and the baby, they remained in the Holy Hall. In any case, Xiang Shaoyun could easily return to the hall now. He only needed to spend some spirit crystals for each trip.

Xiang Shaoyun then prepared to build more teleportation formations, aiming to connect the sect with the angels. If they could also form a connection with the angels, they would no longer need to fear any invasions.

But before Xiang Shaoyun finished constructing the formation, some people from the Dragon Phoenix Academy came. The visitors were none other than Tang Longfei and Lady Shura, who had been separated from Xiang Shaoyun for a long time.

Apart from them, a number of people from the Overlord Legion and the Bloodsin City Hall also visited. When Xiang Shaoyun met them, they brought him a piece of news that placed him in a difficult position.

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