Chapter 1193: Stomping on a Great Saint

The bloody robe was soaked in Xiang Dingtian's blood essence and contained his Rebirth Realm aura. Thus, when Xiang Shaoyun connected with the blood essence, he gained access to a tiny portion of his previous life's strength. 

Unfortunately, not much of the strength remained. He had thoroughly studied the robe during his seclusion in the ancestral pond. At most, it could be used three more times. Left with no choice, he had to exhaust one of the three usages now.

The moment Xiang Shaoyun activated the bloody robe, his aura surged, and his temperament went through a complete change. The boundless aura and unyielding might around him made him look like an unstoppable deity.

Even the world changed alongside him as lightning energy gathered in the sky and generated a natural phenomenon. Those battling and the regular Ziling Sect members watching the fight could sense Xiang Shaoyun's change. An uproar broke out.

"The Overlord has returned," Xiang Chenge exclaimed.

He had witnessed this change before. At the time, their first elder had his teeth broken by Xiang Shaoyun. What could this might signify apart from the Overlord's return?

"What a terrifying strength. This is really the Overlord's power. Has the Overlord fully returned?" muttered Devouring Ghost with joy when he sensed the familiar aura.

"What a powerful aura. How is this possible?" Di Batian cried out in alarm after dodging an attack from the blood demon puppet.

"Lord, you need to hurry up and end him! There is something weird about this kid!" Xun Kong reminded the Great Saint.

"Hmph. I don't need you to teach me what to do. I'll destroy him," said the Great Saint with a snort as he sent out a palm attack.

His palm attack was like a falling piece of the sky. The space around Xiang Shaoyun cracked and collapsed, the palm threatening to crush him under its weight.

When Xiang Shaoyun sensed the incoming attack, he smirked and said, "Like I said, you will be buried here. You won't be able to survive."

He then punched the incoming palm. Space shattered in the wake of his punch, and the Great Saint's energy collapsed from the fist's might. The chaotic current swept toward the Great Saint, causing him to panic and quickly move away. The Great Saint took out his weapon to face Xiang Shaoyun's attack with all his strength.

What is going on with this kid? Why is he suddenly so strong? inwardly howled the Great Saint. He was completely unresigned.

However, he had strong willpower and wouldn't lose hope from this alone.

"Whoever you are, you still need to suffer my wrath!" shouted the Great Saint as he unleashed all his strength. His energy erupted like a storm and wreaked havoc around him. He swung his weapon and sent a powerful energy slash toward Xiang Shaoyun.

The slash broke through space and instantly reached Xiang Shaoyun, threatening to slice him into two. Such a world-shaking attack seemed capable of even slicing the world into two. It was incredibly terrifying.

A Great Saint should never be blasphemed, or one would be punished by the world itself. The terrifying attack forced even those battling to scatter out of fear of the resulting shockwave hitting them.

They were clear that the confrontation between Xiang Shaoyun and the Great Saint would play a deciding factor in this incident. The winner would be the ultimate winner. Thus, all the other battles were meaningless. 

The Great Saint was confident he could kill Xiang Shaoyun with an attack this powerful. The other Saints also thought the same. None believed that Xiang Shaoyun would be able to survive.

Xiang Chenge was the only one with a confident smile on his face. "What is a Great Saint before our little ancestor?"

Unsurprisingly, Xiang Shaoyun caught the overbearing attack in his palm and crushed it. His every motion was casual and carefree, as though that terrifying attack wasn't enough to scratch an itch. The Great Saint was thoroughly stunned.

"My turn," said Xiang Shaoyun with a cold sneer as he lifted his leg and stomped down at the Great Saint.

His leg seemed to transcend time itself. Carrying the might to crush the heavens, it instantly arrived above the Great Saint. The Great Saint felt like a leg as big as an entire world was stomping down on him. No matter how he dodged, the leg was still above him, leaving him no way out.

"Get lost!" roared the Great Saint as he unleashed an all-out attack at the stomping foot.

As a Great Saint, how could he be bullied like this by someone? He had to strike back and cut the leg down. However, his energy shattered in the face of the stomping leg and flung him down. He lay flat on his back, crushed into the ground.

The stomp grew in might as it descended, eventually reaching the Great Saint and stamping him deep into the mountain. A terrifying explosion ensued as more than 10 mountains were instantly flattened. Clouds of dust filled the area, showcasing the stomp's terrifying destructive force. The entire sect shook. If it wasn't for the formations protecting the sect, they would have also suffered great damage.

The other Saints were stunned. They had never expected a Great Saint to be beaten so helplessly by a third-stage Sovereign. They felt their worldview collapsing as they witnessed this fight. In the ground, the Great Saint beneath Xiang Shaoyun's foot felt incredibly sullen. It had been a very long time since he had last suffered such humiliation.

His face was deformed from the stomp, and his blood flowed incessantly. He looked incredibly miserable. He wanted to fight back with his full strength and kill Xiang Shaoyun even if he had to harm his foundations by doing so.

However, Xiang Shaoyun was far stronger than a Great Saint after fusing with the bloody robe. He now had access to a tiny portion of a Rebirth Realm expert's strength and could easily defeat any Great Saint.

Thick killing intent rose within Xiang Shaoyun. He wouldn't let this Great Saint escape. He had to put up a show of great strength to deter the Di Clan for a long time.

He exerted more force with his leg as he tried to crush the Great Saint's head beneath him. However, the Great Saint's skull seemed to be incredibly tough. The Great Saint swung his weapon, trying to cut Xiang Shaoyun into two.

Xiang Shaoyun did not wish to waste too much of the robe's power. His eyes turned scarlet red as he leaned over and grabbed the Great Saint. He then shot into the sky and roared, "All who dare march against the Ziling Sect will be killed without mercy!"

At that declaration, he sent all his strength into his two arms and started ripping the Great Saint into two.

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