Chapter 1197: One Against Three

Xiang Shaoyun looked at the three people before him in confusion and asked, "Why are you blocking the way? Move aside."

The three before him were ninth-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivators, each in an optimal state and radiating an aura that couldn't be underestimated. Xiang Shaoyun knew they were the guards in charge of guarding this residence in secret. They weren't supposed to show themselves unless there was an enemy attack.

Thus, Xiang Shaoyun was confused to see all three of them standing in his way. The leader of the three was a man in a gold outfit. He said, "Holy son-in-law, to enter, you have to first defeat us. This is the hall master's command."

"What is this?" grumbled Xiang Shaoyun sullenly. He then strode toward the door, not believing that the three would dare to attack him.

However, he was obviously overconfident. The moment he took a step, the man in black attacked without hesitating. The man in black wielded a black saber and sent a black streak slashing toward Xiang Shaoyun's vitals.

The black slash contained thick saber intent. It was also fully locked onto Xiang Shaoyun with a Sovereign Realm aura, not giving Xiang Shaoyun any chance to escape. At the same time, the woman in white stabbed him with a dagger. He was instantly placed in a perilous position.

The dagger stab transformed into a white snake silhouette aiming for Xiang Shaoyun's lower body with a chilling sharpness. The man in gold soared into the sky, holding a golden axe. He brought it down, aiming for Xiang Shaoyun's head.

The golden axe was incredibly powerful and possessed a Sovereign's peak power. It could easily crush a dozen mountains with a single strike. 

With attacks coming at Xiang Shaoyun from three different directions, Xiang Shaoyun wasn't given any chance to escape. Even a peak Sovereign would have a hard time avoiding such a pincer attack.

Xiang Shaoyun had not expected the three to actually attack. He did not have the time to give it much thought. A chilly radiance flickered in his eyes as he instantly detected a weak point in their joint attack. He moved like a specter and first threw a fist forward. Then, he kicked downward and moved aside to avoid the attack from the sky before finally deflecting the golden axe.

The lightning fist shot at the man in black's weak point, the side of his body, forcing him to switch from the offensive to the defensive. Xiang Shaoyun's kick transformed into a blade of wind, tearing at the woman in white. It loudly collided with her dagger. As for the man in gold's attack, he lost his balance after his attack was deflected.

Even when facing three opponents by himself, Xiang Shaoyun could stand his ground. The combat prowess he demonstrated was beyond what a third-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator was capable of.

Xiang Shaoyun did not give chase. He roared, "Piss off if you're smart, or I won't mind teaching you a lesson."

However, his warning was pointless. The three immediately advanced again. This time, they held nothing back, as though they were really trying to kill him.

Finally, Xiang Shaoyun was angered. He showed no mercy and moved with ethereal footwork before throwing out numerous overbearing lightning punches. Lightning was the most overbearing of the many extreme yang powers. 

Powered by Xiang Shaoyun's tempered lightning bones, his starfall lightning energy was incredibly formidable. Its destructiveness could evoke fear even in a Saint, to say nothing of these three Sovereigns.

After regaining his combat experience from his past life, his control over lightning became impeccable. The thick fist intent he emanated was heaven-defying, as though a star of lightning was exploding around them, crushing toward the three with a relentless might.

Relying on his gift of instincts, Xiang Shaoyun saw through their weak points and mercilessly aimed his punches at their flaws. He rendered their attacks completely pointless and scattered their joint attack within several breaths.

Xiang Shaoyun then charged at the man in black, sending out a lightning fist that roared like a lightning dragon, instantly forcing the man into a defensive position. The man in black released his nine-layered soul foundation and combined the soul foundation's pressure with its soul marks and his saber energy to face Xiang Shaoyun's attack.

The three had thought that Xiang Shaoyun wouldn't be their match with his third-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivation. But they still did as told and gave him as much pressure as they could. Only after the battle started did they realize that Xiang Shaoyun wasn't at all weaker than them. In fact, he even seemed stronger than them.

Xiang Shaoyun's advantage wasn't only due to his gift of instincts. His saint soul also played a great role, as it granted him incredibly quick reaction speeds that surpassed the Sovereign Realm. 

The man in black used all he had to resist Xiang Shaoyun's attack, but the lightning power was too terrifying. His dark energy was completely useless, and he was forced into repeated retreats. The lightning bombardment tortured him relentlessly, and he couldn't strike back despite the intense pain. The lightning energy invading his body was too destructive. If it wasn't expelled from his body soon, he would suffer grave injuries. 

After pushing the man in black away, Xiang Shaoyun spun nimbly and stabbed at the woman in white. The woman in white already had her full defenses up. As she aimed for his vitals, each dagger stab possessed incomparable sharpness and sliced apart Xiang Shaoyun's lightning assault.

However, Xiang Shaoyun's movements were ethereal and shockingly fast. Also, his entire body was wrapped in lightning. Like a berserk lightning dragon, he suppressed the woman in white solely with brute force. An unending stream of fists rained down on her, completely suppressing her. If the man in gold hadn't rushed over, the relentless attacks would have scorched the woman black.

Xiang Shaoyun was aware that the man in gold was the strongest of the three. He unleashed more of his strength and utilized both the powers of wind and lightning simultaneously.

Wind and Lightning!

Instantly, a massive storm assaulted the man in gold. The man in gold unyieldingly pushed his golden axe forward, but his attack instantly collapsed the moment it reached the storm. An unstoppable force continued smashing toward him. Eyes flickering, he retreated without a second thought. The storm of wind and lightning before him wasn't something he could face head on.

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