Chapter 1196: Child of Destiny

After leaving with Tian Ji, Xiang Shaoyun convened with Xiang Chenge and Devouring Ghost. It was time for him to activate the teleportation formation. The formations at both the Holy Hall and the Ziling Sect had been built, but the spatial tunnel needed to be opened between them to connect them.

Previously, he wanted the hall master to help connect the formations as he didn't have a high-level Saint by his side. Now that he had Xiang Chenge and Devouring Ghost with him, he shouldn't have much trouble connecting the two formations. When the two arrived, he told them what he wanted to do.

Devouring Ghost said, "Young sect master, it might be a tad bit hard with only the two of us. It's better to get Li Juetian to help as well. With the three of us working together, the efficiency will be much greater."

Xiang Shaoyun gave it some thought and asked, "Is he in the sect?"

"No, he's outside, but we can call him over anytime. I doubt he would refuse us," said Devouring Ghost.

"Good. Call him over, then," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Recently, Li Juetian was residing at a mountain ridge near the sect. He considered it his personal cultivation spot. The other villains were also living nearby and cultivating in seclusion, showcasing their determination to follow him. Sure enough, he came over to help the moment he received Devouring Ghost's request.

He had promised Scarlet Flame Monarch to serve Xiang Shaoyun for 10 years. He only needed 10 years to obtain Old Man Three Severing's inheritance, making it a profitable trade. This promise was also the reason he had yet to leave. 

When everyone arrived, Xiang Shaoyun brought them to the formation. He then activated it and had them split space to kickstart the forging of the spatial node.

The three Saints worked together and easily entered the void. They pierced through all resistances as they headed toward the Desert of Despair. They had to pick the shortest path between the two formations and lay out appropriate spatial nodes along the path to activate the formations. They only reached the Desert of Despair's node after an entire month.

Xiang Shaoyun had been following them. With the strength of his body, he wasn't supposed to be able to survive in the void, which was brimming with currents of chaotic energy. But after the tempering of the lightning origin energy, his body had gained incredible durability. He also had the Radiant Saint Armor to provide him with extra protection. Thus, he wasn't afraid of the energy currents in the void.

The strength of his saint soul also played a great part in allowing him to stay in the void and follow the three Saints as they dug a spatial tunnel toward the Desert of Despair. In his hand was the Holy Hall's token.

There was a unique power in the token that let him ascertain the Holy Hall's direction. Upon reaching the Desert of Despair, he quickly located the Holy Hall. He impatiently activated the token and opened the Holy Hall's entrance before rushing inside.


In a certain serene courtyard, sounds of laughter broke out.

"Haha, this little fellow is actually pissing on his great-grandpa. How gutsy of him," said the hall master with a chortle.

He could be seen teasing a little fellow in a cradle with joy all over his face. By his side was Tuoba Wan'er with a calm smile on her face. Occasionally, traces of worry flickered in her eyes.

Without a doubt, the little fellow in the cradle was Tuoba Wan'er's newborn. He was a few months old, looking somewhat silly with an incredibly adorable pair of big twinkling eyes.

During his birth, a phenomenon had appeared in the Holy Hall. A thick fortuitous aura had surged into the air, and the images of dragons, phoenixes, and qilins had appeared in the sky. The entire city was alarmed by the phenomenon.

The hall master was overjoyed when he realized that the newborn was a child of destiny with extraordinary future accomplishments. The hall master personally named the newborn Tuoba Lingfeng, hoping that he would reach the apex of the world and overlook all living beings in the future. It was evident how much hope he had for the baby.

"Grandpa, you're pampering him too much. Are you not worried that he would grow up into a hedonist in the future?" said Tuoba Wan'er.

"Don't worry. This kid is blessed by the heavens. Even if we pamper him, he still won't be mediocre his entire life. The Holy Hall's future lies with him," said the hall master.

"Grandpa, I need to discuss something with you," Tuoba Wan'er changed the topic.

"What is it?" said the hall master.

"I-I want to take this child to meet his father," she said cautiously.

"You have the guts to mention him? What kind of a father is he? His child was born several months ago. Even now, he's still nowhere to be seen. Is he trying to abandon his wife and son?" said the hall master furiously.

"Waa! Waa!"

When the baby in the cradle sensed the hall master's anger, he burst into tears.

The hall master instantly calmed down. He quickly bent down and teased the baby, "Oh, little fellow. Don't cry. I was only talking about your father. You don't have to get so angry. Alright, alright. Your great-grandpa will stop scolding him."

If anyone from the Holy Hall saw the hall master's current appearance, they would be stunned silly. Was this still the same hall master? He looked more like a friendly next-door uncle.

"Grandpa, the holy son-in-law is not that kind of person. I'm afraid he had encountered some trouble," said Tuoba Wan'er.

"He's a grown-ass man. What kind of trouble can he be in?" said the hall master. "If you really want to see him, I'll just send someone over. Lingfeng must stay. He is still too young to make such a long journey. And you must remain to nurse him."

"What are you waiting for? Quickly send some people over," said Tuoba Wan'er joyfully.

"I really wonder if that kid had drugged you or something. Why are you so loyal to him? If he dares to mistreat you, I'll break his third leg!" grumbled the hall master.

He then called some servants over to take care of Tuoba Wan'er and Tuoba Lingfeng. He also summoned some people to arrange for some people to visit the Ziling Sect and see what was going on with Xiang Shaoyun. But before he was done, someone came to report that Xiang Shaoyun had returned.

"So he's finally back? Looks like I need to teach him a lesson," muttered the hall master. He called some people over and had them stop Xiang Shaoyun from entering.

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