Chapter 1194: Burying the Great Saint's Bone in the Sect

Death by being torn in half. That was a bad way to go. The incredibly tough body of the Great Saint failed to resist Xiang Shaoyun's tearing force. His blood splattered everywhere in a rain of blood, as though the heavens were weeping for his terrible death. Everyone present was shocked.

A Great Saint was definitely an existence at the very top of the pyramid, an individual infinitely close to being a God of the Rebirth Realm. Even someone like that had to suffer such a fate. The heavens itself wept for him.

The Saints felt all their hairs rising on end. That kind of strength was something they had no hope of contending against.

"Th-that is a Rebirth Realm God possessing his body! We need to leave!" Xun Kong was the first to cower. With a terrified shriek, he turned and sped off.

Although the Great Saint had been ripped into two, he still wasn't fully dead. And yet Xun Kong was escaping without hesitation, showing just how much of a coward he was. Di Batian wasn't any slower. He immediately flew away with the beautiful woman in tow. He knew that there was no chance the Great Saint could survive, and he did not wish to die alongside him.

Looks like that kid has finished growing. He is even scarier than his father. Sigh, thought Di Batian.

"You think you can come and go as you wish? Not so fast," Devouring Ghost shouted.

He then sent his blood demon puppet charging toward Di Batian. The fifth-stage Saint from the Di Clan also fled at full speed. However, Li Juetian was lying in wait. The moment the Di Clan Saint tried to flee, he rushed over and slashed with his sword.

He demonstrated the ruthlessness of a villain, showcasing his amazing ability to sneak attacks. Meanwhile, the fifth-stage Saint was in panic and was unaware of Li Juetian's sneak attack. He was caught by surprise and had his body cleaved into two. Even his saint soul was sliced in half, sealing his fate of death.

Li Juetian's Sky Severing Sword Technique was incredibly destructive and not to be underestimated. 

The death of the fifth-stage Saint signaled the end of the conflict. Hovering high in the sky, Xiang Shaoyun held half of the Great Saint's body in each hand. He looked like a god of slaughter and emanated an unstoppable overbearingness.

The Great Saint was still alive as his upper body still had some life in it. He shouted, "Y-you can't kill me! I'm from the Di Clan! If you kill me, all of you will die!"

"Still acting tough?" said Xiang Shaoyun with scorn. Starfall lightning energy surged out of his hands and torched the Great Saint's body.

His starfall lightning energy had absorbed a large amount of lightning origin energy, greatly enhancing its strength. It was now comparable with the energy of a Saint. 

When the Great Saint sensed death, he unhesitatingly sent his saint soul flying out of his head. He no longer dared to stay in his body.

Wielding a secret treasure, the saint soul tore through space in his attempt to flee. While leaving, he declared, "I will remember this. A day will come when I purge your Ziling Sect with blood."

By the time Xiang Shaoyun tried to capture the saint soul, he had found that his opponent's aura had completely vanished. At this point, if he didn't give chase with all his strength, he would have no hope of capturing the Great Saint. After a slight hesitation, he gave up on pursuit because he could only fuse with his blood-soaked robe for a limited period of time. If he pursued and went over the time limit, things would become troublesome.

"Bury this Great Saint's bone in the clan and suppress his fortune," said Xiang Shaoyun to Devouring Ghost as he tossed him the Great Saint's body.

Devouring Ghost showed no hesitation. He caught it and had the blood demon consume every single drop of blood essence in the body. He did the same to the fifth-stage Saint Li Juetian killed. The blood essence of these experts was the best nutrition for strengthening his blood demon puppet.

"This is some great stuff," said Devouring Ghost in excitement.

The blood demon was essentially a clone he had personally created. Thus, he could control it as he wished. The stronger the blood demon was, the better it was for him. Therefore, his excitement was understandable. 

The people of the Ziling Sect started cheering.

"The young sect master is formidable! You are the strongest! Our Ziling Sect is ever victorious!"

"The young sect master is actually this strong? He's my idol! From now on, he is my role model. I must become someone like him and protect our sect!"

"That's right. By following the young sect master, we will only grow stronger and stronger."

"With the strength of our sect, who would still dare to provoke us? Just wait until the sect master also returns. We will then be able to charge into the ranks of tier-8 organizations."

"How amazing would it be if I can become the young sect master's attendant?"


Xiang Shaoyun put the blood-soaked robe away, and his aura dropped back to third-stage Soul Foundation Realm. He thought, I only have two uses left. I hope this incident will be enough to buy me some peace.

Since the Di Clan had sent over a Great Saint, there had to be a Rebirth Realm God in their clan. Thus, he felt greatly pressured.

Xiang Shaoyun headed toward the sect. Behind him, Devouring Ghost, the blood demon puppet, Xiang Chenge, Li Juetian, the turtle, and the toad followed. The group exuded a massively oppressive aura, strengthening the atmosphere surrounding the sect.

A sect's atmosphere was decided not only by the sect's unity but also by the availability of the sect's experts and the stability of their morale. All three were required to form a powerful atmosphere that would hasten and smoothen the sect's growth.

"Deactivate the formations and welcome the young sect master's triumphant return!" shouted someone.

With that shout, the formation enveloping the sect vanished. A powerful army lined up in an orderly fashion within the sect as they welcomed Xiang Shaoyun's return. Every person looked at Xiang Shaoyun with reverence in their eyes. This was especially true for the women of the sect. They wished for nothing more than to plaster themselves all over Xiang Shaoyun, hoping only that he could remember them. Unfortunately for them, Xiang Shaoyun maintained an indifferent expression as he strode toward the grand hall, not sparing any of them a glance.

After Xiang Shaoyun entered the hall, Pang Tongyuan, Old Yao, and the other elders rushed inside. Seated atop the main seat, Xiang Shaoyun scanned the crowd. He remained silent, but he gave everyone a suffocating pressure, including the Heaven Battling Realm Saints.

Finally, he asked, "How much damage did we suffer this time?"

The turtle replied, "Little taurus is dead."

"Yes, little taurus died a miserable death. We need to avenge him!" said the toad.

Their little underling had been killed off just like that. They were naturally saddened by his death.

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