Chapter 1192: Contending Against the Great Saint

The one who had spoken was none other than Xiang Shaoyun, who had just returned with Xiang Chenge. He had guessed correctly. Di Batian was unwilling to give up and had always been thinking of returning. With Xiang Chenge by his side, Xiang Shaoyun felt much more confident going against Di Batian. The people from the Ziling Sectcheered at the sight of Xiang Shaoyun.

"The young sect master is back! We can finally be at ease!"

"That's right. The young sect master is a creator of miracles. He has never failed against an invader before."

"We have been relying on the young sect master every single time. We're really useless."

"Di Batian has obviously come prepared. Can he be defeated so easily?"


Xun Kong turned his head and looked in Xiang Shaoyun's direction, his gaze landing on Xiang Chenge. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he was completely disregarded.

"You're Xiang Shaoyun?" asked Xun Kong.

"I am unworthy of being my little ancestor. I'm but an attendant," said Xiang Chenge indifferently.

"Attendant?" Xun Kong was slightly dazed. His gaze finally landed on Xiang Shaoyun. With one look, he saw through Xiang Shaoyun and praised inwardly, What an outstanding young man. It's a pity.

He then clawed at Xiang Shaoyun, trying to eliminate the young man before anyone could react. However, Xiang Chenge was already on guard. He immediately stood before Xiang Shaoyun and blocked the incoming attack.

"All who offend the little ancestor will die," declared Xiang Chenge as he charged Xun Kong.

His strength surprised Xun Kong, who was forced to give up on attacking Xiang Shaoyun. While the two battled, Xiang Shaoyun hurriedly moved away. A battle at their level wasn't something he could participate in. He spread the senses of his saint soul to his surroundings and discovered several powerful individuals battling high in the sky.

Di Batian has returned. He definitely came prepared, or he wouldn't have had the guts to show himself, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

He continued searching his surroundings. Soon, he discovered something off about a certain spot.

"Interesting, you actually managed to detect me," remarked the Di Clan's Great Saint as he walked out of the void.

Xiang Shaoyun felt an intense sense of danger from him. This was most definitely a super expert that nobody present could match.

Great Saint! He exclaimed inwardly as a jade slip appeared in his hand. He was prepared to crush the slip and ask for help.

He stood no chance against an opponent of this level. He would be completely stupid not to ask for help. But before he could do anything, he found himself completely frozen. The Great Saint's aura was locked on to him, so nothing he did could escape the Great Saint's eyes.

"A young genius like you will have no problem entering the Saint Realm in the future. You even stand a chance at entering the Rebirth Realm. It's a pity," said the Great Saint with a regretful look as he proceeded to crush Xiang Shaoyun to death with his aura.

Xiang Chenge realized what was happening and instantly left the battle and rushed toward Xiang Shaoyun.

"If you lay a hand on my little ancestor, all of you will die!" shouted Xiang Chenge.

Xiang Chenge might be fast, but he was no faster than a Great Saint. Before he could reach Xiang Shaoyun, the attack had arrived. During the moment of crisis, Xiang Shaoyun released his Nether Soul Domain.

His Nether Soul Domain had fused with his soul foundation. Thus, it emanated a terrifying sense of oppression. The Great Saint was caught by complete surprise and was pulled into the domain.

"If you want to kill me, you have to pay the price for it," Xiang Shaoyun roared as he sent numerous chains shooting toward the Great Saint.

His three-layered soul foundation also crushed down on the Great Saint like a massive stamp. His saint soul concealed itself and attacked with full strength. At this moment, he was hiding nothing. He had to use all his strength against this Great Saint.

After fusing with the soul foundation, the Nether Soul Domain's suppressive effect had increased by about 50 percent. It was much stronger than before. 

The Great Saint could sense everything that was happening. However, he remained calm as the aura of a Great Saint rippled out of his body to weaken the domain's suppression. He did not believe that Xiang Shaoyun would pose a threat to him.

"Just an insignificant trick. Get lost," said the Great Saint as he erupted with power and shattered the chains around him.

The soul foundation crashing down on him was also sent flying away. As for the saint soul, it felt an immense sense of oppression. Fortunately, this was Xiang Shaoyun's home ground, and he had a much easier time resisting his opponent in his domain. Furthermore, his soul power had greatly increased recently, allowing his saint soul to break free of the oppression and throw a Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist at the Great Saint.

The overbearing punch tore through the air with a might that could shatter stars. The Great Saint reacted with a speed befitting of his cultivation level. The moment the punch came, he stopped the fist with his palm. The fist and palm collided, causing the entire Nether Soul Domain to shake. If the domain was even slightly weaker, it would have already cracked.

Xiang Shaoyun's saint soul was forced to retreat. He couldn't even damage his opponent. Even though Xiang Shaoyun had the Nether Soul Dragon Headband's protection, the Great Saint was strong enough to destroy his soul.

"What a strange kid. This is the Imperial Nether Clan's Nether Soul Domain!" remarked the Great Saint in astonishment. "Looks like I really need to kill you. If you're allowed to grow, you will bring disaster to my Di Clan."

He finally decided to take Xiang Shaoyun seriously. Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun withdrew his Nether Soul Domain. He did not want to see his domain destroyed since its destruction would result in his death. The instant he withdrew the domain, a bloody robe appeared on his body. His blood boiled, a connection formed between him and the robe, and his aura started rising.

"Whoever you are, for forcing me to make use of the remaining power in my robe, I will kill you. Today, a Great Saint will be buried in the Ziling Sect. Let's see who would still dare to invade us in the future," said Xiang Shaoyun.

His initial plan was to crush Xiang Youjing's jade slip. However, he gave up on that. Xiang Youjing was also a Great Saint. Even if Xiang Youjing sent his clone here, his clone might not be able to do anything to this Great Saint. Xiang Shaoyun might as well rely on himself.

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